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eCommerce Integrations with Omnisend to grow your business


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Integrate your Omnisend account with ecommerce platforms and ecommerce specific tools to grow your business and strengthen the performance of your online store. Whether it's an ecommerce platform or any other tool—we've got you covered.

Ecommerce platform Integrations

Omnisend works at full power only when it's connected with your eCommerce site. This gives you not only a one-click import of your products to your newsletters or powerful automation workflows but also sales tracking from all email marketing-related activities and most important—everything is done automatically. No matter if you're using hosted or any other eCommerce platform, it's easy to connect your online store with Omnisend.

Single-click integrations

More integrations

Any other via API

Other tools

Already using some other tools and want to integrate them with Omnisend? Whether it's a tool for growing your email list, analysing your performance better or improving any other area of your business—we make sure it's easy to integrate with Omnisend.

Collect customer reviews from your happy customers and boost sales with strong social proof.

Integrate ReCharge with Omnisend and you will be able to send targeted campaigns and trigger automated email flows based on all of your ReCharge customer activity.

Build your brand community by offering rewards to your customers. Use rewards to create and foster customer loyalty and improve retention.

Build better customer retention by using sweet rewards that keep your customers coming back again and again.

Nothing builds trust like hundreds of reviews from happy customers. Yotpo is your one-stop-shop for reviews, UGC, loyalty programs, and referrals.

Create a fully customizable one-page-checkout for your ecommerce store. No more checkout funnel leaks!

Send auto updates to your customers at each step of your package’s journey to your customer’s doorstep.

Run customer service across several channels from one place with Gorgias.

Build brand loyalty with automated birthday discount rewards.

Manage shipping across carriers from one centralized dashboard, print shipping labels, track packages, and get logistics insights with ShipStation.

Collect new subscribers with easy to setup pop-ups. They will automatically appear in Omnisend.

Collect new subscribers with various pop-up forms and they will automatically appear in Omnisend.

Get more email subscribers with various pop-up forms and nanobars. All new email addresses will automatically appear in Omnisend.

Grow your mailing list with various forms, popups, bars, competitions. All new leads will automatically appear in Omnisend.

Build intelligent website popups and exit popups, increase email signups and conversions.

Build exit-intent website popups and increase email signups and conversions.

Grow your mailing list and automatically push new subscribers to Omnisend.

Grow your mailing list with various pop-ups. All new subscribers will automatically appear in Omnisend.

Offer free downloads, get new subscribers and they will automatically appear in Omnisend.

Collect and import your contacts with easy to setup pop-ups.

Create mobile-ready landing pages, capture new leads and automatically push them to your Omnisend mailing list.

Create quizzes, collect emails and automatically push them to Omnisend.

View Omnisend campaign reports in MonkeyData's all-in-one eCommerce dashboard.

Nosto allows you to personalize any email by adding automated product recommendations and trending items in just a few clicks.

Add Sufio's invoice link to Omnisend's "Order Follow-up" automation workflow emails.

Offer coupons for sharing your business on Facebook. Put them in newsletters or forms.

Connect Personizely with Omnisend and push your new subscribers directly to Omnisend.

Where ever you capture an email, Zapier will add it automatically to your preferred Omnisend subscriber list.

Have an app that you want to integrate with Omnisend? Contact us and let's work together.

Still can't find the eCommerce integration you're looking for?

Tell us what integration you can't find in our list and we'll consider it for further improvements.