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17 event invitation email examples & templates that work

Reading Time: 12 minutes

Are you planning an event but don’t know how to reach your target audience? Maybe you don’t know what goes into the perfect event invitation email.

Email marketing has been established as an effective way of communicating with customers. Yet, many email invitations for events are deleted within seconds of a recipient opening them. 

This article will help you ensure your event invitation emails have the best chance of being opened, read, and acted upon. Here are the essential topics we’ll discuss:

Let’s get into it!

Should you send event invitation emails?

Yes! An email event invitation will play a vital role in the success of your event.

Email remains a prominent and highly effective channel for businesses across many industries. Invitations through email are a direct and secure method of reaching your target audience and database. Moreover, companies can adopt bold marketing and nuanced customer interaction in their event invitation emails. 

Whether you’re planning a cocktail party or a webinar, event invitation emails help set the tone and convert those tentative recipients into definite RSVPs.

When done well, an event invitation can:

  • Create a buzz for an upcoming event
  • Share essential event information through clear communication
  • Secure RSVPs and ensure healthy attendance numbers
  • Showcase your branding and maintain your brand presence
  • Build relationships and offer a personal touch to your recipients
  • Capture user data in the form of conversion rates and recorded attendees

Key elements of successful event invitation emails

The success of an event invitation email usually refers to its ability to generate registrations for the event.

Highly successful invitation emails incorporate the following four elements:

Subject line

Every email has a subject line, but they aren’t all used to their greatest potential. 

Successful email event invitations adopt engaging, concise, and personalized subject lines to coax the recipient into opening the email.

Email subject lines should be:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Enticing
  • Honest

Subject lines should convey the purpose of the email. In the case of event invitation emails, a direct reference to the event is typically necessary.

However, a bland explanatory subject line might not pique the recipient’s interest. You want to find a balance between something alluring and informative.

Recipients will be more attentive when viewing something personal. Using a person’s first name in the subject line is the easiest way to add personalization.

It’s also important to remain honest with your subject lines. Recipients will be immediately put off if you use a spammy subject line or entirely misrepresent the event.

If you need some inspiration or assistance, check out Omnisend’s free subject line generator for your next invitation email. 

AI email subject line generator

Personalized opening line

As already mentioned, you can grab your recipient’s attention through a small touch of personalization. Including a recipient’s first name in the opening line of an email event invitation is an excellent way to do this.

This simple but effective addition can:

  • Grab the reader’s attention
  • Build rapport with the recipient
  • Help the recipient feel more personally connected to the event
  • Increase the likelihood of an RSVP

To compound this personability and engagement, consider sending an invitation in line with the recipient’s purchase history. In the US, consumers are 60% more likely to act on a purchase impulse when the item was marketed to them based on their history.

In the case of an email invitation for events, you can target people in your contact list who have attended similar events. For example, these recipients may receive a personalized touch such as “We loved having you at our last event!” or “Since you loved the last one!”.

Alternatively, if the event is a product launch, you could send the invitation to people who have previously purchased related products.

Email layout

The layout of an invitation email is crucial to its success. A clean, clear, attention-grabbing event invitation email can be the difference between a recipient RSVPing yes or no.

Effective email event invitation layouts:

  • Present information clearly
  • Tease information at the start and share more details further on
  • Engage readers so your email isn’t deleted
  • Create interest so readers want to open the next email

If you’re finding it hard to style your event invitation email, take a look at these 15 email design examples for inspiration. An email event invitation template might be the trick to get you up and on your way to securing those RSVPs!

Event details

Successful event invitation emails clearly outline key details memorably. Be sure to include essential event details such as:

  • Event name
  • Purpose
  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Dress code and theme (if applicable)
  • Agenda
  • Special attendees or speakers

Event details should be direct and clearly visible. 

Additional information could include parking information, directions, dietary restrictions, the menu, and accommodation. 

If it’s a virtual event, then you may want to outline tech instructions such as required software and equipment.


A final call to action (CTA) is one of the most crucial elements of a successful event invitation email. 

CTAs are elements, often buttons, that encourage people to take a desired action.

For example, try including a button in your email that says:

  • ‘Register now’
  • ‘Don’t miss out’
  • ‘Secure your place’
  • ‘Buy at 20% off’

You can significantly increase your response rate with a CTA as they give recipients a clear action to take and create a sense of urgency by telling readers to act before they miss out.

Countdown timers are extremely effective CTAs, and they are perfect for events.  Check out our definitive guide to countdown in email here.

7 useful event invitation emails for different occasions

You can create invitation emails for any event you’re hosting, from a formal conference to webinars.  

Here are seven email event invitation templates for different occasions:

1. Business event invitation email

Business event invitation emails should have an upscale feel while also creating interest for professionals. 

Framing the event as “exclusive” or an “industry networking opportunity” may encourage professionals to attend. Try including any perks for attending, such as free food or a chance to collaborate with industry leaders.

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

We’re delighted to invite you to our latest industry networking opportunity: [Event Name]. Join us as we dive into [themes or reasons for the event], featuring [highlighted speakers or attendees].




