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Freedom to create: New features that will generate more sales, faster

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The day is finally here, and I can’t explain to you how absolutely excited I am to unveil all the new features we’ve been working on over the last few months and years.

But before I tell you what we’ve changed within Omnisend… 

…I want to tell you exactly why we absolutely had to do so.

You see, the last couple of years have been truly tumultuous, offering both pitfalls and amazing opportunities to grow. In that time, we’ve all learned that having the flexibility and freedom to adapt to any change — at any moment — is an essential ingredient for businesses to grow. 

But adapting to change — and doing it fast enough — isn’t always easy, and often you need a little help.

Watch the video where I discuss our new changes and how it’ll help our customers create better emails, forms and segmentations:

At Omnisend, we’re proud to be customer-funded because, for us, it means putting our 75,000 customers’ needs before anything else. This customer-first approach is why we provide 24/7 live support for our customers, giving our customers the help they need, when they need it.

But we can’t put our customers first unless we listened when they told us what help they needed. 

Like the freedom to design on-brand emails quickly. Or the freedom to segment based on 3rd party events. Or the freedom to easily create a popup using custom fonts, or choose from a library of pre-built holiday-themed forms.

Well, we heard them loud and clear, and today I’m excited to introduce three new product features that will not only make it easier for our customers to run their business, but give them the freedom to create  — all in time for Black Friday.

These features include:

  • a new Email Builder 
  • a new Form Builder 
  • and new, advanced Segmentation

Our brand-new Email Builder

It’s a fact — the more time you spend on creating and editing emails, the less time you have to grow your business.

Our new Email Builder solves that challenge and gives Omnisend customers the freedom to build and grow.

Based on their feedback, brands can now create professional, branded emails twice as fast.

Omnisend customers already using the new Email Builder in their automations are seeing a 49% increase in conversion rates — that’s growth and speed combined in one!

Watch the video below to see everything that’s new with our new Email Builder:

Omnisend’s new Email Builder now lets merchants:

  • Automatically pull their branding from their website and add it into every single email 
  • Choose from a wide library of newly-designed templates to jumpstart your email creation
  • Get stress-free editing with enhanced features like autosave, redo, undo, and saved layouts
  • A/B test two different versions of an email campaign. This includes content and calls to action to make data-based decisions with their email layout. 

By saving our customers time when creating branded emails that are designed to sell, they’ll have the freedom to focus on other parts of growing their business. 

Our new, faster Form Builder

While our previous Form Builder was popular with merchants and effective at growing lists, our customers told us they wanted more— 

More freedom to experiment with the look, feel, and functionality of the forms in order to maintain a consistent, branded customer journey. 

With the same drag-and-drop features our customers already love, our new Form Builder provides that freedom — and our customers are spending 23% less time creating their signup forms.

Watch the video below to see a few of the things Omnisend’s new Form Builder offers:

Here’s what we’ve introduced to help our customers create higher-converting popups and signup forms, faster:

  • Easily get a quick start with pre-built themed templates for events such as Black Friday, birthdays, and back-to-school
  • Similar to our Email Builder, merchants can now easily apply their store’s brand colors and fonts to your forms
  • Create unique, brand-specific forms by mixing and matching different layouts
  • Explore new styles with in-line editing and popular Google fonts 
  • Create unique customer experiences with the ability to provide mobile visitors with mobile-only forms 
  • You can collect data like gender and location, or any custom property to use in their segmentation and automations
  • Use our library of easily-customizable ready-made templates to make the perfect form for their brand

Providing more options and more flexibility gives you the freedom to experiment with forms that speak to your audience and help you grow your email and SMS lists faster. 

With both the new Email Builder and new Form Builder, we want to empower stores to create personalized, branded customer experiences. 

Our new, advanced Segmentation

When it comes to email, there’s no better way than using segmentation built on customer data. Segmented messages provide customers with a better brand experience, and segmented email marketing campaigns see a 23% higher open rate.

Watch the video to see all the updates with our brand-new segmentation:

Our new segmentation offers the most flexible segment builder in the ecommerce industry, and gives our customers the freedom to build virtually any segment based on their customers’ actions on their website, purchase behavior, contact traits, and more.

In fact, Omnisend customers can now use up to 500 data points in their segments.

So whether you want to target US shoppers with SMS, or email your about-to-lose customers with an exciting offer — it’s all possible. 

We also heard that our customers needed even more segments, and we agree! After all, personalization shouldn’t have limits. Omnisend customers can now create unlimited segments to use in both campaigns and automations.

Finally, the new segment builder provides an extensive pre-built segment library for both email and SMS. 

On top of this, we’ve also added a Segment Builder Helper. It auto-generates suggestions when creating segments — all designed to help personalize your customers’ journeys.

Creating segments has never been easier. Whether you’re new to segmentation or have 100 segments, you now have the freedom to personalize your email and SMS messages however you want. 

This is only the beginning

Each of these updates is designed to give ecommerce merchants the freedom to be their best. 

As we approach Black Friday, our customers have never been in a better position to maximize your sales.

They are now able to explore, build, imagine, design, experiment, and deliver relevant messages that are perfect for their business, and theirs alone.

By the way — these updates are only the beginning.

We’re continuing to listen and make enhancements that bring our 75,000-plus customers even more value. 

If you’re on Omnisend, now it’s your turn. Explore Omnisend to see how much more freedom you have to create better experiences for your customers.

And if you haven’t joined us here at Omnisend yet, now’s the perfect time to see how our brand-new email & SMS marketing platform will help your ecommerce store grow and help you build your brand.

Create a free account with Omnisend today, and you’ll get all of our features included so you can see how we can help your business grow.

Rytis Lauris
Article by
Rytis Lauris

Rytis is the CEO and Co-founder of Omnisend. He's passionate about email marketing and is always looking for new ways to help ecommerce businesses achieve greater results.

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