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What’s new: Omnisend’s November 2023 updates

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November for ecommerce brands can only mean one thing: it’s the holiday season.

There’s not only the behemoth that is Black Friday Cyber Monday, but Christmas is fast approaching too.

This means you want your forms and emails to be highly effective at turning visitors into subscribers, and subscribers into customers and repeat buyers.

So you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve made exciting, powerful updates to both our Form Builder and Email Builder—plus introduced new options for segmenting your audience.

Keep reading for all of the details, or watch this video for a quick summary:

New features to make your forms better than ever

There are multiple new additions in the Form Builder to help you increase conversions.

Increase your signup rate with A/B testing

Forms can now use A/B testing, allowing you to identify what resonates with your audience the most so you can maximize your signup rate. Simply create a form as usual, and then have a secondary version with a different variable—such as a different headline or CTA—and you can see which one performs the best.

You can test multiple parts of your forms, including:

  • Text
  • Visuals
  • Display settings

To learn more about A/B testing, join Arnas in this deep dive video:

Or join Greg, Omnisend’s senior ecommerce expert, for his workshop looking at the science of A/B testing. You’ll learn new ideas for testing your popups, tips for testing emails, and how to maximize the impact of your automations. 

Increase sales with back-in-stock alerts for WooCommerce stores

If a visitor wants to buy something from your site and it’s not available, they’re likely to leave your store and go elsewhere. But now, WooCommerce store owners can use Omnisend to notify people when your items are back in stock.

an example of a popup ad with a notify option

👉  Find out more

Countdown timers 

FOMO (the fear of missing out) is a powerful marketing tactic because it urges immediate action—if your visitors wait, they may lose the opportunity to purchase the item they want.

Now you can add some of this urgency to your signup forms with our new countdown timers. You can also use them for counting down to a special announcement, new launch, pre-sale access, and whatever else you can think of!

A countdown timer ad example on Omnisend

Subscribers can get discounts

We’ve introduced the option to remove the “Subscribed” page from your forms. This means your existing subscribers can enter their details into your forms to access your deals and offers, including the ability to play the Wheel of Fortune form.

an example of an option to remove subscribed pages from your forms

Show forms to specific visitors

Instead of showing the same form to everyone, you can decide who sees what. By making the forms more relevant to your visitors, you can create a more personalized user experience and boost your signups.

The options are:

  • All visitors: show your form to everyone
  • Don’t show to existing contacts: only show the form to new visitors and potential leads
  • Show to existing contacts: offer exclusive offers and updates to your subscribers
visitor and page targeting options

Make your emails more beautiful and more effective than ever

In addition to being able to build your emails or scratch or customize our 250+ pre-built templates, you’ve got additional ways to make your messages even more beautiful and more eye-catching in the inbox.

Gmail annotations

Everybody knows the importance of a strong subject line, and we’ve now made it possible for you to stand out even more in the inbox.

For Gmail users who access their inbox via the Promotions tab, you can include annotations that give extra details about your promotions:

an example of a strong subject line for gmail users

Updated Product Recommender

Omnisend’s Product Recommender is a powerful block that automatically suggests relevant products. Now, you can combine multiple types into a single message, so you can promote your best sellers, latest items, and personalized recommendations all in one place.

Background images

If you’ve ever wished that you could make your email even more personalized and unique, you’ll love the new option to upload your own files to be used as a background image.

upload your own files to be used as background picture

Target shoppers more effectively with new segmentation options

Omnisend users already have access to pre-built segments and the ability to create unlimited segments from over 500 data points. But we’ve taken things a step further.

New pre-built segments

You’ll now find three new BFCM-focused segments: 

  • Window shoppers
  • Last-minute shoppers
  • Deal hunters

And alongside these are other new segments: 

  • Started checkout but didn’t place an order
  • Added product to the cart but didn’t place an order
  • Birthday celebrators
Pre-built segments on Omnisend

Anniversary properties

Strengthen your customer relationships by sending special offers or best wishes at appropriate milestones. Our Audience dropdown menu has a new section called “Anniversary” and a filter to select the timeframe—so you can choose how far out from the big day you want to start sending messages for it.

Anniversary properties menu on Omnisend

New integration with nopCommerce

If you’re a user of the nopCommerce ecommerce platform, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve released an official Omnisend plugin for it.

👉 Read the full integration guide here

Simplified call forwarding

If you’re a US-based merchant, your customers can now dial the number they receive your SMS from, and we’ll automatically redirect the call to your business phone. You can simply toggle this feature on or off in your Omnisend account.

Simplified call forwarding

👉 Read the full integration guide here

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