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Get Ready for a Successful Black Friday

Showing no signs of slowing, Black Friday shopping grows by 20-30% every year. In order to stand out amidst all the promotional noise, ecommerce merchants need to employ a carefully prepared set of activities. Looking to have them all in one place? Download our comprehensive guide to learn what preparational steps should be taken by you to win this holiday.

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In this infographic, you’ll get:

  • Which technical facilities of your store should be tested and ready.
  • What are the critical marketing automation workflows you should prepare beforehand.
  • What do the best performing BFCM email templates have in common.
  • How to leverage the increased traffic after the Black Friday and more!

BONUS: Black Friday 2019 Readiness Checklist with all the action points you shouldn’t forget listed down!

The best strategy you can have for your Black Friday marketing campaign is to be prepared. It might seem simple, but it’s true!

- - Richard Lazazzera, A Better Lemonade Stand