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Gamify your emails with an interactive and irresistible scratch-to-win discounts and enjoy higher click and conversion rates.
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Deliver a fun, engaging experience

Our Scratch Card is a unique, interactive email element that you can use in your campaigns. When your subscribers click on the Scratch Card, they get a chance to win a special prize - an incentive that you added when setting up the email. This could be anything, including a discount code, free shipping, or even a free gift.

Boost your click rates and your sales

Scratch card, just like Omnisend's wheel of fortune, is a fun, gamified way for online shoppers to engage with your brand. In fact, our data shows that Scratch Cards help to improve email click rates by 2-3 times. With higher engagement and an incentive that is actually won, not just delivered, your customers will be more inclined to convert, and it’ll help your brand stand out too.

CTR boosters built for ecommerce

Drive more clicks and conversions using Omnisend’s powerful CTR boosters, purpose-built for ecommerce email marketing.

  • Scratch Card
    Scratch-to-win type of content block that shows the customer a special prize once the card is scratched
  • Gift Box
    Interactive, animated email element that encourages the recipient to click the box and see the special incentive.
  • Unique discount codes that you can set up directly in the Content Editor and we’ll automatically sync them to your store.
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