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How Creality recaptured abandoned carts and increased repurchase rates

In the constantly evolving world of 3D printing, Creality has established itself as a leader by not only innovating its products but also by mastering the art of customer engagement.

How Creality recaptured abandoned carts and increased repurchase rates
  • €560,000

    Generated in sales from abandoned cart automation

  • 54%

    Open rate for abandoned cart automation

  • 8%

    Click through rate for abandoned cart automation

Creality’s main focus has always been on the end-user — creating a product that can be easily used by DIY enthusiasts, aspiring entrepreneurs, and anyone curious about 3D printing. By engaging directly with the community through conferences and social media, the brand gathers valuable feedback that drives product improvements.

“We pride ourselves on being user-centric. Our products are designed with the end-user in mind, making 3D printing accessible and easy to use. For instance, our new printers allow users to start printing within 15 minutes of setup,” says Jeanlyn Yang, Head of DTC Europe for Creality.

Recapturing sales through abandoned cart automation

Founded in 2014, Creality entered the 3D printing market when the technology was gaining more and more interest, and later built their global website and online store with Shoplazza, an AI-powered ecommerce platform. However, like many ecommerce businesses, Creality faced the persistent issue of abandoned carts.

“We noticed a significant number of potential customers were adding products to their carts but not completing the purchase. So, it became crucial for us to find a way to recover these lost sales,” says Jeanlyn Yang.

Creality turned to Omnisend to implement abandoned cart email automations. This move allowed them to address cart abandonment directly, targeting customers who had shown interest but had not finalized their purchases.

“Omnisend’s automated email campaigns were exactly what we needed. The ease of setting them up and the ability to customize the content to fit our brand voice was a huge plus for us,” says Yang.

In less than a year of setting it up, just this one automation yielded amazing results for Creality:

  • Over €560,000 generated in sales
  • Open rates of 54%
  • Click rates of 8.25%

In addition, Creality leveraged Omnisend’s automation capabilities and its integration with Shoplazza to grow its overall sales in Europe by 18% and increase its repurchase rates by 54%.

This is a great example of how you can set up an automation once and let it work for you, recapturing sales on autopilot that may have been lost otherwise.

Adding value and testing the content

While email automation clearly works for Creality, other aspects contribute greatly to its success too:

“We add value to our emails. In cases of recapturing sales, we often include discounts that are showcased in subject lines, to attract the reader’s attention. User-generated content and social proof also resonate a lot with our audience. This not only incentivizes purchases but also builds a sense of community and trust,” explains Jeanlyn Yang.

To ensure the highest engagement and conversion rates, Creality adopted a rigorous A/B testing approach. By sending emails in small batches, they test different elements and optimize their campaigns for better performance.

“Testing is a big part of our strategy. We experiment with various formats, subject lines, and sending times to see what works best. It’s easy to do that with Omnisend because you can A/B test both regular email campaigns and automations. This helps us continually refine how we approach our email marketing,” says the Head of DTC Europe for Creality.

Why Omnisend?

Creality’s journey illustrates a common challenge faced by many small and medium-sized businesses — driving consistent sales. Their success demonstrates the benefits of implementing smart, automated strategies to capture sales, which not only increase revenue but also free up time to focus on perfecting its products.

By using Omnisend to address abandoned carts through automated emails and continuously optimizing their campaigns, Creality has achieved remarkable sales growth and strengthened the connection with its customers.

“There are Omnisend features that we still haven’t used, like SMS, but as of now we really like the platform’s ease-of-use and a sheer amount of pre-made templates — from emails, to automations.”