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Episode 1

Debatable: Hottest Email Marketing Topics Answered by Omnisends’ Top Experts – Bernard vs Gabe

Have million questions about email marketing and not enough time to watch hundreds of videos? You've come to the right place.

About the video

Welcome to our Debatable series where we invite top email marketing and ecomerce experts to share their opinion and debate on the hottest topics and questions that you and thousands of other marketers face every day!

How often should I be sending email campaigns? What is the number 1 mistake email marketers should try to avoid? How many emails should be in welcome automation? Do you know?

Let’s ask our experts!

What you will learn:

  • Discount or no discount in the abandoned cart automated workflow?
  • How many emails are in the welcome workflow?
  • Shopify order confirmation vs. Omnisend order confirmation
  • Subject lines

Video details:

  • Email marketing, automated workflows, subject line, Shopify, expert tips
  • 10:06 min

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