Ecommerce Research

How to Brand Your Customer Journey
Your entire customer journey benefits from your own unique brand. We explore how to enrich your customer journey with brand voice examples.
Analyze Retention Reports to Know How to Make Your Customers Stay
To understand what drives customer loyalty, you need to be able to analyze it. We examine retention reports and the importance of retention strategies.
The 6 Best Amazon Seller Tools to Boost Your Ecommerce Profits
Being an Amazon seller has never been easier, and seller tools make it even easier. We examine the best Amazon seller tools and explore their pros and cons.
Flash Sales
Flash Sales: Should You Use Them? (& How to Do Them Right)
How do you run a flash sale? There are plenty of things to consider when planning a flash sale. We explore flash sales and how to run them.
Ultimate guide to cookieless tracking
The Ultimate Guide to Cookieless Tracking
Cookieless tracking is now a trend that every marketer needs to use in the future. Here is a detailed guide for cookieless tracking for ecommerce.
Top Shopify Stores
The Top Shopify Stores (and What Made Them Choose Shopify)
Shopify serves as one of the greatest platforms for selling online. We explore the top Shopify stores, per industry, and see what makes them so successful.
Guide to ecommerce personalization
How Ecommerce Personalization Can Increase Customer Loyalty and Boost Sales
Personalization across different marketing channels is essential for your ecommerce business growth. Here is a full guide for ecommerce personalization.
How to Write Engaging Product Descriptions
You want your customers to know all about your products. To do so, we’ll explore how to craft product descriptions, with product description examples.
Cart Abandonment in google analytics
A Guide To Lowering Your Cart Abandonment Rate with Google Analytics
Tracking cart abandonment rates in google analytics is essential to measure your ecommerce business growth and success. Find out here how and why.
How to Use Demographic Segmentation in Ecommerce
Demographic segmentation helps merchants group customers by certain variables. We explore demographic marketing along with demographics examples.
Fashion Ecommerce statistics
The Top Fashion Ecommerce Statistics You Need to Know
The fashion industry is ever-evolving, and to stay up-to-date you need to be aware of these top fashion ecommerce statistics
ecommerce customer journey
Perfect Your Ecommerce Customer Journey to Win Brand Advocates
Ecommerce customer journey refers to all the interactions and phases that a brand is facing during its lifecycle. Here is an in depth study about the topic.