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Generate Instant Discount Codes in One Click

Give your subscribers a unique offer

Every subscriber you have wants to feel special, and every time you treat them in a unique, special way, your subscribers will remember it. This will not only help you with improving your sales, but also with building long-lasting relationships. So why not give your subscribers discounts codes as unique as they are? These discount coupon codes will apply directly to their purchases, so they can use them with just one click. Less friction, more sales.

Just drag and drop

Omnisend’s discount coupon codes require no setup from you. All you need to do is drag the coupon code content block onto your newsletter and you’re set. Change the text, colors and add a title, and your coupon is ready to go. There’s no coding or extra work in the background you need to do. Omnisend will automatically send a unique discount coupon code to each subscriber.

Discover just how easy it can be to add effective discount codes in your newsletters.

14-day free trial. No credit card required.