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25 creative WordPress website examples for inspiration in 2024

Reading Time: 9 minutes

There’s a common misconception that WordPress is only suitable for bloggers or small-scale websites. In reality, it is a comprehensive content management system for businesses of all kinds. 

In fact, 43% of all websites worldwide use WordPress. One reason so many love the platform is because of its extensive plugin library.

Thinking of launching your own WordPress website? In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about WordPress websites and analyze 25 examples. 

Let’s get started.

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WordPress real estate website examples

Owning a website with distinctive and innovative features—such as maps, building tours, and property listings—is essential to promoting your real estate business.  

With WordPress, you can incorporate these elements and more into your website. Let’s examine some WordPress website examples below. 

1. 277 Fifth Avenue

Wordpress website example by 277 Fifth Avenue
Image via 277 Fifth Avenue

277 Fifth Avenue is among the WordPress website examples that use modern themes and catchy videos to engage the audience.

Elements that work:

  • The design isn’t cluttered with too many details or elements. It has a minimalistic font that captures the reader’s attention. 
  • The immersive videos enhance the navigation experience, making it more intriguing.

2. The Pratt Group 

Wordpress website example by the Pratt Group
Image via The Pratt Group

When looking at WordPress website examples, The Pratt Group can’t be left out. It uses captivating videos and imagery on its homepage to capture attention.

Elements that work:

  • It simplifies your search for listings. It strategically positions its search box, allowing users to use keyword filters to find listings in particular locations.
  • The website features warm, friendly videos that instantly welcome visitors.

3. Virometal

Wordpress website example by Virometal
Image via Virometal

Virometal is one of the best WordPress website examples combining functionality and creativity. 

Elements that work:

  • The homepage features a well-structured navigation bar, so exploring its services is easy. 
  • The large headings boldly underscore the company’s achievements. This sets it apart from the competition.

4. The Jason Barry Team

Wordpress website example by The Jason Barry Team
Image via The Jason Barry Team

The Jason Barry Team is another well-known realty WordPress website example. It uses stunning imagery and bold fonts to promote its services.

Elements that work:

  • It establishes credibility by showcasing accomplishments and recognitions in bold fonts. 
  • It’s easy to navigate. You can easily explore property listings in different locations.

5. The Debra Dobbs Group

Wordpress website example by Debra Dobbs
Image via Debra Dobbs

Like other real estate WordPress website examples, The Debra Dobbs Group features available listings on its homepage. 

Elements that work:

  • It features testimonials from satisfied customers. These testimonials serve as social proof to increase brand trust.
  • Visitors can also enjoy more personalized journeys. They can navigate the site as a seller, buyer, or neutral party. 

WordPress ecommerce website examples

WordPress’s versatility makes it a good choice for ecommerce businesses. It offers numerous plugins, themes, and integrations to build a fully functional ecommerce website. 

WordPress seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce which extends your website’s flexibility and converts it into an online store.

Now let’s examine examples of ecommerce WordPress website.

6. Caesarstone

Wordpress website example by Caesarstone
Image via Caesarstone

WordPress offers the flexibility to create elaborate or simple designs while maintaining functionality. Caesarstone capitalizes on this flexibility and maintains a simple but elegant design. 

Elements that work:

  • It uses minimal text, drawing your attention to its products’ image slider.
  • The website features an interactive 3-D visualizer that creates an immersive navigation experience for customers.

7. Asheville Bee Charmer

Wordpress website example by Asheville Bee Charmer
Image via Asheville Bee Charmer

One of the custom WordPress website examples that may inspire you is Asheville Bee Charmer, a honey retail supplier.

Elements that work:

  • It uses a yellow-themed design, representing honey’s color. This gives the website an authentic feel. 
  • It establishes credibility by showing reviews and ratings from previous customers.   

8. Amstein

Website example by Amstein
Image via Amstein

Amstein’s website design is simple yet effective, making it one of the best WordPress website examples. It highlights how to showcase your best products and market them using WordPress.

Elements that work:

  • The brand name in simple fonts is the only text on this webpage. Its simplicity draws attention to its image slider of available products, encouraging visitors to explore.
  • It uses a page builder plugin to replace the conventional cursor with an orange circle. This makes the shopping experience more enjoyable. 

