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13 must-have BigCommerce apps for conversions

Reading Time: 10 minutes

BigCommerce has been a major player in ecommerce for more than ten years already. Its user-friendly interface provides endless options for growth, making Bigcommerce platforms a no-brainer for ecommerce retailers seeking agility and flexibility. One of the key factors in the success of BigCommerce is its huge range of third-party apps and integrations.

In this article, we’re going to check out 13 essential BigCommerce apps to supercharge your online store. From marketing automation to gathering reviews and streamlining your shipping, these powerful and efficient Bigcommerce apps will provide you with the maximum benefit for the minimum cost. They’ll also ensure that you’re not slowing down your store’s performance with unnecessary and poorly-built downloads.

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    1. Omnisend

    Bigcommerce app Omnisend

    Category: email marketing and marketing automation

    • Pricing: paid plan starts from $16/month
    • Free plan: yes

    Omnisend is a powerful marketing automation platform that allows you to reach out to your customers with personalized messaging. It is one of only two email service providers (ESPs) chosen by BigCommerce as an Elite Technology Partner.

    You’ll be able to target different segments of your contacts with email, SMS, push notifications, and more for a seamless omnichannel experience. Getting started with Omnisend is a breeze, with pre-built automations such as Welcome Series, Cart Abandonment, and Order Confirmation set up and ready to start driving revenue straight away.

    Key features include an intuitive drag-and-drop builder, which makes it easy to customize your emails, SMS, and automated workflows to precisely fit your strategy. There are also interactive list-building forms to help you grow a highly-engaged subscriber base quickly and efficiently. Smart segmentation and reactivation workflows encourage repeat purchases and keep customers coming back for more.

    Add in comprehensive analytics and reporting, and you’ve got everything you need to run growth-driven marketing campaigns on autopilot.

    BigCommerce integration is easy—simply download the app from the BigCommerce app store and your contacts, products & orders will be automatically synced with Omnisend. Every new user can get started on a Free plan that gives full access to all of Omnisend’s features, with the possibility to upgrade to a paid plan as your business grows.

    2. Lilly by Growave

    • Free plan available

    If you’re looking for several apps and features like Rewards and Loyalty, Wishlists, Instagram galleries, Reviews, and Social login for your online store, then discovering Lily by Growave will make you very happy as every feature that you’re looking for in different apps can be found in just one, saving your company’s money and time.

    Integrating with too many apps might slow down your page loading speed because of code conflicts from several apps, but with Lily, you get all tools for reaching, engaging, and converting your customers from one place. All the features that you need are under one dashboard and integrations are very easy, the app is simple to set up and makes the transition seamlessly. The app allows you to change text, language, and colors depending on your brand design.

    Lily is fully compatible with GDPR and doesn’t share any data with third parties. Their customer success stars will make sure that you can contact us any time via email, live chat, or phone.

    Key features:

    1. Rewards and Loyalty
    2. Reviews
    3. Wishlists
    4. Instagram galleries
    5. Automated emails
    6. Social sharing/ social login

    3. Yotpo

    Bigcommerce app Yotpo

    Category: Generating product reviews

    • Pricing: paid plan starts from $19/month
    • Free plan: yes

    Reviews are vital for building trust and loyalty among customers. They also help in building a solid brand reputation.

    Products or services that have very few reviews risk coming across as unpopular, or even untrustworthy. That’s why ecommerce businesses are increasingly investing in review marketing to bolster the number and quality of reviews on their site. Yotpo specializes in gathering user-generated content and helping you to integrate it into your online store.

    Key features include automatic review requests, which are synced with orders placed via your BigCommerce store. It also has a handy social curation tool that can find and gather the best customer-produced content on social media. On-Site Widgets bring it all together by showcasing the reviews that you’ve collected on relevant product pages.

    There’s a Free version of Yotpo with basic but very useful features. Premium features such as Customized Loyalty & Referrals Programs come at a cost but are well worth the money for brands looking to boost their loyalty and reputation.

    4. Printful

    Bigcommerce app Printful

    Category: Print-on-demand drop shipping

    • Pricing: Printful Pro costs $49/month
    • Free plan: no, 14-day free trial

    Printful is an online drop shipping and custom printing fulfillment service. With Printful, you can create custom designs, place them on products from Printful’s catalog, and sell them on your online store.

