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Don't overwhelm your visitors with lengthy forms. Omnisend lets you collect more subscribers and information with simplified Multi-step forms.

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Easily collect emails and phone numbers

Omnichannel marketing campaigns that include SMS are 47.7% more likely to end in conversion. By collecting the email address in the first step, you can encourage your new subscribers to provide their phone numbers in the second step. 

Now you can gather both pieces of information without jeopardizing the email subscription, and subscribers still receive their discount or special offers.

Easily collect emails and phone numbers

Enjoy the benefits of higher conversion rates

Our customer research shows that Multi-step forms outperform Single-step forms, boosting signup rates by 10% or more.

Collect more subscriber data without asking for too much upfront. In the first step, you can ask for name and email address. In the second step, ask for additional information like birthdays, interests or preferences.

Enjoy the benefits of higher conversion rates

Add an extra step to your existing form

Already have a form that could benefit from being broken into two parts? With Omnisend, you can easily convert your popup, landing page or embedded form into a Multi-step in the click of a button.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we have a growing library of
Multi-step form templates to meet your needs.

We’ll help you get started

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3 Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List
Nov 18, 2021
Learn more about Omnisend’s Multi-step forms with our video help guide
How to protect your website from spam bots and fake signups
How to collect more subscriber information with multi-step forms [+ walkthrough]


Discover the advantages of Multi-step forms, from gathering relevant data to enhancing the sign up experience. For more details, explore our FAQs section.

When should I use Multi-step forms over Single-step forms?

Multi-step forms are great when you want to collect more than name and email. They break down the form into smaller steps, making it easier for users to fill out and increasing the chances of completion.

What if a subscriber does not complete the second step of the form? 

The first step of the form is an email opt-in, which is considered a separate signup so the step-one data will be collected even if they don’t collect step two. If the first step is filled and closed, the second step will not be displayed.

Can you use different button actions like Yes/No?

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to incorporate different button actions into your forms, allowing you to prompt your subscribers to take specific actions. By experimenting with various question formats and field combinations, you can easily prompt Yes/No answers. Find more detailed information here.

If a customer enters their already subscribed email and provides their phone number, will they receive a success message and a welcome email?

Yes, if a customer enters their already subscribed email and adds their phone number, they will receive a success message confirming their subscription through the new channel. They will also receive a welcome email, provided that the welcome automation does not have a frequency setting.

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Email campaigns

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