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Website Tracking

Ecommerce website tracking in real time

Get the full picture of your website’s browsing activity

Getting traffic to your online store is exciting. Not knowing what’s happening on your website is not. With our Website Tracking features, you’ll be able to see your anonymous and known visitors browsing your store in real time. From the moment someone enters your store, get to see what pages, product categories or items they’re viewing.

Ecommerce website tracking in real time

Understand your visitor’s buying intentions

Ever wondered how far your visitor is from making a purchase? We think you deserve to know. Find out how often every single person visited your store, what pages and products they’ve browsed or when it happened. All in real time. Then, use this opportunity to target more shoppers who haven’t reached the checkout with our Browse Abandonment and Product Abandonment automation emails.

Anonynous and know traffic website tracking for online store

See what your visitors are doing in your store in real-time with our website tracking features.

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