9. Dr. Scholls

Wordpress website example by Dr. Schollis
Image via Dr. Scholls

Dr. Scholls is a custom WordPress website example with a more descriptive imagery design. 

Elements that work:

  • It provides a lot of information in a well-structured manner that enhances readability.
  • Dr. Scholls uses contrasting colors to make the CTAs and other important information stand out.  

10. Disruptive Youth

Wordpress website example by Disruptive Youth
Image via Disruptive Youth

Disruptive Youth is one of the best WordPress website examples for a design that’s simple but interactive. 

Elements that work:

  • It uses simple fonts that draw your attention to its products.
  • It has a well-organized catalog on its homepage to enable visitors to make an instant buying decision. 

WordPress website examples for presenting services and products

WordPress enables seamless connections with a wide range of third-party platforms. This enables you to engage with your consumers and effectively showcase your products and services.  

The custom WordPress website examples below showcase how dynamic your website can be.

11. Rover

Website example by Rover
Image via Rover

Rover is a pet care brand that provides various services for dogs and cats.

Elements that work:

  • It uses welcoming pet images and gentle fonts to connect with its target audience.
  • It uses an app builder plugin to easily access the Rover app. 

12. Renault Group

Wordpress website example by Renault Group
Image via Renault Group

We can’t discuss the best WordPress website examples without mentioning Renault Group. Its website demonstrates how to market your content effectively with video plugins. 

Elements that work:

  • It provides current news and resources, keeping customers up-to-date with the latest developments.
  • It uses a captivating video to share content and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of its products. 

13. Pilatesology

Wordpress website example by Pilatesology
Image via Pilatesology 

Pilatesology’s website advertises easily accessible online Pilates classes. Its design is professional but welcoming enough to keep visitors engaged. 

Elements that work:

  • It provides quick access to its mobile app with plugins. 
  • It uses customer testimonials and showcases featured partners to establish brand trust.

14. Mega

Website example by Mega
Image via Mega

Mega is a WordPress website example that clearly and concisely describes its services.

Elements that work:

  • The plain white backdrop draws attention to the text and encourages visitors to explore the website.
  • Its animated graphics add a touch of playfulness that establishes a friendly connection with visitors. 

15. The Walt Disney Company

Website example by The Walt Disney Comopany
Image via The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company showcases effective strategies for handling large volumes of content while maintaining an engaging and interactive website. 

Elements that work:

  • It comprehensively summarizes the business and its products by systematically arranging its content.
  • Animated effects keep the navigation bar at the top of the page responsive, providing a unique navigation experience.  

WordPress blog website examples

A good blog must have access to built-in SEO tools and plugins. They extend your content’s visibility and ensure it reaches a broader audience.

A blog should also make it easy for visitors to identify newsworthy articles and highlight the newest entries. 

Below, we analyze some WordPress website examples that illustrate this. 

16. OMG Ubuntu

Wordpress website example by OMG Ubuntu
Image via OMG Ubuntu

This custom WordPress website example uses an excellent header with transitioning colors to keep it fun.

Elements that work:

  • Posts are organized in reverse order, placing the most recent ones at the top. This feature is crucial for a news blog, ensuring that readers are always informed. It saves them the trouble of searching through tons of content to find relevant posts.
  • It uses a plain white backdrop that draws attention to its latest posts.

17. TED Blog

Wordpress website example by TED Blog
Image via TED Blog

TED Blog is one of the WordPress website examples that can inspire you to design your website with bold colors and fonts. 

Elements that work:

  • Despite the limited use of images and illustrations, the content remains captivating. The bold fonts and contrasting colors are engaging.
  • A transitioning backdrop highlights newsworthy posts and prompts readers to explore its latest posts first. 

18. Flickr Blog

Website example by Flickr Blog
Image via Flickr Blog

One of the best WordPress website examples to examine is the Flickr Blog, which uses blocks of images to keep its content engaging. 

Elements that work:

  • Like other WordPress website examples, Flickr Blog keeps the latest news at the forefront and allows visitors to browse by category. 
  • It uses WordPress widgets to add a search bar for faster keyword searches. 