Dress Code:



See you soon,

The [Brand Name] team

2. Product launch invitation email

If you’re looking to launch a new product, an email is a great way to inform your previous customers of your launch. 

This email can also highlight the product itself. Try including a small description, a good photo, and a link to buy the product.

Hey [Recipient’s Name],

Have you heard the news?

We’re thrilled to invite you to the exclusive launch of [Product Name]. We’ll be joined by [Special Guest(s) name(s)] to celebrate the debut of this [product description].




Dress Code:


[CTA to RSVP ] 

*you can also include a second CTA to purchase the new product anywhere in the email.]

See you soon,

The [Brand Name] team

3. Conference invitation email

A conference invitation email can show recipients exactly what they can expect to achieve by attending. Try including photos of the venue or photos from past conferences to give recipients a sense of the community and overall atmosphere.

As with a business event invitation email, add a CTA for recipients to confirm their attendance. 

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

We’re delighted to invite you to [Conference Name], our [*if applicable – frequency and description of the conference, i.e., the annual time we come together to…]

We’ll dive into [brief description of conference topic(s), themes, and highlights]

We’re happy to let you know that [Special Guest(s) name(s)] will be joining us to cover [special guest’s speaking topic].




Special speakers:



Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Title]

[Your Company]

4. Webinar invitation email

When creating a webinar invitation email, you can include the webinar topic in the subject line and share the expected learning outcomes that people can expect from attending.

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

You’re invited to attend our upcoming webinar, [Webinar Name].

[This webinar/Webinar Name] will explore [concise description of webinar topic] and is designed to help you:

  • [Bulleted expected learning outcomes and skill improvements]

*If applicable We’re happy to let you know that [Special Guest(s) name(s)] will be joining us to cover [special guest’s speaking topic].




Key topics:


[CTA to RSVP/direct link to Webinar host site/lobby]

Kind regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Title]

[Your Company]

5. Fundraising event invitation email

Fundraising event emails should be centered around the cause for which money is being raised. 

In your email, provide information about the cause and a link that lists precisely where the proceeds go. Lastly, add a Call to Action that gets your recipient to RSVP.

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

You’re invited to attend our upcoming fundraising event, [Event Name], benefiting [cause or organization].

Join us for an [time of day + a brief description of the event, i.e., ‘an evening of…’] as we come together to support a cause that [further description of cause and meaning behind cause].




Event highlights:

Ticket information:


Your support makes a difference. Let’s celebrate and raise funds for this fantastic cause.

[CTA to cause itself and information for where proceeds go]

If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [Contact Information].

See you soon,

[Your Name]

[Your Title]

[Your Company]

6. Party invitation email

Party invitation emails are almost always well received. Who doesn’t like a party? 

One way to draw your potential guests in is to attach a theme to your party and drive it home. Make sure to add the reason for the celebration in the email, such as a birthday or anniversary.

Hey [Recipient’s Name]!

We’re celebrating!

You’re invited to join us for a [party type] party to celebrate [occasion/reason]. It’s time to dust off that [applicable attire] and break out those dancing shoes!





Dress code:

Event Highlights:


See you soon!

[Your Name]

[Your Title]

[Your Company]


The [Brand Name] team

7. Lunch invitation email

Sending an invitation email for a lunch event is a wonderful way to give your invitees a sneak peek and build rapport.

In this event invitation email, you can include information about relevant speakers or activities during the lunch, if applicable. You can also include a menu with photos and a form to fill out dietary information.

At the end of the email, you can thank recipients for considering the invitation and emphasize the chance to connect over delicious food.

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

We’re delighted to invite you to lunch at [Venue Name] on [date]. This will be an excellent chance to catch up, discuss [topic], and enjoy a delicious meal together.





We look forward to seeing you very shortly.

Kind regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Title]

[Your Company]

10 event invitation email examples to inspire you

Here are 10 examples of event invitations that you can draw inspiration from. We’ve included emails for networking events, social marketing, virtual happy hours, and more.


Creating a good event invitation email is about considering the theme carefully and then intelligently playing with the look and layout. 

Courtside crafted an excellent, eye-catching invitation that adheres to an on-brand, light, and bright theme of sunshine and the outdoors.

event invitation email example by Courtside
Image source:

The copy and imagery work together to communicate the theme brilliantly. Bold and bright colors match the background photo, the brand and its products, the collab brand, and the event itself. 

Contrasting colors are employed for the invite’s bottom half to separate and highlight important event information.


While some event invitation emails use sleek marketing to entice the recipient, others are more direct in their effort to convert. 

This Salesforce event invitation email creates a sense of urgency and highlights the value proposition of their event to generate registrations.

event invitation email example by Salesforce
Image source:

Two ‘Register now’ CTAs are included in quick succession, each closing an explanatory paragraph. Firstly, “Hundreds of inspiring sessions. One last chance to save.” Secondly, “A lineup that’s wall-to-wall wow.” 

There is even a call to “Register now to save $400” — creating urgency to accept the invitation.


Invision takes a stylish, modernized approach to designing event emails. The event’s theme is design and agency — so a sharp presentation is essential. 

