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iOS 15 Email Marketing Opens Are Dead
iOS 15’s Impact on Email Marketing: A Letter From Omnisend
iOS 15 will end the era of the email marketing open rate. See how Omnisend CEO Rytis Lauris views the future of ecommerce marketing now that opens are dead.
How Customer Lifecycle Marketing Breathes Life into Ecommerce Retention
Customer lifecycle marketing can revitalize your marketing. We explore how Omnisend helps merchants, with high-impact lifecycle marketing tactics examples.
Omnisend vs. Jilt: A Feature-for-Feature Comparison
Omnisend vs. Jilt: A Feature-for-Feature Comparison
Jilt is shutting down. Read our Omnisend vs. Jilt comparison of features, automation, pricing and more, and why you should probably make the switch today.
How to Use an RFM Analysis to Take Segmentation to the Next Level
An RFM analysis tells you which of your customers are your best, and which you're in danger of losing. Here's how to implement it for ecommerce.
Email marketing specialist
What an Email Marketing Specialist Is and What They Need to Know
We dive into what an email marketing specialist is, their roles and responsibilities, what they need to know (including tools) and how much they are paid.
How to Use Demographic Segmentation in Ecommerce
Demographic segmentation helps merchants group customers by certain variables. We explore demographic marketing along with demographics examples.
Behavioral Segmentation: How it Boosts Customer Engagement
Behavioral segmentation makes it easier to know how, when, and who to market to. We explore this, along with examples that create higher engagement rates.
Affiliate email marketing
The Best Affiliate Email Marketing Programs Available Today
Find out which are the best affiliate email marketing programs that pay amazing commissions. We also show you killer strategies to make your campaigns succeed.
Customer Segmentation Examples for Ecommerce
4 Customer Segmentation Examples for Ecommerce
When thinking about the first steps of marketing to an audience, considering different customer segmentation examples helps. We explore each type in detail.
The Ultimate Email Send Checklist for Your Next Marketing Campaign
What if your emails could be perfect every time? Try our email send checklist to double-check each element and send a great campaign!
omnisend vs marsello
Omnisend vs Marsello: a Feature-by-Feature Comparison
There are many tools for email marketing to use for your ecommerce business. Here is a detailed comparison between two in particular: Omnisend and Marsello.
7 Email Marketing Mistakes You’re Probably Making (& How to Avoid Them)
Email marketing mistakes are an unfortunate part of learning email marketing—but they're avoidable. Here's the top email mistakes, and how to avoid them.