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[GDPR Video] GDPR-Ready Email & Marketing Automation Consent

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Make sure your email marketing and marketing automation consent are GDPR-ready with these important tips from Bernard Meyer, Content Manager at Omnisend.

You can watch him talking about the most important things you need to know about being GDPR-compliant.

You can also read along as he explains it to you.

I go over the most important questions you’re probably asking when it comes to your email marketing and marketing automation emails.

This will help you understand what you need to be doing when it comes to your ecommerce store marketing emails in order to be fully compliant with the GDPR.

Watch the video below:

Here’s a transcript of the video if you’d like to read along while you listen to Bernard:

#1 Consent in the GDPR

“Today I want to talk to you about the GDPR and how it affects your email marketing and marketing automation activities for your online store.

So when we’re talking about the GDPR, the first and most important thing to understand for marketing is this idea of consent.

Consent must be clear and ambiguous and affirmative—and that last part, affirmative, means that we can’t do any more pre-checked boxes.

The data subject—the customer, or subscriber—has to check that box actively.”

#2 The two types of emails businesses are sending

“And when we’re talking about emails, there are usually two kinds of emails that you’re sending.

One is the transactional email, which is between a business and a customer. Those are the necessary emails, like order confirmation, shipping confirmation or any status update about the product.

And then the second one is the more marketing-y, promotional email, which is like your newsletter campaigns, discounts, new products, or new collections.”

“So when it comes to email marketing, we tend to get two big questions here which can confuse quite a lot of people. The first one is about newsletter signup forms: do we need to have a separate checkbox for newsletter signup forms?

And this one, you actually don’t.

This is because the consent is already implied when the customer signs up: signing up for a newsletter is clear, unambiguous, and affirmative consent because the customer knows exactly what they’re signing up for.

A newsletter is a regular email about promotional content, okay? That’s the whole point of a newsletter.

So by signing up for the newsletter, they’re giving you consent to receive these promotional emails. Therefore, you don’t really need a separate checkbox.”

#4 Why you need separate consent for cart abandonment emails

“Secondly, the big question we get is what about cart abandonment—can I still send cart recovery or cart abandonment or checkout abandonment emails?

And here you will need a separate consent for that.

This is because when a customer, or I guess a shopper, an almost customer, comes to your checkout flow, they have to enter the email address.

But the question is: when they entered the email address, did they know that they’re going to receive promotional emails from you?

And it’s important here to distinguish between transactional, again, and promotional. Cart recovery email is by nature promotional; therefore, you need to make sure that the customer, or the subscriber, or the shopper, or whatever you call them—the data subject as the GDPR calls them—has actively, affirmatively, unambiguously consented to receive promotional emails from you.

If they did not consent, you cannot send them emotional emails.

Okay, well I hope that answered two of your most important questions.

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Bernard Meyer
Article by
Bernard Meyer

Bernard is the Director of Content at Omnisend, with a passion for good research, helping ecommerce businesses with their marketing automation needs, and beating absolutely everyone in Mario Kart 64.

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