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Looking for additional ways to earn? Want to expand your network in ecommerce business? Omnisend has prepared 3 ways to team up - sign up & find out how you can start benefiting today.
Are you an ecommerce developer? Recommend Omnisend to your clients and get rewarded with a 20% revenue share

Discover the partner program that’s right for you

Agency Program

Agency Program

For businesses, influencers or instructors that want
to improve their clients’ marketing performance.
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Referral Program

Referral Program

For individuals and sales partners that want to
earn commission for every recommendation.
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Integration Program

Integration Program

For tech partners that want to improve
their products and user experience.
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Become an Agency Partner

Whether you’re consulting, offering marketing services, managing ecommerce communities or just looking for ways to create more value for your ecommerce clients - count us in. Our marketing automation platform will help your clients improve their ROI and sell more.

What’s in it for you?

  • Revenue share up to 20%
  • Love & full support from a dedicated account manager
  • Marketing collateral
Become a partner
Agency Partner

Become a Referral Partner

From time to time everyone can benefit from a substantial check. We are ready to reward you big time for every customer you recommend and bring to our platform.

What’s in it for you?

  • The minute your referral becomes our paying customer, we will offer flexible remuneration models based on the amount of your referral’s monthly invoice. A quick & easy way to earn.
  • Marketing Collateral
Become a partner
Referral Partner

Become an Integration Partner

We’d love to integrate with various platforms & tools that will simplify and improve user experience on both ends.

  • Attention from our brightest tech minds
  • Co-marketing activities
  • Exclusive updates for upcoming features
Become a partner
Integration Partner

Still not convinced?

Check out why thousands of ecommerce marketers choose Omnisend.

Created for ecommerce
Easy to use
Simplicity is one of our highest priorities. It’s quick and easy start and our automated features are made purely for our users' convenience and highly-effective email marketing campaigns.
Create newsletters 10 times faster
Newsletters look great on any device
Our ready-made newsletter templates allow your client to send their first email campaign in minutes. Templates can be customized to match the style of any online store. They all are responsive, so newsletters will always look good both on desktop and mobile devices.
Top-class support users can trust
Our users can conveniently send messages to our 24/7 support team directly from their Omnisend account. We get back to them in less than 5 minutes. We’re always ready and willing to help.

The No. 1 email marketing tool for thousands of users

I didn't think marketing and emailing could be this easy. I love the software very much, and also need to say that their support and post sales were. They solved my problems even in the middle of the night. I would definitely recommend this app to colleagues.

- The impart

Some of the very best customer service I have ever received comes from the guys and gals at Omnisend. They reply super-fast and are really helpful. The features are great and they are always adding more. The UI is easy to use, clean and intuitive. For me, it was a no-brainer to choose Omnisend over Mailchimp. You can read all about the comparisons on their website. Killer features for Shopify stores too. Thank you guys!

- Vortex Gifts

I love this app! There are a lot of features that come with the free version but the paid version has features that encourage customers to sign up, and most importantly, check out!

- Renewskin

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