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The 10 best Shopify SMS marketing apps for 2024

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SMS marketing is no longer relevant. It is outdated and ineffective.

Well, that’s a big myth.

The reality is, businesses worldwide are harnessing the power of SMS marketing to engage customers, drive conversions, and boost growth.

SMS usage by brands surged in 2023, with an estimated 50 million additional messages to the 100 million messages sent in 2022.

To help you navigate the vast landscape of SMS marketing apps, we have curated a list of the top ten Shopify SMS marketing apps for 2024. 

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Best SMS marketing tools for Shopify: an overview

SMS marketing toolFree planPaid plan starts fromExtra marketing featuresKnown for
Omnisend$16/month– Web push notification
– Popups and forms
– Marketing automation
– Omnichannel marketing solution for ecommerce businesses
– Robust automation
– Gamification in signup forms
– World-class customer support
Yotpo$0.0072/SMS, billed monthly – Workflow builder
– A/B testing
– SMS capture list
– SMS marketing automation tools
PostScript$100/month– Audience segmentation
– Automation
– Unique QR codes
– Personalization
– Automated marketing workflows
Txtcart$19/month– Conversational SMS marketing      
– Unique SMS discount codes
– Analytics and reporting
– Real-time conversations with customers
Automizely$11/month– Transactional text messages
– Customer segmentation
– Toll-free SMS number
– SMS notification services for ecommerce businesses
Recart$345/month– Custom popups
– Keyword opt-ins for list building
– Restore links
– Automated SMS campaigns
AttentiveNo information availableNo information available– AI-powered segmentation
– Conversational marketing
– Analytics
– Conversational SMS marketing
BloomreachNo information availableNo information available– List validation
– Performance tracking
– Advanced segmentation
– Omnichannel marketing
YSMSYou pay only for the messages you sendYou pay only for the messages you send– Advanced filters
– Chatbots
– User-friendly interface and affordable pricing
SMSGo$29.99/month–Timezone-based messages
– Advanced segmentation
– Advanced CRO
– Abandoned cart recovery and SMS upsell
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10 best Shopify SMS marketing apps

Shopify SMS marketing apps integrate seamlessly with your store, making it easy to create and send targeted text messages to your customers. 

These apps have features that can help to grow your business, such as automation, segmentation, and reporting.

Here are 10 best Shopify SMS marketing apps you can use:

1. Omnisend

  • Shopify review: 4.8/5
  • G2 review: 4.6/5
  • Capterra review: 4.7/5
Omnisend homepage

Omnisend is an all-in-one ecommerce marketing platform with email and Shopify SMS campaigns at its core. With Omnisend added to your store, you can collect the phone numbers of your visitors, nurture leads with SMS campaigns, and boost your sales. 

This omnichannel Shopify SMS app helps you to cover your entire marketing funnel. And unlike some other platforms, Omnisend doesn’t offer SMS as a separate plan to email — it’s all right there for you to use however you want.

Most importantly, Omnisend fully integrates with Shopify stores — it offers pre-built automation workflows and is very intuitive to use. For example, you can send a welcome SMS to new subscribers, abandoned cart reminders, order confirmations, shipping updates, and more.  

Omnisend’s SMS solution will help you convert visitors into shoppers without diving into the tedious details.

Omnisend on Shopify app store

Omnisend makes it a breeze to synchronize contacts with the Shopify platform, and setting up your SMS campaigns is simple even if you’ve never done it before. Advanced Omnisend workflows, personalization, and segmentation will enable you to send relevant and timely texts to your customers.

For example, you’ll be able to create segments for high-value customers, likely-to-churn customers, specific category shoppers, first-time or repeat customers, and many more types of audiences based on real data.

workflow created in Omnisend

And, of course, Omnisend also offers all the usual SMS marketing features, such as targeting abandoned carts. It’s truly a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs.


  • Integration of SMS marketing into your email campaigns 
  • Pre-built SMS automation workflows (birthday, order & shipping confirmation, cart abandonment)
  • Special, one-off SMS campaigns (new items or flash sales)
  • Global audience reach — Omnisend supports all country codes for sending SMS
  • SMS list-building tools: popups, signup boxes, landing pages, Wheel of Fortune
  • Full TCPA compliance — your subscribers can easily unsubscribe by replying STOP or via integrated unsubscribe links
  • 2-way SMS messaging to engage your subscribers and boost retention rates
  • SMS channel reports to make data-driven improvements to your campaigns

Best used for

It is one of the best omnichannel marketing solutions for ecommerce businesses


Start free with $1 SMS credits with all features included. Paid plans start from $16/month. There are no hidden fees for higher sending speed or scale. Additionally, the Pro plan offers free SMS credits equal to the value of your plan and a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you get the most out of your campaigns.


