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Segmented contacts for more targeted messages


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Every single contact you have is unique, so why put them all in the same list? In order to offer your contacts and customers a more personalized, relevant message, you can create smart segmentation from various lists that allows you to send the right messages to just the right person. That way, you can help increase your own sales while helping your contacts find the perfect products.

Different lists for different contacts

When your visitors sign up for your newsletters, promotions or discounts, don’t send them all to the same list. Instead, create separate lists depending on how they signed up. With more specific lists, you can send the content your contacts want. So contacts that signed up for a 15% discount should be treated differently than contacts who signed up for a free ebook.

Flexible, smart segmentation

When you create segments, you can create groups of users from the different lists that you have. You can now send targeted campaigns to users that have purchased specific products from you, used a certain discount, or based on total order value. Or you can send great offers to those users who haven’t bought from you in a certain amount of time. With greater targeting and smarter segmentation, you can really increase your conversion rates—meaning not only better open and click rates, but higher sales for each campaign.

No extra charges for duplicate contacts

When you’re creating separate lists and segmenting them the right way, you may get the same contacts in different segments and lists. While the other email marketing platforms will charge for each email you send, no matter if they’re the same person twice, you don’t have to worry about that at Omnisend. We count your contacts only once instead of every single time you add them to your different lists. That means lower costs for you with greater flexibility.

Connect your favorite platform

Connect your store—whether it’s on Shopify, BigCommerce, or many other platforms—with Omnisend and starting sending targeted messages to the right customers for better conversions and happier customers.

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