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What’s new: Omnisend’s September 2023 updates

Reading Time: 3 minutes

September can only mean one thing: Black Friday is right around the corner.

You might be tempted to wait until nearer the time before you start planning your campaigns, but when it comes to this popular holiday, there’s no time like the present. The sooner you start, the more time you have for thoughtful planning and execution, avoiding a panicked rush just before the big weekend.

Speaking of Black Friday, we have an exciting new feature that will put a spotlight on your potential revenue from now until the holiday starts.

And that’s not all we’ve been working on. Keep reading for all of the details, or watch this video for a quick summary:

New revenue calculator: what you can earn between now and Black Friday

If you’re not already using signup forms on your website, you’re not only preventing your contact list from growing quicker, but also missing out on potential revenue.

Not convinced? Then take a look at our new Black Friday headstart calculator. Simply tell it how many monthly visitors you receive and it will show you how many new subscribers you could have by Black Friday, and how much revenue those subscribers could generate.

👉 Try it for yourself

Omnisend's Black Friday headstart calculator

Privacy policy URLs added to your forms automatically

Compliance with privacy regulations just got easier. If you’re already using forms then you know the importance of including a link to your privacy policy. While this is a good thing for your visitors, it can be time consuming and tedious having to manually hunt these URLs down each time you need to add them to a form.

That’s why we’ve simplified this process for you: now, instead of you looking for the links yourself, we’ll automatically find your privacy policy URLs and add them to your forms.

privacy policy in email builder

👉 Find out more

Abandoned cart: now more powerful

One of the most effective workflows just got even better. The original Abandoned Cart workflow has now been split into new workflows: Abandoned Cart and Abandoned Checkout.

As the names suggest, the workflows distinguish between people who have started the checkout process and who haven’t. You’ll also have access to more data, additional filtering and splitting options. And, of course, you can customize the workflows.

The best part? This is a completely seamless transition, your messages will continue to be sent as before, without you needing to do anything.

abandoned cart workflow split into 2 workflows: abandoned cart and abandoned checkout

👉 Find out more


Looking for webinars and workshops to help you learn about Omnisend or upgrade your knowledge about email marketing, signup forms, SMS and more? You’re in the right place.

👉 Workshops:

1. Email + SMS marketing: keys to BFCM success (September 28 at 10 am ET). With 15% of holiday shoppers already diving in, the festive season is gaining momentum. We get it—navigating the BFCM frenzy while keeping your brand on point can be a challenge. That’s exactly why we’re inviting you to a workshop where we’ll dive into:

🔍 Must-know BFCM shopping trends

📈 Learning from last year for 2023 wins

💬 Smart moves with strategic SMS

💌 Amping up automated messages

In case you missed it:

2. Email & SMS: Strong alone. Beautiful together. This interactive workshop demonstrated how to reach more customers, build your brand faster, and get more sales by combining SMS with your email marketing. 

💡 Watch the recording or log in to your Omnisend account for your personalized checklist.

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Selina Arch
Article by
Selina Arch

Selina is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Omnisend. When she’s not knee-deep in professional development or researching the latest digital marketing trends, you’ll find her with a “good ol’ cuppa tea” and pen in hand, writing her band’s next song.

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