“Omnisend allows us to set up email and SMS automation to communicate with our users and they provide several built-in automations as well as the ability to create custom automation. Omnisend helps us stay in front of our users when it matters most and take full advantage of our email list.”

– A G2 review

Grow your Shopify business with Omnisend SMS marketing.

Use our email pricing calculator below to quickly compare price rates and features with other top platforms. Input your desired number of contacts, choose up to two other email marketing providers from the list, and see how Omnisend stacks up against them.

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    2. Yotpo

    • Shopify review: 4.9/5
    • G2 review: 4.3/5
    • Capterra review: 4.6/5
    Yotpo homepage

    Yotpo is another Shopify SMS app that helps businesses improve customer engagement and sales.

    With features like subscriber signup tools, customer segmentation, and automated text flows, you can send personalized messages that drive engagement. 

    Yotpo also offers pre-built templates to jumpstart your campaigns and analytics to track your results.

    Businesses can segment their audience based on different criteria, such as purchase history, interests, and demographics. 

    This allows you to create more targeted and personalized SMS campaigns to improve engagement and conversion rates.

    Yotpo also allows businesses to personalize their SMS messages with product recommendations, making recipients more likely to purchase.

    Yotpo product recommendation

    You can take advantage of AI-based recommendations to find out the optimal times to send your SMS messages, or use this for writing your messages. 

    Additionally, AI can suggest the audience segments and products to feature in your campaign to maximize impact.

    Because it’s directly built into Shopify, it eliminates the need for complex setup or data migration. You can benefit from your existing customer data and workflows to create high-converting SMS campaigns.

    Yotpo on Shopify app

    Moreover, through its integration with help desks, you can have two-way SMS conversations with customers. This adds to the customer experience as they can receive timely responses to their inquiries. 

    Yotpo also provides detailed analytics on SMS campaigns for tracking campaign performance and making adjustments as needed.


    • Subscriber collection
    • Intent-based targeting
    • Personalized messages
    • 1:1 conversations
    • AI Engagement Assistance
    • Click-to-redeem and click-to-buy functionalities

    Best used for

    Automated SMS communications


    Yotpo SMS offers a flexible pricing plan. You only pay for the SMS you send, with the SMS plan starting at $0.0072/SMS, billed monthly.

    3. Postscript

    • Shopify review: 4.9/5
    • G2 review: 4.9/5
    • Capterra review: 4.4/5
    Postscript homepage

    Another great Shopify SMS marketing app, Postscript is known for its ease of use and outstanding features. Its main advantage is segmentation — Shopify store owners can easily segment customers based on their purchases.

    Postscript allows for precise audience segmentation based on various criteria, such as purchase history, location, or specific product interests. This enables tailored messaging and ensures that customers receive relevant offers and updates.

    Postscript on Shopify appstore

    Great for small and medium-sized businesses, Postscript offers Shopify SMS and MMS marketing and lets you quickly build a TCPA-compliant subscriber list. You can use popups, email opt-ins, links, and landing pages.

    Postscript also enables you to automate text marketing and run personalized SMS campaigns for welcome series, abandoned carts, back-in-stock, etc. You can set up SMS sequences triggered by specific events or customer actions. 

    For example, you can create automated messages to welcome new subscribers, send order confirmations, or follow up on abandoned carts.

    Postscript automations

    Postscript integrates seamlessly with Shopify’s cart abandonment functionality, allowing you to send SMS reminders to cart abandoners. This helps to recover potentially lost sales and increase conversion rates.

    However, Postscript has been created specifically for the Shopify system, so if you used a Shopify alternative like WooCommerce or BigCommerce to build your store, you’d have to look elsewhere!


    • SMS and MMS campaigns
    • Segmentation
    • SMS campaign automation
    • Opt-in tools to build your subscriber list
    • Tagging and filtering
    • Automation and campaign flows
    • Text-to-join keywords
    • Landing page and opt-in forms
    • Unique QR codes

    Best used for

    SMS communication only


    There’s a free plan available to use the app, but you still need to pay for text messages ($0.015/SMS, $0.045/MMS + carrier fees [average of $0.0025/msg]). Paid plans start from $100/month.

    4. TxtCart

    • Shopify review: 4.7/5
    • G2 review: 5/5
    TxtCart homepage

    Txtcart stands out from some other Shopify SMS apps in this list because real humans power it. They text your subscribers in real-time and do it with personalized messages to help you recover abandoned carts. There’s an actual team of real people who text your customers manually!

