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S03, E03 | June 16, 2021

Email automation series: cart and browse abandonment with Kerrits

with Sara Florin, Senior Director of Branding and Marketing @ Kerrits; Sadie Arnold, Customer Success Manager @Omnisend; and Lucas Walker, Founder @ Rolled Up Podcast Network

Email automation series: cart and browse abandonment with Kerrits

It’s a common struggle for ecommerce merchants. Will I annoy subscribers with emails about their shopping cart abandonments?

Worse, will subscribers outright leave my brand if I remind them of the things they merely viewed?

Equestrian apparel company Kerrits has discovered the answer is “no” to both. They found the right balance, and it’s paying off. Cart and product abandonment messages account for 10% of the company’s email marketing revenue.

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These automation types perform. Conversion rates for cart abandonment messages stack up to 34%, while the browse variety hits the 17% mark.

Senior Director of Branding and Marketing Sara Florin divulges how she implemented both kinds at Kerrits, taking us behind the scenes of the abandonment portion of the company’s “minimal but effective automated email strategy.” She explains the elements that go into Kerrits’ messages, how she inserts splashes of equine speak, and what triggers email deployment.

Also weighing in with insights are the Omnisend customer success manager who has guided Florin from the start, along with ecommerce veteran Lucas Walker.

“I started with just an abandoned cart email. Three months later I said, ‘Let’s try the SMS.’ Two months after that I said, ‘Let’s try adding a follow-up abandoned cart, 24 hours later.’ So this program didn’t all launch at once. It started in pieces as I could manage them.
— Sara Florin, Senior Director of Branding & Marketing, Kerrits

We dig into the following questions around abandonment emails and more:

  • How can cart abandonment emails be useful in revealing reasons the checkout process stalls?
  • Is success dependent on offering a discount?
  • Which is best when designing browse abandonment emails: the intrusive approach of, “Hey, we noticed you checking this out,” or the covert, promotion-veiled route?
  • If you implement an abandonment series, what should each message communicate? And what’s the ideal timing?
  • How do you decide what products are worthy of a browse abandonment email?
  • Why is it a good idea to split messaging based on different cart attributes?
  • What are some resources for inspiration?

Listen to the full story on the Cart Insiders Podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotifyAmazon MusicGoogle Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

About the guests

Sara Florin, Senior Director of Branding & Marketing, Kerrits
Florin, whose marketing career began in graphic design, flexes her creative muscles by overseeing projects spanning wholesale and direct-to-consumer touchpoints across all channels. She approaches every project with fresh eyes, focused on understanding its purpose, determining how to measure its success, and frequently asking, “What if?” Outside of work, Florin flexes her actual muscles in the gym, riding Fjord horses and walking her rescue pup.

Sadie Arnold, Customer Success Manager, Omnisend
Arnold helps Omnisend merchants elevate their email marketing strategies. With prior experience in customer behavior analytics at a grocery chain, she helps clients identify their customers’ unique journeys with Omnisend reporting tools and personalized automations for sending the right messages. Arnold loves seeing her clients become more successful email marketers.

Lucas Walker, Founder, Rolled Up
Walker is a serial entrepreneur. He has started three successful businesses in the software, ecommerce, and media spaces. Walker’s experience also includes marketing for an internationally-recognized sales trainer, where he launched the Make It Happen Mondays podcast, oversaw partners around the world, and reviewed over 10,000 ecommerce websites.

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