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Engage Customers with a Scratch-To-Win Discount

Make your emails more engaging

Getting better open and click rates is one of the biggest challenges with email campaigns. But did you know that you can have more engagement on your emails by adding fun, engaging and interactive elements to your messages? That’s where our unique Scratch Card comes into play. When your subscribers click on the Scratch Card, they get a chance to win a great prize from you. This could be anything, including a great discount, free shipping, or even a free gift.

Boost your click rates and your sales

When your subscribers see the Scratch Card, their curiosity will get the better of them. It will be almost impossible for them to resist clicking on the Scratch Card to see what prize they got. That’s probably why Scratch Cards can help you improve your click rates by 2 or 3 times. With better click rates, your customers are much more likely to buy products from you, meaning much better sales.

Discover how you can boost your engagements and click rates with our Scratch Card.

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