    Printful handles inventory, order fulfillment, quality control, and shipping, so you can focus on the fun part of building and running an ecommerce business, like marketing and creating new designs. Besides, since everything is printed on demand with no order minimums, you don’t ever have to worry about overproduction and unsold inventory.

    It works by syncing your BigCommerce store with Printful. Whenever someone buys a product from you, the order is automatically imported, fulfilled, and shipped to your customer under your brand.

    Key features include custom packaging with your own branding, creative services to help you design your products, and a suite of intuitive design and marketing tools. The Printful app is free from the BigCommerce marketplace and doesn’t come with monthly fees. You only pay when an order is made.

    5. ShipStation

    Bigcommerce app shipstation

    Category: Shipping & Label Printing

    • Pricing: starts from $9/month
    • Free plan: no, 30-day free trial

    ShipStation offers automated and advanced features to make managing and shipping your orders a breeze.

    ShipStation’s BigCommerce integration syncs the purchases made on your BigCommerce store and organizes all of your information into a single dashboard. You can then use scan-based workflows, bulk updates, and automation processes to quickly fulfill your daily shipments. And once an order ships, it will instantly update tracking information to both the selling channel and the customer.

    Key features include inventory management, branding on all of your shipped parcels, one-click label making, and intuitive order management software. Prices start at $9/mo which includes up to 50 shipments.

    6. Signifyd

    Bigcommerce app Signifyd

    Category: Security

    • Pricing: $1,500/month
    • Free plan: no,14-day free trial

    Chargebacks are among the most infuriating issues you’ll have with your online store. Handling all of these complaints and requests will easily eat up your time. With the help of Signifyd, you can have the app do all the tedious work for you.

    Signifyd assures that you won’t have to worry about needing to manually track and respond to fraudulent purchases. The app is proactive in assessing potential issues and only allows safe purchases to be approved. As a result, you’ll spend less time reviewing and declining bad transactions.

    Key features include transaction scoring for fraud assessment, real-time monitoring, payment verification services, and security reporting & analytics.

    7. Brightpearl

    Bigcommerce app Brightpearl

    Category: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    Pricing: custom pricing

    Sometimes ecommerce stores in BigCommerce become so popular and busy that they need a helping hand to handle their orders. Brightpearl is the perfect solution for “positive problems” like this, seamlessly integrating all of your retail operations from sales orders up to inventory replenishment.

    Brightpearl is one of these essential all-in-one Bigcommerce apps that saves you money and boosts the performance of your store. It allows you to delete quite a few unnecessary programs that might be clogging up your site’s interface. It merges accounting, inventory management, and order routing into a single platform. There are different dedicated apps for route planning.

    Key features include order management, shipping & fulfillment, warehouse management, retail accounting, and much more. Brightpearl pricing is quote-based, depending on the size of your business and specific needs.

    8. JivoChat

    Jivochat tool

    Category: Customer Service

    • Pricing: paid plans start from $12/month
    • Free plan: available, free 14-day trial

    JivoChat is a business messenger that connects all communication channels in one: live chat, WhatsApp, phone, email, and social. It allows you to serve efficient customer support to your clients, thereby increasing your conversion and sales. It allows customizing and configuring freely, and get the most out of it by reflecting your style and strategy.

    With its user-friendly interface, it is easy to set up and use. You can connect all your incoming message channels, even your phone, and use it as a hub to reply queries and close sales. With its CRM, you will be also able to track through support and sales processes. Its conversion-focused features will allow you to convert your website visitors into paying customers; such as triggered messages upon conditions, real-time visitor monitoring and chatbot.

    JivoChat positions itself as all-in-one business messenger that every small and mid-size business needs: live chat, social media, call center, chatbot, CRM, team chats, statistics, and features to boost your agents’ productivity.

    9. Shogun Page Builder

    Bigcommerce app Shogun page builder

    Category: Visual Merchandising

    • Pricing: from $39/month
    • Free plan: no, free 10-day trial

    Visual content is extremely important in BigCommerce because it draws the attention of customers. Building your ecommerce store doesn’t have to be limited to pre-made templates. With Shogun Page Builder, you’ll have more freedom when customizing your site.

    Shogun Page Builder is a drag-and-drop page builder that is simple and easy to use. Once you’ve set up your store, you can use Shogun to easily create elements such as galleries, videos, blog posts, and more. While Shogun offers a wide range of customizations, it’s still up to you to create attractive and efficient designs. Learning visual hierarchy and web design can help you maximize customizations and earn more conversions over time.

