55% of customers indicate doubts and indecisiveness as the main reasons why they have discontinued purchases when shopping online. If they change their minds once whilst buying, why can’t they change their minds again and complete their purchase?

Abandoned carts are one of the most painful things for retailers. Some just moan about it and do nothing. Others, meanwhile, actively organize abandoned cart recovery campaigns to retain customers, re-engage with them and encourage them carry out their purchases.

What is an abandoned cart email?

This is an automated email/ a series of 3 emails sent by the service provider to a customer who has recently visited your store. The goal of the abandoned cart email is to show up the abandoned items and encourage the online store’s visitor to complete the order.

The data for abandoned carts is being fetched from an online store when the visitor has logged in or has entered his/her email address at the checkout. In case of Omnisend (previously Soundest), the cookies in the visitor’s browser is an additional source for this kind of information. After the online store’s visitor has abandoned the shopping cart, a cart recovery tool sets up the consumer’s order, packs it into the email and sends it ready-made to the client as a friendly reminder to proceed with the purchase.

This kind of automated emails is highly effective. This is just one of the examples: an average conversion rate of the  promotional newsletter is 0.17%. Meanwhile, abandoned cart emails enjoy a rate of 4.64%. The revenue of abandoned cart email can reach even $5.46 per email!  Find out more data about this!

One more interesting thing is that only 20% of retailers take action to win back lost customers. So sending this kind of emails can be your commercial advantage in front of your competitors.

Tool alternatives

There is more than one cart recovery tool available on Shopify. You can use either a native Shopify feature to recover abandoned carts or try out many apps that provide this service.

To choose the best service provider, you should pay attention to which visitors receive the abandoned cart email. Most of the services are able to recover only those visitors who have reached the checkout stage and have entered their email addresses. On the other hand, Omnisend is able to recover much more visitors and send them abandoned cart emails.

Case studies of successfully recovered abandoned carts on Shopify


Monabello.com sells accessories for smartphones. This brand use the series of three abandoned cart emails. The subject lines of Cart Recovery Series:

  1. Still Shopping? You have items left in your cart
  2. Do not miss! Your chosen items sell out very quickly
  3. Final reminder: what about those items in your cart?

The Open Rate: 43.31%
Conversion rate: 1.8%
Range of subscribers: 5000-10000

In April – October period, a Cart Recovery feature has brought 29.5% growth for all orders through Omnisend channel and 26,5% in revenue.

The first email is sent one hour after the cart was abandoned.


The second email is sent 12 hours after the abandonment.


The third email is sent 24 hours after the abandonment. It offers 15% discount as an incentive to buy. In case of Monabello, this email is most effective of the entire series.



The subject lines:

  1. Still shopping? Your favorites have left behind…
  2. All you have to do is – say YES!
  3. Sleep well while something left behind?

The Open Rate: 1st email — 47.22%; 2nd email — 45.49%; 3rd email — 41.07%
Conversion rate: 1st email — 4.5%; 2nd email — 3.4%; 3rd email — 2.1%
Range of subscribers: 10000-25000

The brand Case of mine sells accessories for mobile devices, cars, home, etc. Six months ago, the brand launched the series of abandoned cart emails. The conversion rate of the 1st email is impressive – 4.5%! The further – the better. Thanks to the particular series of follow-up emails, 23.15% of abandoners came back to the store and 9.7% of all abandoners purchased.

Let’s look how they do that.

This brand has enabled cart recovery series with default Omnisend copywriting and does not use any of incentives. The emails are minimalistic: contain short copy encouraging to finish the purchase, products, and bright call-to-action buttons. Pay attention, how nicely the products are highlighted. You can see automatically generated big photos, short descriptions, and easy-to-see buttons.

The first email is being sent one hour after the cart was abandoned.

Click on the image to enlarge it


The second email is being sent 12 hours after the abandonment.


The third email is being sent 24 hours after the abandonment. We can see that any discount is being offered even in the last email.



MostlyMusic.com is the first online and the biggest Jewish music retailer in the world. Next to the music records, online store sells Jewish books, music accessories, etc.

This brand implements active ecommerce email marketing: every month it launches 12 promotional emails campaigns, and supplement them with email automation emails – welcome, cart recovery and customer re-activation emails.

I personally like this brand because of experiments it does in the email marketing activities. One of them – sending single cart recovery email vs. cart recovery series. Like in the previous example, the appearance of these emails is default of Omnisend emails, without any additional customization. Let’s see the results.

Range of Subscribers: 50 000 – 75 000

Cart Recovery Email vs. Cart Recovery Series


Single Cart Recovery Email looks like this:


In the email we see:

  • A reminder about browsing the store and adding the favourite items to the cart.
  • Photos and a short description of the abandoned items (these are added automatically from the store)
  • Clear call-to-action buttons

I would even advise the owners to add a brand logo and customize the colors of the email – to make it look branded.

Cart Recovery Series emails look the same, with similar copywriting. The only additional thing which boosts the sales in the third email is 5% discount for the particular order.

For more examples check our Cart abandonment: How to recover a customer to purchase

What’s the point of it?

Let’s look at it from the customer’s perspective. When they receive an abandoned cart Shopify email, they get it from a retailer who they’ve already shown an interest in – they’ve browsed on an online store and have even picked out the products they like. However, they couldn’t decide on the color or size of the item, or if you really wanted it at all. Probably they closed the browser and went back to work. To make some decisions we need time. The cart recovery email gives the customer just that – it encourages them to think again about the items they liked after a while (an hour, 12 or 24 hours). This makes life easier, doesn’t it?

Find out more about abandoned cart emails.

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