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The easiest email builder you’ll ever use

Enjoy ready-made emails that give you flexibility without the complexity. Created especially for ecommerce stores, Omnisend’s email builder will help you sell more while saving time.

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100,000+ ecommerce brands use our email builder to sell more stuff
Brand Assets

Consistent branding. Automatically.

Your logo, brand colors, and social media links can be added manually, or automatically taken from your website. Whichever templates you choose, the email builder remembers your branding elements and instantly incorporates them into every email you create. Save time and achieve perfect consistency—effortlessly.

Consistent branding. Automatically.
Email Builder

Your emails, your way

Enjoy enhanced functionality without any complexity. The email builder gives you total control over how your emails look, no coding required.

  • Multi-column layouts
  • Google Fonts
  • Inline editing
  • Autosave
  • Hide specific content on certain devices
Your emails, your way
Email Templates

Create a template once, use it indefinitely

The days of duplicating an email to reuse the template are in the past. Now you can create a template, save it, and use it again and again. And the saved template is still customizable, so you can make campaign-specific tweaks whenever you need.

Learn more about Email templates
Create a template once, use it indefinitely
Product Listing

Automatically add products from your store

Product Listing lets you add products right from your store, without loading times or the need to manually import anything. Once you connect your store to Omnisend, just browse through it from the editor and add products straight into your email. It even includes all the necessary information—from image to price. It’s that easy!

Learn more about product listing
Automatically add products from your store

Include unique discount codes

Increase conversions and customer retention with unique codes that appeal to each recipient. If you have a Shopify, BigCommerce, or WooCommerce store, simply drag a discount block into the email and we’ll automatically generate a code for you. Easily control expiration dates inside the email and make any customizations you’d like: special offers, birthday treats, free shipping, a fixed discount—the choice is yours. With more control, you can reduce sharing, incentivize customers and generate more orders.

Include unique discount codes

Cross-sell with dynamic suggestions

Promote your newest products, top sellers, or even add personalized recommendations to drive more orders, by simply dragging the Product Recommender block into your email. Product Recommender can pull up to 8 products from your store, complete with images, descriptions, prices, and links to the product. And because it refreshes every hour, any changes you make in your store before the email is sent will automatically be incorporated.

Cross-sell with dynamic suggestions

Advanced A/B testing

Learn what works and what doesn’t by testing what your audience responds to. Subject lines, sender names, and even the content of the email—we let you test it all to unlock the secret to higher conversions.

Advanced A/B testing

Easy-as-pie email builder, tailored for ecommerce

Connect your store to Omnisend. Pick a pre-designed template. Sit back & relax.

Pre-built SMS automation workflows

Ready-made templates

With Omnisend's email builder get started fast with a variety of ready-made email designs

Pre-built SMS automation workflows

Visibility control

Make sure your emails look great on any device, and show/hide specific layouts

Pre-built SMS automation workflows

Product Listing

Effortlessly browse and insert your products, complete with image, description, and price

Pre-built SMS automation workflows

Discount codes

Boost conversions with drag-and-drop codes for any occasion

Pre-built SMS automation workflows

Product recommender

Automatically add recommended products to emails to increase average order values

Pre-built SMS automation workflows

Automatic branding

Have your logo, fonts and colors automatically be imported into your email templates

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What is an email builder?

An email builder is a software tool that lets you create and design emails without the need for coding skills. It typically offers a user-friendly interface where you can select, customize, and arrange elements of your email, such as text, images, and buttons, to create professional-looking emails that engage your audience.

How do I design my email?

Designing an email with Omnisend's email builder is as simple as click, drag, and drop. Our intuitive interface lets you select elements you want in your email, drag them into place, and drop them where they fit best. This makes creating custom, eye-catching emails quick and hassle-free, even for beginners.

How do I create a free HTML email?

Using Omnisend's free email builder, you can effortlessly add HTML code to personalize your emails further. Need detailed guidance on incorporating HTML into your emails in Omnisend? Check out this article.

How can I get free email templates?

Omnisend's free plan includes access to our email builder, which comes with over 250 pre-made templates. These templates are designed to meet a wide variety of needs and styles. Whether you're announcing a new product, sending a newsletter, or promoting a sale, our templates make it easy to create emails that will really resonate with your audience.

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