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Hello, new possibilities

We’re saying goodbye to the classic Email Builder on January 31, 2023. Try out the new, improved Email Builder today to create better campaigns and automations.

Switch to the new Email Builder

Faster to create email campaigns


More templates and layout options


Better emails, faster

We’re constantly updating the new Email Builder based on your feedback. Look at some of the recent updates we’ve introduced.

Mobile stacking

Stack product images and other blocks for emails read on mobile

Item padding

Change the padding for each item, giving you greater control

Holiday templates

Have less stress on holidays like Black Friday with our ready-made templates

Add products more quickly

Easily add products from your store directly into your email or using a modal

From “freaked out” to “it’s made my job so much easier”
Barbora Kotova,

Managing Director,
Smartwatch for Less


Switching from the classic Email Builder you've grown to know and love can seem a bit scary. Don't worry, we've got you covered. These FAQs explain what will happen over the next few months as you move to the new Email Builder.

What will happen to my old content?

Your Saved blocks and Saved templates will automatically be moved to the new Email Builder. After this move, you won’t be able to save new blocks on the classic Email Builder. You’ll be able to save, open and edit Draft campaigns and automations only on the new Email Builder.

What will happen to my active Automations?

All active and draft Workflows will remain the same. Only emails will be changed from the classic to the new Email Builder. You will be informed when the migration will be done and you will be able to review and edit these Workflows. All of the metrics will remain the same.

How and when will I be informed about the changes?

We’re constantly updating clients about our recent changes via our Product Emails and in-app messages. Find all the latest updates regarding:
New Omnisend
New Email Builder

We will email or send you an in-app message to let you know when we’re moving all your saved content to the new Email Builder.

We’ll also reach out to you in advance about when we’ll move your Workflows to the new Email Builder.

What changes should I be expecting before January 31, 2023?

The main change will be the new Email Builder. A brand new tool to make your emails on-brand and look more professional in 50% less time than with the classic Email Builder.

Here’s a guide to the new Email Builder.

In addition:

All active and draft workflows will remain unchanged. Only the emails will be moved to the new Email Builder. The metrics will continue to be tracked.

With the new and improved Email A/B test you’ll be able to test your subject line, Sender's name, and the entire email content. Find out more.

Campaign scheduling will only be available with the new Email Builder.

All your saved blocks and templates will be migrated to the new Email Builder. You will find templates under “Saved templates,” while blocks are under “Saved layouts.”

We aim to ensure that emails, blocks and templates that we will migrate look identically to the previous one. However, we will encourage you to follow our instructions and spare some time to review the new content and provide us with your feedback.

Are there any features that will be removed? Why and when?

We’ve been upgrading our most valuable features in the new Email Builder, to bring you even more freedom to create, design and build engaging campaigns. However, in order to better serve our customers, we often have to make difficult decisions to remove features that are underused. While we understand this is less than ideal for our smaller groups of customers who value these features, this shift in focus allows us to bring greater improvements to our platform.

For this reason, the Gift Box, Scratch card, subject line A/B testing, Conditional Blocks and Nosto integration will not be available in the new Email Builder for new campaigns and automations.

All automations that currently include Gift Box and Conditional Blocks, will be migrated with these features and will work as they currently do. However, they will not be editable and it won’t be possible to add them as a new block.

Are there any actions I should take?

Currently, you shouldn’t do anything. We will inform you about the changes we’re making in advance, so you will have the time to review the Workflows, Saved blocks and Saved templates we’re moving for you, and make the necessary edits.

Already switched to the new Email Builder?

If you've already switched to the new Email Builder – that's great! Nothing else for you to do. But did you know we've also introduced a new Form Builder? If you haven't moved to the new Form Builder yet, click the button below.

Open form in new builder