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Pull a customer back with Facebook ads email marketing

Seamless Facebook ads retargeting

No more spray and pray with Facebook advertisements – if you want to boost your sales, your ads should be super-targeted, just like your personalized emails. With Omnisend's Facebook Custom Audiences sync, it’s now possible: automatically move your customers from Omnisend in and out of your Custom Audiences and retarget them on Facebook and Instagram. With seamless integration, you can do all that on autopilot: you’ll not only automatically deliver a consistent marketing message, but save money and drive more sales.

Ads based on shopping behavior, finally

The days when you need to extract your subscriber lists and segments from one platform and upload them to Facebook are over. Use dynamic Omnisend segments to super-target your ads on Facebook and Instagram based on customers’ real shopping behavior. Retarget specific groups of your customers, depending on their engagement and actions. Reach customers who haven't bought anything in a while featuring new items or cross-sell based on the items your customers have bought.

Flexible segmentation to hyper-target your customers

Segmentation is a unique tool that allows you to super-target your subscribers with the content they want, which will help boost your sales. Our segmentation gives you the ability to send targeted audience campaigns based on the shopping behavior of your subscribers, as well as the ability to segment based on email activity, profile data, or your subscriber list. See which customers placed orders of a certain amount during a specific timeframe, and also combine that data with data about customers who engage heavily with your newsletters, as shown by clicks or opens.

Discover how you can automatically find, move and target your customers with Facebook and Instagram ads email targeting.

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