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The 6 Best Amazon Seller Tools to Boost Your Ecommerce Profits

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Amazon has revolutionized online shopping in multiple ways—and not just for consumers. When the retail giant introduced Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and opened its platform to the public, it ushered in a whole new way of doing business.

For the first time, it was possible to run a business without holding inventory or managing shipments. Amazon takes care of the logistics, while the seller decides what products to offer.

This isn’t to suggest that Amazon takes all the hard work away, though.

Leveraging the infrastructure of one of the world’s biggest companies won’t mean anything if you’re trying to sell products nobody wants or are operating with no profit margins.

Fear not—in this piece, we’ll look at the best Amazon seller tools. These will help you build a successful business, from sourcing items to collecting reviews.

Why Does an Amazon Seller Need Different Tools?

Amazon seller tools exist to help you. You can operate without them but, like any tool, they make your life easier.

It’s possible to remove a screw without a screwdriver, but it takes a lot more time, is a lot more painful, and is a lot more stressful.

If you would like to have more time, less stress, and less pain, you’ll want to use Amazon seller tools.

The low barrier to entry for becoming an Amazon seller has made it incredibly popular. This means you’re competing with a lot of other people to get your products seen.

A seller has a lot of considerations, such as:

  • What products to source
  • How much to pay for them
  • What quantities to buy
  • How to use sponsored products
  • What price to sell them for
  • Whether to run advertisements and how much to spend
  • Competitor research
  • Stock turnover
  • How to encourage repeat purchases

This is why Amazon seller software exists. It simplifies as much of these considerations as possible. When all is said and done, you don’t need a physical store to sell on Amazon but you’re still a business owner.

What Are The Best Tools For Amazon Sellers?


Omnisend tool for Amazon

Selling a product is only one part of the equation. Ideally, you want to collect your customers’ email addresses too.

This empowers you to contact them for feedback, suggest other items they might like, or even direct them to your own store. This tactic essentially uses Amazon as the gateway through which new customers find you, so you can then turn them into direct customers on your own site.

Omnisend provides a range of tools for ecommerce success. With customer email addresses, you can set up automated triggers to request a review or send a series of emails showing other products based on what they purchased on Amazon.

You can even reach them with SMS and digital ads.

Omnisend even allows you to track your Amazon sales quickly and easily through the same dashboard you’d use for your ecommerce site. You’ll get insights into your Amazon sales funnel, including clicks, page behavior detail, add-to-carts, and more.

Track how your email campaigns and automation workflows perform, and use your sales data for further targeting. 

And because Omnisend integrates with a huge range of online shop platforms—such as Shopify and WooCommerce—you can have a multi-channel automated campaign set up within minutes of registering. 

Helium 10

helium 10 tool for amazon

The Swiss Army knife, shopping malls, and Amazon itself all prove that sometimes it’s better to have multiple things in one place. That’s why Helium 10 is one of the best Amazon seller tools.

Its features include:

  • Product research with a profitability calculator
  • Keyword research
  • Listing optimization
  • Marketing
  • Analytics

Helium 10 can even help you with refunds, alerts, and inventory management.


repricer express amazon tool

Price is one of the most important factors to get right in business, for the buyer and the seller. The sweet spot is where the buyer sees value for money at the listed price, and the seller can make a profit.

That’s why RepricerExpress is amongst the best software for Amazon sellers.

With this handy tool, you can set a series of rules as well as minimum and maximum prices, and let the software work its magic. You can set it to autopilot and let it automatically adjust prices throughout the day, undercutting competitors.

Its powerful features also allow you to bulk edit your products, view all of your prices at a glance, and compare the position and prices of your items against competitors.

Jungle Scout

jungle scout amazon tool

Jungle Scout is another multi-feature platform, and it offers support for sellers at each stage of their journey: first-time sellers, existing sellers, and brands/agencies.

Automate requests for reviews, track your business’ performance, and use Jungle Scout’s “demand forecasting tools” to predict what items to have in your inventory—and in what quantities. 

First-time sellers can use Jungle Scout to find a product that’s in high demand, track how products sell, and receive the support needed to succeed.

Existing sellers can use the platform to optimize their campaigns, manage inventory, and enhance their keyword strategy. Meanwhile, brands and agencies have access to an array of additional tools to rack up the sales and increase profit margins.

With all of these features in one place, it’s little wonder Jungle Scout is considered one of the best tools for Amazon sellers.

Viral Launch

viral lauch amazon tool

All Amazon sellers know the pang of worry when they’re trying to decide if they should stock a product or not. What if they order the inventory and nobody buys it? What if they don’t buy it and it turns out to be a smash hit?

That’s why Viral Launch is listed with the best software for Amazon sellers.

Its Market Intelligence tool takes your product ideas and gives them a rating, informing you of whether or not you should sell them. It also uses historical data to estimate future sales, and offers filter combinations to find untapped markets. 

Profit Bandit

profit bandit amazon seller tool

Profit Bandit might just be the closest way to feel like a psychic. Without it, you’d have to rely on your intuition or invest a lot of time researching how Amazon’s prices compare to other stores.

With Profit Bandit, you can scan a product’s barcode and see how much it is on Amazon. It even shows you if Amazon itself sells it, in case you’d rather not compete with the ecommerce master.

And that’s not all. Profit Bandit will estimate your profit and review the sales rank of the item to see if it’s likely to be a big seller.

Wrap Up

More than two million people use Fulfilled By Amazon and 85% of them are profitable. Given this popularity, it’s no surprise that there is so much Amazon seller software aimed at boosting profits and picking winning products.

Amazon FBA tools are available for businesses at all stages, from brand-new sellers to large, established brands. 

For sellers that want to encourage repeat customers, or to sell their products through their own site where Amazon isn’t taking a slice, email marketing is a recommended avenue.

It’s a tried and tested, effective method of nurturing a customer base and driving more sales. And with Omnisend, you can send messages to recipients based on their behavior—such as what products they bought or viewed—which is a highly effective way to boost sales.

Get started with Omnisend for free and try Amazon tracking today!

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