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S03, E06 | JULY 7, 2021

Email automation series: SMS marketing with Divatress

with Rob Lin, George Moser, and Lucas Walker. Or other short intro about the episode.

Email automation series: SMS marketing with Divatress

Divatress, a wig shop, jumped into SMS in 2020. They’re now close to the 70,000 subscriber mark, which constitutes about 40% of their email subscribers.

Owner and founder Rob Lin discusses why he felt it was time to make the move. He explains how the messaging channel was a natural evolution for his audience, how he is utilizing it to spread the word about the brand, and why it is exceeding his expectations.

Also joining the conversation are an Omnisend customer success manager and this season’s Cart Insiders Podcast co-pilot, Lucas Walker. They share their perspectives on ways SMS can be used to build relationships, and how merchants can move past the insecurities of getting started.

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The data all points in the same direction when it comes to SMS: it’s becoming a standard marketing channel. This time next year, marketers who don’t embrace it will find themselves well behind the game.

In 2020, ecommerce merchants sent 378% more texts to customers than they did the year prior, resulting in a 102% year-over-year increase in conversions. We’re confident numbers will only continue to rise.

Regardless of the stats and indicators, many marketers remain hesitant to dabble in SMS. Asking for an email address? No problem. But a cell phone number—that’s getting a little too invasive.

About the guests

Rob Lin, Owner & Founder, Divatress

Lin launched in 2009 with the goal of reaching more people after starting several retail stores. Over the last decade, he has grown the company while “navigating all the craziness of small business.” His goal is to grow large enough to open multiple warehouses around the country and also create as many jobs as possible. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his children, playing ping-pong and grilling.

George Moser, Manager of Customer Success, Omnisend

Moser has over eight years of experience in the digital marketing space, primarily in ecommerce. He helps brands drive retention and revenue via omnichannel marketing automation.

Lucas Walker, Founder, Rolled Up

Walker is a serial entrepreneur. He has started three successful businesses in the software, ecommerce, and media spaces. Walker’s experience also includes marketing for an internationally-recognized sales trainer, where he launched the Make It Happen Mondays podcast, oversaw partners around the world, and reviewed over 10,000 ecommerce websites.