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Use the same flexible Content Editor for all your newsletters—regular campaigns or automated emails that you need to set up only once. Select beautiful templates that fit your brand and needs, drag and drop important elements and have your email ready within minutes.

Save time with the Product Picker

Adding products to your newsletter has never been so easy! Once you connect your store with Omnisend, just browse through your store, pick the products and we will add them straight to your newsletter with all the needed information. With Product Picker you will create your newsletter 10 times faster than with any other email editor. You can easily change the layout of products, add additional elements and make final touches in minutes. It's that easy!

Use the template that fits your needs

It's good to be consistent but don't be afraid to try out new templates that might be a better fit for a different occasion. Make use of the variety of options and see which one suits you best. For example, London has a more standard layout that can be used for a wide variety of topics. Atlanta is a lighter, more minimalistic type of email template. New York goes for a bolder approach, with a strong style and character. One of the more recent ones, Los Angeles, features a modern design that emphasizes a clean presentation with its prominent curves.

Improve your click-through-rates

Once your open rates are increasing, there's another headache for every merchant—how to make your customers click. We offer an entertaining solution: the click-through-rate boosting elements that are available for all your campaigns, Scratch Card and Gift Box. They both work as an additional interactive element in your newsletters to encourage your customers to get engaged quickly. Use them as a lottery technique for your giveaways or discounts to help boost your sales.

Use unique discount codes

We make it easy to encourage your customers to make the first or second order with a discount. After you connect your store to Omnisend, just drag and drop the Discount Content Block and select the type of discount. Design it according to your email layout, and set up the rules for the discount. Omnisend will take care of of everything else. Having a unique discount code for every customer ensures that a code can be used only once.

Add automatic product recommendations

Why not give your subscribers a chance to buy amazing products from you the first time, or give your customers a great reason for a repeat purchase? You can add recommended products to your campaigns to help you increase conversions. But even better, it’s all automated, so you only have to add our Product Recommender content block in your campaign and we’ll automatically add your bestselling or newest products, whichever one you think will be most relevant for your subscribers.

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