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Email, SMS, and push marketing statistics for ecommerce H1 2022
We analyzed more than 8 billion marketing email, SMS & push messages sent in in the first half of 2022 for the latest trends & insights.
The best signup forms for high conversions (Omnisend research)
We recently analyzed 128,000 email campaigns and automated emails sent by over 7,200 ecommerce brands in 2017 to see which signup forms performed best.
Our analysis of 229 million BFCM emails shows that less is more
We analyzed more than 229M emails to look at the most popular BFCM email subject lines, phrases, and discounts used in emails, plus much more.
What we can learn from omnichannel statistics for 2022
Looking for the most important omnichannel statistics for 2022? We've got you covered, so you can gain valuable insights
Email, SMS, and push marketing statistics for ecommerce in 2022
We analyzed more than 12 billion email, SMS & push messages sent in 2021 to see the latest ecommerce marketing metrics and important trends.
9 common ecommerce mistakes [updated for 2022]
In this article, we're lookingat the most common ecommerce mistakes you're probably making with your ecommerce store and how to fix it.
BFCM 2021: Email, SMS, and push message statistics & trends
Our analysis for BFCM 2021 shows that, even though conversion rates dropped this year, merchants sent out more and earned much more. Read more
Data shows user adoption rates for iOS 15 privacy features
iOS 15 was released recently, and Omnisend's customer data shows that within two days nearly 7% of users have updated & turned on Mail Privacy Protection
Fashion Ecommerce statistics
The Top Fashion Ecommerce Statistics You Need to Know
The fashion industry is ever-evolving, and to stay up-to-date you need to be aware of these top fashion ecommerce statistics
The best time to send emails (Omnisend research)
Omnisend analyzed more than 2 billion email campaigns. The best time to send emails is at 8am, 1pm, and 4pm on Thursdays--and here's why.
Omnisend's Ecommerce Email Marketing Statistics for 2018 [Infographic]
Ecommerce Email Marketing Statistics 2018 [Infographic]
When do your emails convert best? Do automated emails really work? These ecommerce email marketing statistics for 2018 will let you know!
The Best Email Frequency for Small Business Marketing
The Best Email Frequency for Small Business Marketing
How often should you send email marketing to stay on your customer’s mind and not become too spammy? Here's what Omnisend's data says.
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