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Unique discount codes
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Reward your email subscribers with unique discount coupons
that you can simply setup while building an email.
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Convert more with unique coupons

Who doesn’t love a special offer? Adding one into your emails with Omnisend is easy - you simply drag & drop the Discount Code block into the email and we auto-generate unique coupons for each of the recipients. Coupons can then be redeemed with a single click, and for Shopify merchants - they can be automatically applied in the recipients’ checkout.

Try out different incentives

Set up the discounts to fit your needs without leaving the Content Editor. You can choose between different discount types, manage the expiry date and maximum redemptions all while building your email - with no coding or extra work required.
  • Cart percentage discount

  • Fixed amount discount

  • Free shipping

We’ll take care of the back-end

Omnisend’s unique discount codes are fully-synced with Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce - once you send a campaign with a coupon, they’ll be automatically generated in your ecommerce platform. All the coupon settings you’ve set up will be fully-synced too - you only need to build the email, and we’ll do all the rest for you.

CTR boosters built for ecommerce

Drive more clicks and conversions using Omnisend’s powerful features, purpose-built for ecommerce email marketing.

  • Unique Discount Codes
    Unique discount codes that you can set up directly in the Content Editor and we’ll automatically sync them to your store.
  • Scratch-to-win type of content block that shows the customer a special prize once the card is clicked and scratched.
  • Gift Box
    Interactive, animated email element that encourages the recipient to click the box and see the special incentive.
Convert your subscribers with unique discount coupons
Discover how Omnisend’s ecommerce-focused email marketing features can help you drive more sales.
Full Access. No credit card required.