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The Marketing Playbook is a merchant-to-merchant strategy exchange that is available exclusively to premium Omnisend customers. See what strategies other ecommerce merchants are using in Omnisend to achieve great results, and copy them for your store.

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Belle Fever: How to engage undecided shoppers (and boost conversions by 40%)

Discover how Belle Fever used segmentation to engage undecided shoppers and improve the brand’s conversion rates by a whopping 40% compared to their average email campaigns.

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Browse the entire collection of strategies that shaped successful ecommerce campaigns. Every playbook is an in-depth, 100% actionable guide that breaks down successful email & SMS marketing strategies used by real merchants and digital marketing agencies into simple steps.

Belle Fever: How to engage undecided shoppers (and boost conversions by 40%)
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May the Growth be with You: How to turn a Welcome email into a sales machine
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Enflow Digital: How to use educational content to 2x your campaigns
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Invisible Brands: How to make €370,000 in 10 minutes
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Reptil: Removing discounts to increase AOV by 25%
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The Cake Store: How to build customer loyalty–without resorting to spam
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Omnisend was paying for itself in the first 2 weeks of use. Now, we're seeing a 40x return across all campaigns and automations.

Marc Trimble

Digital marketing manager at Duke Cannon

FiGPiN: How to optimize product abandonment workflows for maximum sales
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Have a successful strategy you’d like to share with other Omnisend merchants? We're all ears. Drop us a line and get the chance to be featured in an upcoming edition.