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Capture Subscribers with Targeted Popups

Convert your visitors the first time

Just because a visitor doesn’t buy from you the first time, that doesn’t mean that you can’t convert them in other ways. Seeing as on average just 3% of visitors will buy from you the first time, you need to make sure you get their emails so you can start building your relationships. Omnisend’s collection of pop ups allows you to capture email addresses for your campaigns from the first time they visit your store.

Grab their attention with beautiful pop ups

Right out of the box, Omnisend’s pop ups come with beautiful images, high-converting text and great styles. However, you can customize them any way you want to make sure you grab your visitors’ attention from the very first moment. You can make your popups witty, serious, or even add a great discount to make them want to sign up.

Set up high-converting exit intent pop ups

One of the greatest fears for eCommerce merchants is annoying their visitors and scaring them away. With Omnisend’s pop ups, however, you can choose when to show your pop ups. If your visitors don’t like pop ups that appear immediately when they land on the page, set it up so that they appear only when the visitor is about to leave your store. That way you can get their information at the right time and give your visitors a better experience.

Smart targeting for pop ups

You're in full control of the timing, targeting, and frequency of your forms. For example, you can create customized pop ups that only appear on certain store pages, or after a certain number of pages have been viewed. With a variety of targeting options, you can create more flexible pop ups that appear only when and where you want, keeping your visitors and customers happy.

Discover how beautiful, effective pop ups can convert your visitors to subscribers and increase your sales.

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