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Behind Omnisend’s First Video Campaign: Small Business Stories. Literally.
Behind Omnisend’s First Video Campaign: Small Business Stories. Literally.
Omnisend's first video campaign is laser-focused on small businesses struggling to grow with their limited spaces and limited tools. Watch it now
Amazon and Omnisend
How Amazon Attribution Can Help You Acquire New Customers
We show how using Omnisend, advertising and Amazon Attribution can help acquire new customers efficiently and keep costs to a minimum.
Get Ready for iOS 15 with Omnisend’s New Features
Get Ready for iOS 15 with Omnisend’s New Features
Omnisend is introducing a slew of new features to help retailers navigate Apple's biggest change in the iOS 15 update - the skewing of open rate data.
Track and Optimize Email Campaign Conversions for Your Amazon Store
Omnisend's new Amazon Advertising integration means Amazon sellers can now track their email marketing campaign performance in their Amazon dashboards.
data driven customer retention
How to Use Data-Driven Customer Retention to Grow Revenue
Improving customer retention is easier said than done—unless you have data. Here's how to create a data-driven customer retention plan for ecommerce.
Omnisend's partner program
Introducing Omnisend’s All-New Partner Program
Introducing Omnisend's new Partner Program, designed to empower you to empower your ecommerce clients. Check out how you can increase revenue, not workload.
Improve Customer Retention with Lifecycle-Based Segmentation
Omnisend's new customer lifecycle stages take the guesswork out of retention marketing. See how you can use them to prioritize your re-activation tactics.
Customer Engagement Marketing Personalized Content
We Thought You’d Like This: Personalized Recommendations Are Here
Introducing Personalized Recommendations - the easiest way to drive more repeat sales with relevant product suggestions. Learn the best ways to use it.
Introducing SMS: Reloaded
With more SMS power to perform at scale, we’ve gotten Omnisend all set to help you handle the holidays. See what changed.
Setting Up A Subscribe Form For Shopify Newsletter In 3 Easy Steps
Get our quick and easy tutorial on adding native Shopify newsletter sign-up forms to your online store so you can start collecting subscribers today.
BigCommerce and Omnisend Integration
Use BigCommerce Data to Create More Relevant Messages
Utilizing the Omnisend + BigCommerce integration allows retailers to harness the power of their data to meet consumer expectations and grow sales.
Shopify Plus Certified App
Omnisend is Now a Certified Shopify Plus App
Omnisend is an official member of the Shopify Plus Certified App program, recognizing the level of product quality, service, performance, privacy, and support required by Shopify Plus merchants.