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August newsletter ideas: Inspiration for topics and useful tips

Reading Time: 8 minutes

Struggling to come up with creative ideas for your August newsletter? You are not alone.

Creating attention-grabbing newsletters that nudge people to visit your website to explore more can sometimes be overwhelming. 

Worry not, we’ve got your back. 

August is a month full of holidays, events, and occasions that could be useful content for your monthly newsletter. 

In this article, we will share exciting August newsletter ideas that present endless opportunities for meaningful email campaigns. 

Let’s get started!

Most popular occasions in August

Below are the popular occasions in August that may serve as inspiration for your August marketing campaigns:

August 1st 

  • National Raspberry Cream Pie Day – Companies that sell kitchen supplies, baking equipment, or food-related products can share a raspberry cream pie recipe with their subscribers. Alternatively, you can promote related products in your August newsletter. 
  • National Girlfriends Day – National Girlfriends Day happens every 1st of August and is a worthy inclusion to your August newsletter ideas. Celebrate the gift of love with a “Buy one get one free” sale for shoppers to show up for their girlfriends. 
  • DOGust: The Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs – August 1st is considered the universal birthday for shelter dogs. Celebrate the occasion by featuring a heartwarming story of a dog from a local shelter. You can also have a sale with the profits donated to a local shelter.

August 2nd 

  • Ice Cream Sandwich Day – Who doesn’t love an ice cream sandwich on a hot summer afternoon? This makes sharing fun ice cream sandwich recipes one of the best August newsletter ideas for your email campaigns
  • Coloring Book Day – Help your email subscribers relax and de-stress this August by sharing a printable coloring book in your August newsletter. 

August 3rd

  • National Watermelon Day – Celebrate this tasty summer fruit by sharing fun recipes or watermelon-themed products with your email subscribers. Do you sell lip balm enriched with watermelon extract? This would be the perfect time to promote the product in your company newsletter. 

August 4th

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Day – A chocolate chip cookie and a glass of warm milk? Love the sound of that? Your email subscribers do too. Share a delicious recipe of chocolate chip cookies your subscribers can try at home. This can be a classic recipe or a modern one with a unique twist. 
  • International Beer Day – Creative August newsletter ideas built around beer will surely get people to open and read your emails. The international beer day is celebrated on the first Friday of August. You can join the fun by asking your subscribers to mention their favorite brew through a survey. 

August 5th

  • National Underwear Day – Celebrate National Underwear Day with a funny underwear-related story or cartoon in your August newsletter. You can also use this opportunity to encourage your subscribers to buy new underwear from your online store to celebrate the day in style. 

August 6th

  • Fresh Breath Day – The National Fresh Breath Day is celebrated on August 6th to promote oral health and hygiene. Take this opportunity to share tips your subscribers can use to keep their breath fresh throughout the day. 

August 7th

  • Purple Heart Day – The purple heart is the oldest decoration in American military merit. The creation of this merit is commemorated every 7th of August and you can show your support by featuring a heartwarming story of a veteran who has been awarded the Purple Heart in your August newsletter. 

August 8th

  • National CBD Day – The National CBD Day on August 8th recognizes natural hemp that’s all the rage right now. To this effect, you can feature an article about the benefits of CBD in your newsletter. Businesses that sell CBD products can also offer discounts on this day. 
  • International Cat Day – Cats are lovely and great companions. Celebrate them this August by sharing a list of the most popular cat breeds in your newsletter. 

August 9th

  • International Coworking Day – Commemorate this day by highlighting the successes of coworking in your organization. 

August 10th

  • National S’mores Day – Everyone loves this gooey treat and this is what makes it a great consideration for your August newsletter ideas. Celebrate the day with your email subscribers by sharing a creative s’mores recipe. 

August 11th

  • National Presidential Joke Day – Do you know any clever jokes shared by US presidents, past or present? Share them in your August newsletter to crack up your email subscribers. 

August 12th

  • National Garage Sale Day – Ever found a great deal at a garage sale? If yes, you share a heartwarming story explaining why your find was so special. Don’t forget to include an image of the item. 

August 13th

  • Left-Handers Day – There are several August newsletter ideas you can use to commemorate International Left-handers Day. You can share unique facts about lefties in your newsletter or survey to find out how many of your subscribers are left-handed. 

