Articles about Ecommerce Email Marketing Research 2016


Resend Your Email Campaign and Get up to 30% Bigger Revenue

Experiencing sales slump? You are not alone. Summer months are always the slowest for ecommerce sites. But here is the bright side of the thing.

You can experiment new things with lower risk to spoil anything and prepare new strategies and marketing tricks for the new season.

One of those tricks that I’m offering you to try today is resending your most recent email campaign to those customers who have ignored the initial one. Believe it or not, but this action will increase your revenue through email marketing by up to 30% . Read more


The 10 Best Email Marketing Campaigns

Every time we build a new email campaign, we hope that it will be our best ever. Such high expectations make sure we keep on improving and delivering for our clients.

Recently, Omnisend (previously Soundest) carried out a study based on its customer data. In addition to many interesting insights on email marketing behavior, we highlighted the email marketing campaigns that performed best in terms of open rate, click rate and conversion rate metrics. I bet you are interested in seeing them right away! Read more


The Best Day to Send Email Marketing Campaign [Omnisend Research 2016]

Is there a best day of the year to send an email marketing campaign? If yes, what is it? Can we predict if a campaign will be successful because of when it’s sent?

Have the seasons an impact on campaign results?

The answers to these questions always depend on many factors. However, there are some patterns worth knowing and sharing (based on our own email marketing statistics). Read more