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Split testing email marketing campaigns to find what performs best

Find the best combinations with the highest open rate

Sometimes you’re not really sure what subject line works best or which name to use as your sender’s name. But there’s a way you can find out what works best. Email A/B testing allows you to send out two subject lines or two different sender’s names to a small percentage of your recipients so you can see which one worked best. The one with the highest click through rate then gets sent automatically to the rest of your recipients.

Find out what your subscribers really want

When you know which version of your subject line or sender’s name works best, you’ll get further insights into what your subscribers really want. Do they want exciting, energetic subject lines, or do they prefer something more reserved? Should you use emojis or just stick with plain text? Is it better to use your store name, first name, or a combination of both? With email A/B testing, you’ll be able to find the answers to these questions so you can adapt your approach and improve your sales.

Discover how you can use email split testing to improve your conversion rates.

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