    Key features include powerful analytics to review the success of your creations, as well as the all-important A/B testing so you can ensure that your best-performers are always on show.

    10. ShipperHQ

    Bigcommerce app ShipperHQ

    Category: Shipping and Logistics

    • Pricing: from $46/month
    • Free plan: no, free 15-day trial

    There are few bigger problems for the ecommerce retailer than the dreaded abandoned cart. While a good BigCommerce abandoned cart strategy can go a long way towards winning back some of the 70% of carts that are abandoned on average, prevention is always better than the cure.

    This is where ShipperHQ comes in. With unexpected shipping costs the primary cause of abandoned carts, ShipperHQ makes it simple and easy to show your customers the most compelling shipping options before they commit to a purchase. Not only does this provide customers with the best and most flexible shipping options available, but early access to all price information makes them much less likely to abandon their carts.

    Key features include total delivery transparency, in-store pickup options, multi-origin shipping, and much more. ShipperHQ also partners with ShipStation to offer an end-to-end shipping experience that drives sales, saves shoppers money, and delivers on customer expectations. So, it’s one of the best choices of Bigcommerce shipping apps.

    11. Justuno

    Bigcommerce app Jusuno

    Category: Customer acquisition

    • Pricing: paid plan starts from $29
    • Free plan: yes

    Customers find their way to your site in a variety of ways. Many stop by to read your blog and have a quick browse of your products. Can you do more to capitalize on this passing interest and attract visitors into your sales funnel?

    Justuno helps you to do just that by offering engaging experiences on your online store. This includes smart pop-ups that reach out with offers and deals when a customer is about to navigate away. You can also choose gamified solutions that offer prizes in return for a sign-up. According to Omnisend research, gamified sign-up forms such as a Wheel of Fortune drive consistently high conversion rates as well as the highest average views.

    Key features include a range of standard and gamified pop-up options, segmentation and targeting of specific site visitors, GDPR compliance for responsible data collection, and much more. Pricing is flexible depending on how many website visitors you expect per month. But it also can be your choise of a free app from the Bigcommerce app marketplace.

    12. ReCharge

    Bigcommerce app Recharge

    Category: Customer subscriptions

    • Pricing: paid plan starts from 1% + 10¢ per transaction
    • Free plan: yes

    One of the most effective ways to encourage repeat customers is by making it as easy and convenient as possible to buy again. ReCharge does this by helping ecommerce businesses to offer subscriptions and recurring billing for their customers.

    ReCharge’s flexible subscriptions are easy to set up in minutes, allowing you to immediately get started on recurring billing for weekly, monthly, and annual time frames. Customers are also able to customize their subscriptions to skip or reschedule a delivery, meaning there are fewer unsubscribes overall. They’ll also be able to swap products while keeping the same subscription terms, another handy boost for customer retention.

    Key features include upsell workflows that can increase your AOV, simple customer subscription management, and automatic updates via SMS and email notifications. ReCharge offers a free plan with basic features, no monthly fees, and a pay-as-you-go price of 1% + 10¢ per transaction.

    13. TrustPilot reviews

    Bigcommerce app Trustpilot

    Category: Reviews

    Pricing: free

    TrustPilot makes it easy for customers who have purchased from your store to write a review. With a TrustPilot profile, your ecommerce brand can receive a star-based rating from 1 to 5, as well as a short written review detailing the customer experience.

    The easier you make it to leave reviews, the more you will gather. Reviews are important for building trust and providing valuable social proof, acting as the kind of “word-of-mouth” marketing to which customers respond so well. In fact, according to research, consumers now trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from their closest friends and family.

    Key features include a business profile page on the popular TrustPilot website, a large range of customizable automatic review invitations, automated fraud detection, and Google Seller Ratings which put informative and eye-catching stars on your Google ads. TrustPilot has an excellent Free Plan which enables you to engage with customers and show ratings right away, with the option to upgrade to a paid plan for more comprehensive features and support.

    Wrap up

    We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of the best Bigcommerce apps. These 13 must-have apps are easily available in the BigCommerce app store and are guaranteed to help you optimize your site’s performance and vastly reduce your daily workload!

    Use Omnisend’s features and supercharge your next email campaign!
    Evaldas Mockus
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    Evaldas Mockus

    Evaldas is an experienced Search Engine Optimization specialist with a demonstrated history of working in IT and SaaS companies. He is good at data analysis and math.

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