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Automatically sync subscribers with Google Ads

Hyper-target your ads, just as you do your emails

We all finally agree that to generate more sales, your emails should be not only personalized, but also triggered by customer shopping behavior. So your ads should be targeted, too. Omnisend's Google Customer Match sync allows you to do just that – synchronize your lists and segments directly with Google Ads. You can then use them seamlessly for retargeting in all available channels, including Google Search, Shopping, Gmail, and Youtube. No more exporting and importing spreadsheets with already outdated data!

Deliver seamless marketing messages

The best part about automatic Google Customer Match sync is that it's based on Omnisend's smart segmentation. This means that as long as your customers match the rules of your segments, they are also targeted for your ads, but as soon as they drop out of the segment the ads aren’t shown. Let's say you have a segment of customers who haven't bought from you for three months and you're running retargeting ads to this segment – as soon as a customer makes a purchase, it is defined as being outside of the segment and is no longer part of the retargeting campaign. No more wasted money and irrelevant messages!

Flexible segmentation based on shopping behavior

Segmentation is a unique tool that allows you to super-target your subscribers with the content they want, which will help boost your sales. Our segmentation gives you the ability to send targeted campaigns based on the shopping behavior of your subscribers, as well as the ability to segment based on email activity, profile data, or your subscriber list. See which customers placed orders of a certain amount during a specific timeframe, and also combine that data with data about customers who engage heavily with your newsletters, as shown by clicks or opens.

Discover how you can synchronize your lists and segments directly with Google Ads and target your campaigns based on customers shopping behavior.

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