19. Blog Tyrant

Website example by Blog Tyrant
Image via Blog Tyrant

Blog Tyrant takes a bold approach, using comical drawings and bold fonts in its theme.

Elements that work: 

  • The comic drawings and animations add a playful feel to the blog, making it more welcoming.
  • The footer of this WordPress website example showcases its featured partners. This adds credibility to the website. 

20. Neil Patel

Wordpress website example by Neil Patel
Image via Neil Patel

Besides using copy that triggers FOMO, Neil Patel uses a warning sign in its header to create a sense of urgency. 

Elements that work:

  • It provides an easy navigation experience by strategically placing multiple CTAs. This directs readers to take specific actions as they browse the website.
  • It presents crucial information and CTAs in bright orange fonts to draw attention and compel action.

WordPress portfolio website examples

Solopreneurs or freelancers seeking convenient ways to display their work online can build their portfolio on WordPress.

With WordPress, you can access plugins, themes, and SEO-friendly functionalities to give your portfolio visibility. 

Here are some WordPress website examples you can explore. 

21. Rafal Bojar

Wordpress website example by Rafal Bojar
Image via Rafal Bojar

Rafal Bojar, a renowned photographer, expresses his creativity in his website designs. 

Elements that work:

  • An animated cursor and immersive elements that make the pages feel alive with every click. 
  • The interesting display of stories and animated transitions lures you to explore and spend more time on the website. 

22. Ana Karic

Website example by Ana Karic
Image via Ana Karic

This is a good pick if you’re looking for WordPress website examples with more words and fewer images in their design.

Elements that work:

  • It keeps the backdrop plain and void of any images. This directs your attention to the text and CTA in bold fonts.
  • Customer testimonials establish the brand as trustworthy.

23. Jackson Monichan

Wordpress website example by Jackson Monichan
Image via Jackson Monichan

Jackson Monichan is an inspiring WordPress website example that prominently displays a picture on the homepage while maintaining a minimalist design.

Elements that work:

  • It opts for a simple portrait on a white backdrop and a formal introduction. The WordPress website is professional, friendly, and inviting. 
  • He presents his milestones, awards, and other accomplishments to establish his brand as reliable.

24. Kasper Laigaard

Wordpress website example by Kasper Laigaard
Image via Kasper Laigaard

Like other WordPress portfolio website examples, Kasper Laigaard keeps it simple and professional.

Elements that work:

  • The introduction is simple and professional. It uses first-person language to establish a friendly connection with the reader.
  • It uses an email plugin at the top of the page for easy email signups. 

25. Leo Hou Teng

Website example by Leo Hou Teng
Image via Leo Hou Teng

This is one of the best WordPress website examples that illustrates how to use live animations to make your portfolio entertaining on WordPress. 

Elements that work:

  • This portfolio showcases Leo Hou Teng’s UX designer and art director capabilities. The website’s design speaks for itself.  
  • It uses minimal text to keep your attention on the design.

Omnisend integration for WordPress

WordPress is a dynamic CMS platform that supports many plugins and integrations. It streamlines interactive content creation and enhances customer engagement.  

Even more ecommerce marketing options become available when you integrate Omnisend with WordPress

With its email plugin, you’ll access a wide range of functionalities that help you drive email marketing sales growth.

If you have a WooCommerce plugin installed, you can also integrate it with your Omnisend account to enjoy a wide range of benefits. To begin a front-end integration, simply register for any Omnisend account, log in, and click on the “connect store” button from your dashboard. It should look like this:

Wordpress website example by Omnisend
Image via Omnisend

After that, add Omnisend’s snippets to your store code, verify integration, and you’re ready. Once you carry out a front-end integration with Omnisend, you can enjoy the following:

  • Email automation
  • Subscriber list segmentation
  • Email campaign boosters
  • Live store tracking
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Signup forms, and much more!


These WordPress website examples illustrate how the platform offers endless benefits for ecommerce businesses of all sizes. 

Use these WordPress website examples as inspiration to build a website that boosts customer engagement and scales your business today, and integrate Omnisend to streamline your marketing effort and grow your sales. 

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Edvardas Mikalauskas
Article by
Edvardas Mikalauskas

Edvardas is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Omnisend. Besides writing and editing all things marketing by day, Edvardas is also an avid tech geek and history buff by night.