    While there might be a slight risk of having someone else speak for you, they claim that their agents are experienced and will ensure that their messages align with your brand. Their main goal is first to get to know your customers better to see what motivates them the most and then decide whether a discount or other incentive will help your visitors convert.

    With Txtcart, you get Shopify SMS marketing features like audience segmentation and insights. You can segment your customers based on various criteria such as demographics, purchase history, or engagement level. This segmentation enables targeted and personalized SMS campaigns, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of customer messages.

    To measure the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns, TxtCart offers analytics and reporting features. You can track key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and revenue generated, providing valuable insights into campaign performance and ROI.

    TxtCart on Shopify appstore


    • SMS cart recovery
    • Real human reps
    • Real-time analytics
    • Custom discount codes
    • Unlimited SMS cart recovery
    • SMS blast campaigns
    • Audience segmentation

    Best used for

    Abandoned cart recovery with SMS

    abandoned cart sms


    TxtCart offers a 14-day free trial. Paid plans start from $19/month. You can opt for their Growth, Pro, or Enterprise plans if you have advanced business needs.

    5. Automizely

    • Shopify review: 4.9/5
    aftership homepage

    Focused on recovering abandoned carts with SMS, Automizely helps Shopify store owners encourage customers to complete their orders via instant text message. Their three-step process of setting up your abandoned cart notifications is pretty straightforward, so you can start in a few minutes.

    The platform also offers you great tools to engage your customers. These include welcome SMS, win-back SMS, order status SMS, and more.

    You can easily create automation flows based on triggers, such as customer behavior, shopping behavior, shipping events, etc. You may also set SMS triggers based on cart value, signup source, and status.

    With the Automizely SMS marketing software, you can send SMS newsletters to keep your customers informed about various business events, such as promotions and product launches.

    Just like you’d expect, the app is TCPA and GDPR-compliant, so you can be sure you’re not breaking any rules. 

    They also offer 24/7 live chat support.

    It offers a free plan, but be aware that you won’t be able to run sophisticated SMS marketing campaigns with it — it’s built only for one-off SMS campaigns.

    Automizely on Shopify appstore


    abandoned cart sms

    Best used for

    SMS campaigns for cart recovery


    Automizely offers a free plan that includes basic features like pre-built templates for SMS and integrations. Paid plans start at $11/ month. 

    6. Recart

    • Shopify review: 4.8/5
    • G2 review: 4.3/5
    Recart homepage

    With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Recart is one of the best SMS marketing apps for Shopify.

    Recart helps you create and manage SMS campaigns with ease. You can design visually appealing messages, personalize them with customer information, and schedule them for optimal delivery.

    The platform offers advanced automation and segmentation capabilities, allowing you to send targeted messages that resonate with your audience. Also, Recart is TCPA and CTIA-compliant.

    If you are looking for a powerful and easy-to-use SMS marketing platform for your Shopify store, Recart is definitely worth considering.

    Recart on Shopify appstore


    • Messenger marketing
    • Welcome messages and promotions
    • Abandoned cart recovery
    • Automated SMS workflows
    • Personalized SMS campaigns
    • Subscription and restore links
    • Detailed reporting
    • Custom popups and promotional campaigns

    Best used for

    Abandoned cart recovery, upselling and cross-selling


    Paid plans start from $345/month. You may use the Transparent SMS Pricing Calculator to determine which plan is the best fit for your business.

    7. Attentive

    • Shopify review: 4.8/5
    • G2 review: 4.3/5
    • Capterra review: 4.8/5
    Attentive homepage

    Whether you’re a beginner or a pro at SMS text marketing, Attentive is a great choice. Its powerful features help ecommerce brands on Shopify scale their SMS campaigns and exceed performance goals.

    Attentive makes creating SMS marketing campaigns easy. You can also design and customize your messages, schedule your messages, and segment audiences based on various factors, such as demographics, purchase history, and more.

    Attentive provides tools for building and managing subscriber lists. It allows businesses to capture new subscribers through opt-in forms on their websites or at physical locations.

    Attentive also facilitates two-way communication between businesses and customers. It allows customers to reply to SMS messages, driving engagement and building stronger relationships.

    By syncing customer data between Shopify and Attentive, you can ensure targeted and personalized messaging, generating higher conversion rates.