The large and bold “YOU’RE INVITED” adds an immediate and direct call to the reader, offering a touch of personality and exclusivity to the email event invitation. 

event invitation email example by Invision
Image source:

The event will showcase a discussion featuring industry leaders. As such, Invision has made the panelists of the event the focus of the invitation.

They serve as the primary value proposition for attending the event. Adding the faces and names of all speakers is a great way to familiarize potential attendees with the well-regarded experts they may be eager to see.


Next, this party invitation email sample from FoxFuel uses a pseudo-neon light design to market their end-of-year happy hour event.

event invitation email example by FoxFuel
Image source:

The event takes place on December 14th, close to Christmas. As such, green, white, and red colors have been adopted. 

The neon aesthetic reminds the recipient of both Christmas and neon lights you might see at a bar. “OH What Fun” as a title refers to familiar lyrics in “Jingle Bells.” 

Golf symbols are included to reference the event’s activities directly, but the late inclusion of “DON’T WORRY, GOLFING IS OPTIONAL” adds casualness and personality and reassures people they don’t need to enjoy golf to have a good time. 

At the bottom of the page is a cursor symbol hovering over the CTA.


Google’s theme for their event invitation email is on-brand, clear, and informative.

event invitation email example by Google
Image source:

The primary color scheme matches the company’s. The layout is simple, straightforward, and easy to read.

More importantly, the email is clear in describing the value on offer from the event: “meet with and learn from the minds behind Google Cloud products, get one-on-one time with experts, and boost your technical skills” — plus, there’s a special price for early registration.

Two prominent “register now” CTAs are featured to make signing up as easy as possible. 

Finally, an additional bulk order discount special is offered, promoting the sharing of the event to other prospective attendees. 


Monotype opts for a simple but bold look for an event invitation email to their webinar.

event invitation email example by Monotype
Image source:

Their guest speaker is the main value proposition of the webinar. As such, his face and name are prominent and featured early on the event invitation email. 

A section toward the bottom lists items to be addressed during the webinar. This section helps make people feel informed, increasing their likelihood of signing up.

Lastly, the “book my spot” CTA suggests an attendee limit. Scarcity is a powerful motivator to get people to act.


Oxide has adopted a sharp, modern look to match the typical imagery we associate with the tech industry. 

The typeface uses a zero as an O for Oxide, referring to the binary code of computer engineering.

event invitation email example by Oxide
Image source:

Oxide addresses fans as friends and family, which adds a personal touch to their event invitation email. The text at the bottom is short but conversational.

As mentioned, framing the event as “exclusive” or an “industry networking opportunity” can encourage professionals to attend. This framing can include mentioning perks for attending, such as a chance to collaborate with industry leaders.

Their “request a spot” button shows that limited spots are available and filling up fast. As extra reasons to attend, the email also informs the recipient that Oxide engineers will be present and that transportation will be provided. 

All of these factors combine to elevate the community feel of the event and the importance of attending.


Willo opted for a bold, dual-color blue and white event invitation email for a virtual happy hour featuring live speakers.

event invitation email example by Willo
Image source:

The cartoon mouth and dual color scheme make the invite look bold, quirky, and lighthearted. The text is limited but provides enough information to show how the event will work.

A solid blue “RSVP Now” CTA cuts through the middle of the invite. The “Meet the Speakers” section matches faces with the names of the speakers and helps them stand out as the key attraction of the webinar. 

Ami Ami

This Ami Ami email invitation poster is unique, vivid, and brand-relevant. 

event invitation email example by Ami Ami
Image source:

On their website, Ami Ami mentions ideas such as “quality is casual,” and they’re after an “effortless, everyday thing… without rules.”

As such, they adopt a modern, funky aesthetic to tie in with their overall marketing and brand image. The use of the figures clutching the glasses is repeated throughout the rest of their branding, along with the muted tones of yellow and off-white.

The text at the center of the page tells the reader precisely what the event aims to achieve and employs casual, conversational writing to establish the event’s tone.


Neptune opens their event invitation email with “see you very soon,” followed by a picture of an inviting house.

event invitation email example by Neptune
Image source:

Neptune’s product launch is inviting and tells a story that centers its brand and simultaneously makes you feel at home. An elegant font is chosen, and the sketch-like imagery matches the rustic, delicate aesthetic.

The phrases “see you very soon,” “you’re invited,” and “where to find us” convey a feeling of togetherness and a family-like connection.

Neptune also included links to various pages on their website and general purchasing information (such as free delivery and their returns policy).

Wrap up

Now, you’re on your way to crafting bold and engaging event invitation emails.

Successful email event invitations make use of:

  • Clear, concise, and engaging text
  • On-brand, eye-catching layouts and designs
  • Personalization and elements of exclusivity 
  • Clear and easily remembered details and instructions
  • A prominent CTA
Join Omnisend today to start sending effective event invitations.
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Edvardas is a Content Marketing Manager at Omnisend. Besides writing and editing all things marketing by day, Edvardas is also an avid tech geek and history buff by night.

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