4th of July Email Subject Lines: 40+ Ideas to Inspire Your Next Campaign

4th of July Email Subject Lines: 40+ Ideas to Inspire Your Next Campaign

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Bernard Meyer
Bernard Meyer
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These 4th of July email subject lines will help your online store have successful campaigns, since the research is based on real, high-converting emails.

But we know that researching these by yourself can take a lot of time. Which is why we did it for you—40+ high-converting 4th of July subject lines that you can use today.

(If you’re still unsure how to proceed, read about how to craft the best email subject lines.)

Perhaps because it falls right near the middle of summer, the 4th of July (Independence Day) is a great patriotic celebration.

Compared to other countries, where it can be a more somber affair, the American Independence Day is a time for fun, sun, barbecues and cocktails.

People plan to spend a good amount of time (and money) on having fun–whether that’s a simple barbecue with friends or a longer period of time near the beach.

Beware, therefore, that it isn’t necessary to use patriotic themes (US flag, historical figures, etc.).

Instead, focus on the fun aspect and make sure the products you’re selling are aimed at helping people have a fun time for their Independence Day celebrations.

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Top 5 best performing 4th of July subject lines (based on Omnisend research)

We analyzed more than 10,000 of our bigger brands’ 2017-2018 4th of July email campaigns to find out what the best, highest-performing subject lines related to 4th of July (Independence Day) are.

When looking at the data, we see that ‘Independence Day/4th of July’ as a term performed almost as well as the other regular subject line phrases, which include:

  • holiday
  • sale off
  • %
  • free
  • now
  • soon
  • save
  • don’t miss
  • last

Since we’re looking specifically at subject lines, we’re focusing mainly on open rates. After all, that’s the main benefit of having appealing subject lines.

Then, we’re also looking at the click rates for each Independence Day subject line.

#1 4th of July email subject line: “Independence Day Special

  • Open rate: 30.3%
  • Click rate: 11.6%

#2 4th of July email subject line: “Independence Day Weekend Special: Free Shipping Over $75, Coupon, and New Africa Twin Items!

  • Open rate: 27.3%
  • Click rate: 3.5%

#3 4th of July email subject line: “LAST DAY Independence Day Sale | up to 70% Off

  • Open rate: 23%
  • Click rate: 10.3%

#4 4th of July email subject line: “Independence Day Bead Deals, up to 70% Off!

  • Open rate: 22.9%
  • Click rate: 12.3%

#5 4th of July email subject line: “INDEPENDENCE DAY SALE!

  • Open rate: 21.4%
  • Click rate: 4.2%

Here’s all the data in one image that you can save and use later:

These are the top 5 4th of July email subject lines, based on Omnisend Research

The first thing you notice immediately is that, compared to the other summer email subject lines, the Independence day email subject lines have some pretty great open rates.

Three out of the top 5 have click rates above 10%. You’ll also notice that the #2 subject line is quite long.

Therefore, remember ABT (Always Be Testing) to make sure you’re giving your customers and subscribers what they actually want.

When you’re creating 4th of July email subject lines, don’t hesitate to try out many different things and see what works.

Not sure which of these subject lines to pick for your next campaign? How about sending out two at the same time?

Omnisend allows online marketers to send emails with A/B testing with two different subject lines. A/B testing allows you to send out two subject lines or two different sender’s names to a small percentage of your recipients so you can see which one worked best.

The one with the highest open rate then gets sent automatically to the rest of your recipients.

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Additional 35+ 4th of July subject line ideas you should try out

Here’s a whole bunch of other subject lines for 4th of July you should consider. For your convenience, we’ve split them into subcategories:

4th of July email subject lines with patriotic elements

These Independence Day email subject lines are related to the flag, the anthem, patriotism, the US, and American traditions.

  • Enjoy your freedom
  • Celebrate freedom with products that don’t depend on a large budget
  • Positively patriotic
  • Happy Birthday USA
  • Go Fourth in Red, White, & Shoes
  • Oh Say Can You Eat
  • America’s Pastime on the 4th of July
  • By the dawn’s early light, these awesome sales are starting!
  • Show your pride by shopping all things red, white and blue!
  • We salute you … for saving money with these 4th of July sales
  • The land of the free and the home of this sale: Don’t miss out
  • Red, white, and cool

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4th of July subject lines with ‘celebrate’

Everyone loves a good celebration. Get them in the mood by actually saying the word in your subject lines.

  • Our Savings celebration is a blast
  • Get beach ready to celebrate the 4th of July
  • Let’s celebrate independence
  • Celebrate freedom with products that don’t depend on a large budget
  • Celebrate Independence Day with free shipping on all orders

4TH OF JULY Subject lines with sales

These 4th of July subject lines contain the usual promotional words about sales, discounts, savings, etc.

  • The biggest bang for your buck: 4th of July-inspired outfits, 50% off
  • 4th of July Sale: Go! Go!…
  • Shop our 4th of July sale
  • 4th of July sale this week only
  • Open this email if you like 1) Hot dogs 2) Baseball 3) Savings
  • Miss Independen[ce Day]: The sale you need
  • 4th of July getaways every American should take! Plus: don’t miss these summer travel sales…
  • 4 deals that save time and money, so that you’re free to spend time with your people
  • Flag this: $6 styles + EXTRA 50% off

Other 4th of July subject lines

  • Our flaming-hot guide to the 4th of July will compete with your fireworks
  • Create a spark with these new products
  • Enjoy the long weekend without ending up short on cash
  • We saved our best sales for a free day
  • Be independent: 3 things to do if you’re spending the 4th alone
  • To grill or not to grill? 9 simple recipes to help you host without missing out on the fun
  • Bring on the fireworks: This deal will have you fired up
  • The Perfect 4th of July Weekend
  • 6 Big-Batch Cocktail Recipes for the Fourth of July
  • Grilling Secrets from the Pros – 4th of July party menu

Looking for more email subject line ideas?

I hope you got a lot of great value from this list of 4th of July subject lines!
I think you’ll be pretty much set for your next few years’ worth of Independence Day campaigns!

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Bernard Meyer
Bernard Meyer

Bernard is a content marketer with a passion for good research and helping ecommerce businesses with their email marketing needs.

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