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Meet your new booking assistant

Reduce no-shows, get happier customers and keep your schedule busy with Omnisend’s Automated Booking Emails & SMS for Wix Bookings.
Full access. No credit card required.

Send out automated reminders & collect new subscribers

Easily send out appointment reminders & other notifications, collect new SMS & email subscribers, and improve your sales every day
  • Prevent no shows

    Send automated text message reminders to prevent no-shows, reduce downtime and increase your sales

  • Edit notifications

    Easily customize your messages for booking reminders, confirmations, cancellations, and reschedules

  • Synced in real time

    All the bookings, changes, and cancellation data is automatically synced from Wix Bookings so your messages are always sent on time

  • Collect subscribers

    Use our signup forms to easily collect SMS & email subscribers so you can send out promotions & get more customers


Turn “Oops, I forgot!” into “That was amazing!”

Stop losing money because your customers forgot about their appointments. Send automatic text reminders that go out a few days, 24 hours, or even a few minutes before their scheduled appointments. That way, you’ll get happier customers, better revenue, and less downtime.

All your important info, already sent

Send automated information whenever a customer schedules an appointment. You can set up your booking confirmations, cancellations, and changes to go out immediately or after a delay on SMS, email, or both. Customize these messages to add information about how to find you, things to bring or prepare for their appointment, and so much more.

Ready in 1, 2, 3

Use our ready-made templates to quickly set up these automated text and email messages for bookings:
  • Booking reminders

    send out automatic booking reminders and customize the timing and message

  • Booking confirmed

    send an automated text (or email) to confirm the booking time, provide the address, and other details

  • Booking rescheduled

    confirm the changes to the booking automatically, and customize it as you’d like

  • Booking canceled

    confirm booking cancellations and even add a special link or offer to win back the customer

Real-time syncing & real peace of mind

All the bookings, changes, and cancellation data is automatically synced from Wix Bookings to Omnisend’s Booking Emails & SMS, so you don’t have to worry about a single thing. With our ready-made templates that are easy to set up & customize, it’s like having a dedicated booking assistant on hand, 24/7. Now that’s what we call peace of mind.

New: Signup forms

Now you can easily collect mobile numbers and email addresses to turn visitors into subscribers, send out newsletters and special promotions, and turn subscribers into customers.
  • TCPA & GDPR compliant

    Now that you've got their consent, you can immediately send promotional messages to these subscribers, not just booking reminders

  • Collect email & SMS

    Easily set up forms that ask for both email addresses & mobile numbers so you can send out regular newsletters

  • Promote special deals

    Use email & SMS to promote your offers during holidays and other special events

  • Get more details

    Ask for extra details, like their birthdate, so you can send special birthday messages and offers

Learn more about Signup forms

Why they already love us

Wix customers with the Wix Bookings app installed love that they can easily create and customize booking reminders, changes and cancellations, and send them out automatically with international SMS, email or both. With 24/7 live email & chat support, we are always there to answer your questions or provide tips to help you reach your goals.
Ready to get started?
Get back to business with automated SMS and email booking notifications that will help grow your business in no time.