Today is a big day for the Omnisend clients who are willing to boost their email list building. A new, interactive, and trendy signup form – a Wheel of Fortune – is here!

Starting from today, at no extra costs, premium plan and 14-day trial users can add this form to their ecommerce stores. A Wheel of Fortune is compatible with popups and signup boxes, so the combination of several forms can be used on each store.

Adding gamification and an innovative approach will boost your email list significantly!

How Does the Wheel of Fortune Work?

It is an interactive signup form which invites website visitors to enter their data (name, email address, date of birth, etc.) for an opportunity to spin a wheel and win a prize. Prizes can be various things, the most popular prizes are discounts of different sizes. However, you may also include other giveaways or free shipping.

The form has a small widget like a Signup Box does, and it might be displayed according to flexible targeting rules. For example, it may occur only on the particular product page, show up as an exit-intent dialog box, etc.

Like all the rest of the forms on Omnisend, Wheel of Fortune has preset designs and text, and might be enabled without additional customization. However, if you are in need of more advanced Wheel of Fortune behavior and settings, you can choose from many options.


The Main Benefits of Interactive Signup Form

  • Wheel of Fortune is innovative and based on a game signup form which successfully interacts with your store visitors and converts them into subscribers and even customers.
  • In comparison to alternatives in the market, our Wheel of Fortune adds value to your entire email marketing package but does not cost you extra money.
  • The form gives your visitors entertainment as well as incentives to buy. Offering a discount often helps you get email addresses that can later be used for your bulk email campaigns.
  • A signup form with multiple fields helps you learn about your subscribers: name, location, gender. You can use this information for further segmentation and personalization.
  • As with other signup forms from Omnisend, Wheel of Fortune allows you gather cookies that will later prove invaluable for implementing email marketing automation.

Setting up a Wheel of Fortune is as easy as everything else in Omnisend. To provide assistance, this is a step-by-step tutorial on how to set it up.

It is important to note that this feature is only available for Premium Plan or free Premium trial users.

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