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Omnisend and Smile: How Rewards Fit Into Omnichannel Marketing

Reading Time: 3 minutes

There are millions of ecommerce stores that exist as of 2019, with new ones in every niche possible popping up every single day.

The ecommerce market is saturated, and that means that competition is very high, no matter which niche you find yourself in.

So how do you compete when it seems there’s a new competitor every day, selling exactly what you do and probably cheaper?

You create loyal customers by providing outstanding service.

This is where a beautiful marriage between omnichannel marketing and loyalty rewards programs come in. Between creating a completely personalized experience for your customers, and rewarding them when they shop with you, you’ve crafted the perfect incentive to never go to the competitor.

That’s why we’re announcing our newest integration with Smile, a rewards program platform that helps merchants build effective points, VIP, and referral programs that invite customers to join, engage with, and share their brand.

With Smile and Omnisend you can build tailored rewards program communication that make it easier to deliver the right message to the right customers at the right time.

How the Omnisend & Smile Integration Works:

With the Omnisend & Smile integration, you’ll be ready to start sending rewards automations in no time at all!

Integrate Smile in the Omnisend App

Getting Smile set up with your Omnisend account is a matter of a few clicks:

  • Go to My account, then to Connected Apps, and click Connect a New App
  • Find Smile in the list of available apps, and click Connect
  • Authorize Access to Smile, and you’ll be redirected to the Smile App to log in
  • Once you log in, you’ll be prompted to authorize integration between Omnisend and Smile

Once you’ve authorized the integration, you’re good to go!

With Smile integrated with Omnisend, you’ll be able to segment and target your customers based on their:

  • Points balance
  • Unique referral links
  • Birthdays
  • Rewards program status
  • VIP tiers

How to Get the Most Out of Integration Between Omnisend & Smile

According to the Adobe Digital Index Report, 40% of all revenue online comes from just 8% of customers: repeat customers.

To keep your customers coming back for more, they need a great incentive. A fabulous rewards program is just the thing to give them every reason to choose you over your competition.

How does this fit into Omnisend? Creating an amazing omnichannel experience already boosts customer retention and loyalty– adding personalized rewards program messages into the mix is a one-two punch that guarantees your customers won’t be going anywhere else.

Build Segments to Determine Your Most Loyal Customers

Your most loyal customers are incredibly valuable to you, and you’ll want to know who they are. By creating custom properties in your Omnisend account, you can use the Smile data to segment your customers by their VIP tier, program status, and point balance.

In doing so, you’ll be able to send messages to your customers that are ultra relevant, improving your overall engagement. You can set up automations with special offers that go to certain VIP customers, and reminders for those who haven’t yet signed up for your rewards program.

For example, everyone loves a just-because reward. Sending these kinds of rewards on a time-based automation to your most loyal customers will only reinforce their loyalty to you, whether it’s a discount, free shipping, or a free product with their next order.

It ensures they’ll never leave a message from you unopened.

Update Your Customers on their Reward Status via a Variety of Channels

While you can always update your customers on their rewards via email, Omnisend allows you to notify them via a variety of channels. Using the Smile integration, you can allow your customers to choose their favorite channel for rewards program communication: email, SMS, push notifications, and etc.

You can use these channels to update their point balance after a recent order, cross sell additional products to encourage them to unlock a higher VIP tier and sending them an easy-to-forward referral link so they can share your store with their friends and family members

You can also use these channels to bring a bit of urgency to their points. For example, if your customers have fallen off the radar, you can use Omnisend and Smile to set up a reactivation automation sequence with the points they might lose if they’re not used.

With Omnisend and Smile, you can incentivize your customers, keep them engaged, and reward them for bringing their referrals into the fold, all completely automated.

Ready to get started with Omnisend and Smile?

Check out our full tutorial on integrating Smile with Omnisend and begin offering your best customers the rewards to keep them coming back for more!

Are you excited about the new Smile integration? What are some of your favorite features to try out? Let us know below!

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Article by
Whitney Blankenship

Sr. Content Marketing Manager for Omnisend. When not writing awesome content, Whitney is reading up on the latest in digital marketing, ecommerce, and social media trends. Obsessed with pop culture, art, and metal. Powered by coffee. Fastest Googler in the West.

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