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Omnisend’s Shopify Flow Connector: unleash more of your omnichannel marketing

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Time is money, and in today’s fast-moving ecommerce world digital marketers seemingly have less time and more than ever to do. Omnisend has always been focused on helping our customers grow by providing them with powerful omnichannel marketing tools, allowing them to easily, and quickly, execute their marketing strategy —  saving them time and money.

And we’re not done. Continuing our strong partnership with Shopify, we’re excited to announce our connector for Shopify Flow. With our Shopify Flow connector, Shopify Plus customers can combine the power of Shopify Plus and Omnisend to send automated, personalized messages to their customers, saving them time and resources, and generating increased sales.

“We are very excited to continue supporting our retailer clients by strengthening our partnership with Shopify,” said Omnisend CEO Rytis Lauris. “Our Shopify Flow connector will allow our Shopify Plus customers to create closer relationships with their customers and increase their ROI.”

The connector will allow retailers to use Shopify store data to trigger email and SMS messages, and push notifications right from the Omnisend marketing platform. Some examples of ways you can use the connecter include:

Ways you can use the Omnisend Shopify Flow connector to drive more revenue

The connector will allow retailers to use Shopify store data to trigger email, SMS messages, and push notifications right from the Omnisend marketing platform. Some examples of ways you can use the connecter include:

  • Trigger order and shipping confirmation emails and SMS messages, Facebook messages, or push notifications to customers
  • Send an automated post-purchase message series that nurtures recent customers and increases customer retention
  • Automate win-back emails for customers who have not returned to purchase
  • Create segments that allow for smarter, more personalized messaging

Trigger messages in Omnisend based on other partner apps, such as Loyalty Lion and Yotpo.

How it works

Inside of the Shopify Flow app all you will need to do is create a workflow with three basic elements: A trigger, condition, and action.

Shopify flow

Trigger: An event inside of Shopify or integrated app (e.g. order created)

Condition: This is a criteria rule that determines the action (e.g. Order total is greater than $100)

Action: Tells the workflow what action to take (e.g. send an email via Omnisend)

Shopify workflow

Setup is simple

  1. Install the Omnisend application and the Shopify Flow app in your Shopify admin.
  2. From the Omnisend platform, create both the custom event that you want to trigger and the workflow that will send the messages.
  3. After selecting a trigger to the action tracked by either Shopify or one of the integrated applications, you can trigger the automated workflow and/or update contacts in Omnisend.

In this example, we can create an automated sales alert messaging stream with Omnisend workflows. By creating a custom event in Omnisend that alerts the customer when one of their wishlist items goes on sale, that event will then trigger the automated workflow set up inside of the Omnisend platform.

Shopify flow workflow using Omnisend

It’s that easy! You can find more information on integrating Omnisend and Shopify Flow here.

Watch your revenue grow

The Omnisend Shopify Flow connector gives retailers the tools to harness the data in their Shopify store to grow revenue by building personalized, automation workflows that keep customers moving along their shopping journey. By leveraging our partnerships, we continue to give you the power to make marketing relevant.

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Greg Zakowicz
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Greg Zakowicz

Greg Zakowicz is an ecommerce marketing expert with more than 15 years of experience in email, mobile, and social media marketing. He has consulted numerous IR top 1000 clients on their email and SMS marketing programs and is a frequent speaker and writer in the ecommerce and marketing industry.

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