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How to Maximize Sales during Black Friday Weekend (Cyber 5)
How to Maximize Sales During the Black Friday Weekend (Cyber 5)
This Black Friday Weekend, also known as Cyber 5, make sure you've got the right marketing strategy in place to skyrocket your sales.
Choose The Best CRM Software For Your Ecommerce Business
Choose The Best CRM Software for Your Ecommerce Business
An ecommerce CRM will help you understand and nurture your number one resource—your customers. Find out our top 6 picks and why your store needs them
How to Optimize Messages for Clicks in a Post-iOS World
After iOS 15, you should focus on how to improve your CTR. To help you change your email marketing strategy, we explore how to optimize message for clicks.
Starting a Content Marketing Calendar: Why You Need One
Content marketing calendars help you plan your content, such as what you send to customers. We explore how to create one, to refine your email marketing.
The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Analytics
In today's online world, you need effective ecommerce analytics to grow your business and stay ahead of your competition.
Email marketing holiday calendar
2022 Email Marketing Event/Holiday Calendar
Planning your 2022 email marketing strategy for holidays and events keeps your ecommerce business steps ahead. Find the full year calendar here.
Why Amazon Sellers Benefit From An Email Marketing Strategy
Amazon email marketing allows you to reach a wealth of potential buyers. We explore how to capitalize on this with Omnisend & email marketing strategies.
Last-Minute Black Friday Email Marketing Tips
Black Friday and Cyber Monday presents plenty of opportunities for ecommerce stores. To help, we examine some last minute Black Friday email marketing tips.
Omnisend vs Listrak: A Feature-by-Feature Comparison
Your ideal ecommerce marketing platform can be hard to find. To explore your options, we examine Omnisend vs Listrak and explore who each tool is built for.
6 Ways to Get Ready for Holiday Marketing This Summer [+Infographic]
Your best shot at snagging holiday shoppers requires action now. Get things rolling with these six holiday marketing strategies.
iOS 15 Email Marketing Opens Are Dead
iOS 15’s Impact on Email Marketing: A Letter From Omnisend
iOS 15 will end the era of the email marketing open rate. See how Omnisend CEO Rytis Lauris views the future of ecommerce marketing now that opens are dead.
How Customer Lifecycle Marketing Breathes Life into Ecommerce Retention
Customer lifecycle marketing can revitalize your marketing. We explore how Omnisend helps merchants, with high-impact lifecycle marketing tactics examples.