Ecommerce Research

Five Challenges Faced by Ecommerce Marketers In Launching Creative Ad Campaigns
Struggle to go live with marketing campaigns powered by fresh consumer insights? You’re not alone. Learn about how marketers can tackle these challenges!
The Best Practices for Acquiring New Customers via PPC Advertising
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How to Measure Customer Satisfaction for Ecommerce
Businesses need to know how to measure customer satisfaction to truly be successful. Find out how to track and measure customer satisfaction at Omnisend.
5 Shopify Alternatives to Consider in 2020
Shopify is a powerful tool for eCommerce building, you might want to look for Shopify alternatives. Find out the 5 best alternatives to Shopify at Omnisend.
Magento extensions
19 Best Magento Extensions to Boost sales in 2020 [Free & Paid]
We tested and got the list of 19 best Magento extensions for Sales, Communication, SEO, Analytics. Free and Paid extensions for 2020!
How to optimize ecommerce conversions with live chat
How to Optimize eCommerce Conversions With Live Chat
Conversions falling flat? Live chat may just be the thing you need to revitalize them. Learn how to use live chat in your ecommerce conversion strategy.
11 Must-Have WooCommerce Plugins For Your Store in 2020
Thes are hand-picked WooCommerce plugins that won’t disappoint you. They are high-ended tools with great support.
In Part 1 of Low sales? You're probably making these 23 ecommerce mistakes, we'll look at your website
Low Sales? You are Probably Making These 23 Common Ecommerce Mistakes (Part 1: Your Website)
Does your ecommerce store have good traffic but low sales? In our 3-part series, we'll look at the 23 most common mistakes, starting with your website.
The 7 Most Important Email Marketing Metrics For Ecommerce
What gets measured gets managed. Find out what email marketing metrics are the most important for your strategy.
machine learning for ecommerce
8 Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce with Machine Learning
Machine learning is far from a buzz word. With the importance of data, there are tons of ways to use machine learning for ecommerce.
The Best Time to Send Emails (Omnisend Research 2019)
Omnisend analyzed more than 2 billions of email campaigns. The best time to send emails will be at 8 AM, 1 PM, and 4 PM on Thursdays.
How to Increase Your Ecommerce Revenue by Leveraging Social Commerce
How should you best employ your social media to achieve the best results? Increase ROI your social media marketing by leveraging social commerce.