    Attentive on Shopify appstore


    • Conversational AI, allowing you to have two-way conversations with your subscribers through SMS
    • Smart Lists allow you to create dynamic lists based on customer behavior or interests
    • Geo-targeting feature to send messages based on subscriber location
    • A/B testing
    • In-depth analytics and reporting

    Best used for

    Abandoned cart recovery, promotions and offers


    Attentive pricing details aren’t available on their website. You can, however, request a demo for custom pricing.

    Omnisend or Attentive: Which is a better choice for your business?
    🔎 Read our detailed comparison guide here.

    8. Bloomreach

    • Shopify review: 5/5
    • G2 review: 4.6/5
    • Capterra review: 4.8/5
    Bloomreach homepage

    Bloomreach offers an SMS marketing solution as part of its omnichannel marketing features. 

    This means SMS marketing is integrated with other channels like email and mobile app messaging, allowing for a seamless customer journey. 

    Bloomreach’s SMS solution focuses on personalization and automation. You can set up automated SMS campaigns triggered by specific customer actions such as an abandoned cart or browsing activity. 

    Since it integrates with Shopify, your customer information and website activity is synced with your SMS marketing efforts.

    Bloomreach on Shopify appstore

    This lets you send targeted messages based on purchase history, abandoned carts, or browsing behavior. Bloomreach also offers signup units that include the required consent language for SMS subscriptions and tools to manage your subscriber list effectively.


    Additionally, it has an AI-powered feature that analyzes customer data, suggests personalized content or product recommendations within SMS messages, and offers suggestions on the optimal time to send messages to customers.

    By integrating with various SMS providers, the tool gives the flexibility to choose a service that best suits your needs and budget. 


    • SMS performance dashboard
    • Personalization
    • Segmentation
    • SMS campaign visual builder
    • Built-in TCPA list validation
    • Integration with 130+ built-in third-party services 

    Best used for

    Omnichannel marketing campaigns


    Bloomreach’s pricing information is not publicly available on the website. However, you can fill out a form on their website to request pricing.

    9. YSMS

    • Shopify review: 4.5/5
    YSMS homepage

    YSMS is a simple Shopify text marketing app. It offers multiple filters to create different audiences for different SMS campaigns. You can liven up your texts with emojis, insert links, and add discount codes. 

    You’ll also find reports on your campaign performance so you can easily track your sales and see how many messages you’ve sent, how many clicks your links received, and how many people unsubscribed after specific campaigns.

    Overall, YSMS is nothing too fancy — it’s a good app if you’re just starting with SMS marketing. However, keep an eye on the number of SMS campaigns you send because your app fee depends on it.

    YSMS new campaign


    • SMS with links, emojis, and discounts
    • Reports
    • Specific contact lists
    • Advanced filters for audience creation
    advanced filters in YSMS

    Best used for

    SMS campaigns only


    The app is free to install. You only pay for the SMS you send, depending on the recipients’ country.

    10. SMSGo

    • Shopify review: 4.3/5
    SMSGo on Shopify app market

    SMSGo is one of the best SMS marketing apps for merchants looking for competitive prices. They claim to have the lowest cost per SMS alert, and they also have a free plan. Of course, you’ll still have to pay for SMS usage.

    This text marketing app also focuses on abandoned cart recovery, just like most apps in this list (except Omnisend, where all your marketing channels are taken care of in one place). 

    You also get other perks such as 1:1 SMS marketing which allows you to close sales and get real-time customer feedback, and customers receive order status updates. To ensure you don’t bother them while they sleep, you can temporarily schedule DND zones to pause sending SMS notifications.

    High-tiered plans also offer timezone-based messages to help you send SMS at the best time.

    abandoned cart sms


    • Automated abandoned cart recovery
    • 1:1 conversational SMS
    • SMS marketing flows
    • SMS upsell
    • Order notifications
    • Automatic discounts
    • Two-way SMS messaging
    two way communication example

    Best used for

    Automated abandoned cart recovery with SMS


    SMSGo offers a free plan starting from $0.01/SMS. Paid plans start from $29.99/month.

    Wrap up

    SMS marketing is highly effective, which is why it’s integral to any successful ecommerce strategy. With many Shopify SMS marketing apps available, picking the right one can be daunting.

    While there are several noteworthy Shopify SMS marketing apps to choose from, Omnisend stands out due to its robust features, user-friendly interface, and outstanding customer support. 

    Whether you’re looking to automate workflows, send targeted campaigns, or optimize your SMS marketing strategy, Omnisend gives you the necessary tools and resources to achieve your goals.

    Supercharge your Shopify store with the ultimate SMS marketing solution.
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