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Collect subscribers with branded landing pages

Create separate landing pages for each campaign

You most probably have a few ads running on social media and search. Instead of sending them to one of your product pages, you can set it up so that each separate campaign leads to a separate landing page. On these landing pages, make sure the text, images and even colors are in line with your ads. That way, your visitors get a fluid, streamlined experience that motivates them to sign up or buy.

Customize your landing pages with ease

Omnisend makes it easy for you to use the landing pages. You can stay with the high-converting default text or simply add your own. You can also change the theme, the type of information you’d like to get, and even edit the information that’s shown on Facebook when you share the page.

Send your visitors to a targeted page

For high-converting campaigns, you often need to make sure your visitors are only getting the information they need. For the most part, your ecommerce home page or product page has too much information. Instead, you can send them to a targeted page that has one focused message. Omnisend’s landing page makes it easy for you to set up your highly-focused landing page so you can optimize your conversions.

Discover how you can start using landing pages to boost subscriptions from targeted campaigns.

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