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Omnisend & ReCharge integration: how to get the most out of subscription-based ecommerce

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Subscription-based models for ecommerce stores are the hottest thing to hit the industry. While it may not necessarily be as sexy as the buzz AI and AR generate for the online shopping industry, it’s an absolute knockout with customers who opt for convenience over bells and whistles.

Even Amazon is getting into the action with their Dash buttons and subscriptions for everyday items.

Your customers want the products they need on a regular basis without having to go back and manually order them each time.

And frankly, guaranteed income for ecommerce merchants is pretty sweet too. It means you know exactly how much is coming in every month (or however long your subscription period is) and you can better plan your stock because you have an idea of how many you need to send out ahead of time.

This is why we’re excited to announce our latest integration with ReCharge, a subscription platform that makes refilling orders, subscription models, and reorders simple.

Before long, you’ll be updating your subscribed customers with everything they need to keep renewing those subscriptions.

How the Omnisend and ReCharge integration works:

When you integrate Omnisend and ReCharge, you’ll be able to trigger automated workflows based on the data ReCharge sends to Omnisend. You’ll also be able to target your campaigns based on these subscriptions, offering a level of personalization that your customers are looking for.

Integrate ReCharge in the Omnisend app

It only takes a few clicks to get Omnisend and ReCharge Integration set up. In your Omnisend app:

  • Navigate to My Account, and click on Connected Apps
  • Click the button that says Connect New App and find ReCharge in the list
  • You’ll see a window that says “Authorize Access,” click the button to authorize access between the two apps
  • Click Install to finish up the integration

And voilà: Omnisend and ReCharge integration is set up quickly and easily. ReCharge will now be able to create custom events in your Omnisend app as they happen. Check out the full tutorial on getting the two apps integrated.

But keep in mind, any historical data you’d like to keep on your customers from ReCharge will have to be imported. The integration won’t work retroactively.

How to get the most out of Omnisend & ReCharge integration

With Omnisend and ReCharge integration, you’ll have custom events created for your customers in the Omnisend app. These will happen any time a customer:

  • Subscribes for the first time
  • Updates their subscription
  • Cancels their subscription
  • Activates their subscription

This will allow you to use your product descriptions, like name, prices, quantity, and even frequency to send automated and personalized campaigns to your customers via Omnisend.

There are tons of ways you can implement these great automation workflows- and we’ve already got a few in mind for you:

  • Welcome your new subscribers: Who doesn’t love the welcome wagon? Send your customers an automated message when they subscribe to your service, introduce them to your brand, and show them what they’re in for!
  • Confirm updates on your customers’ subscriptions: Give your customers the peace of mind by confirming their updates when they change their subscription. It’s a small reminder that you’re worth purchasing from.
  • Reactivate customers who have canceled: Parting is such sweet sorrow- and it doesn’t have to be. Win those customers back with new offers, discounts, or sweet giveaways to bring them back into the fold.
  • Custom automation workflows: Your imagination is the limit- anything you want to update your customers on is fair game. Whether you’re running a great discount on a subscription upgrade, or a great new sale they have to know about, it’s worth it to set up an automation workflow.

These are just a few of the ways you can connect with your customers based on their subscription models, but it’s important to test your automations constantly.

Only you can know what’s best for your customers, and with the data that ReCharge and Omnisend will be sharing, you can create an even better customer experience for them.

What are the best features ReCharge is bringing to Omnisend? Tell us your favorites below!

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Article by
Whitney Blankenship

Sr. Content Marketing Manager for Omnisend. When not writing awesome content, Whitney is reading up on the latest in digital marketing, ecommerce, and social media trends. Obsessed with pop culture, art, and metal. Powered by coffee. Fastest Googler in the West.

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related features
These are the Omnisend features that can help you get the results mentioned in the article.