August 15th

  • National Relaxation Day – Share easy ways to relax and unwind without spending too much in your August newsletter. 

August 16th

  • National Rum Day – To celebrate National Rum Day, you can share a rum-inspired cocktail recipe in your August Newsletter. 

August 19th

  • World Photography Day – Feature the work of a talented photographer in your community. You can feature a photo essay on a topic that appeals to your audience such as nature, travel, or sustainability. 

August 21st

  • National Senior Citizens Day – Show how much you love and appreciate the senior citizens in your community by offering a special senior discount for your products. You can also share a list of restaurants that have discounts for seniors in the local area. 

August 23rd

  • National Ride the Wind Day – Do you sell outdoor equipment or provide outdoor activities like hang gliding or skydiving? This would be a great opportunity to offer your subscribers special deals and discounts. 

August 26th

  • Women’s Equality Day – Highlight the products in your store that are aimed at women. You can also share the story of a woman who fought for equality and inspired others. 
  • National Dog Day – Talk about the importance of dogs in our lives in your August newsletter. 

August 27th

  • National Just Because Day – This is an excellent opportunity to have a sale and give your subscribers a special discount “just because.”

August 31st

  • National Matchmaker Day – Create the perfect combo with select products from your online store that subscribers can buy at a discount. 

Most popular month-long events in August

Besides the single-day events, other longer events in the month can be included in your August newsletter ideas. The popular month-long events in August you should pay attention to include:


The summer break comes to an end in August and most students around the world are preparing to go back to school. This is a great time for stores that sell school supplies such as stationery, clothing, and electronics since students will be looking to restock before schools open. 

But there’s more to the back-to-school season than stationery and other school supplies. It’s also about setting goals, getting organized, and planning for the rest of the year. 

Black Business Month

Black Business Month is celebrated in August. It aims to recognize Black-owned businesses across the country. 

For your August newsletter, you can share appropriate Black-owned businesses you think your subscribers may enjoy. Use email automation to turn this into a series and reduce your workload. 

National Peach Month

Peaches are a favorite for many. You can celebrate this juicy summer fruit by highlighting peach-themed recipes in your newsletter. 

National Golf Month

Brands that sell golf-related products can use National Golf Month to promote them and offer special deals. 

The main August newsletter themes

Which themes can you adopt for your newsletter to appeal to your subscribers this August? 

Here are the top August marketing themes for your email newsletter: 


With schools opening in a month, back-to-school newsletter templates make it easy for you to run your sale. By giving discounts to your email subscribers, you incentivize them to get back-to-school supplies from your store. 

The example below shows a back-to-school email that gives shoppers a 20% discount when they buy products from the store. 

back to school newsletter example
Image via Omnisend

End of Summer sales

As summer comes to an end, you may find yourself with unsold summer merchandise. If you are in this situation, you can launch an end-of-summer sale to clear out your summer stock. 

In the example below, Plot uses an end-of-summer sale newsletter template to clear their summer wine stock. They have a special coupon code that gives shoppers 10% off all wines. 


August is a popular month for travel as the kids are off school. As such, you can fill your email marketing holiday calendar with appropriate travel-related products or services. 

Luckily, there are many August newsletter themes you can use to craft your travel-related emails. 

Sonder encourages subscribers to book one last gateway before summer ends by giving them a 20% discount when they book a holiday with the platform. 

Black Business Month

Highlight your favorite black-owned businesses as The Strategist did in its newsletter. This is a beautiful opportunity to show your brand’s commitment to diversity and equality. 

Women equality

Show your support for Women’s equality by offering a special discount on your store. The image below shows an email template you can use for your women’s equality campaign in August. 

women equality day newsletter example
Image via Stripo

Ideas for August newsletter subject lines

As you work on your August newsletter ideas, it’s crucial to have the right email subject lines for your end of summer campaigns

Back-to-school is probably the most significant event in August. These back-to-school email subject lines are perfect for your August newsletter: 

  • 40% off all back-to-school must-haves!
  • 💰 Back to School sale: Up to 50% off footwear →
  • Hold the door! Check out this back-to-school sale.
  • Back-to-school sale begins now! Double deals: Up to 80% off + extra 10%
  • Stock up for school: 40% to 75% off the entire store and earn $15 place cash!

For the other events in August, the following email subject lines would be appropriate for your campaigns: 

  • 🍑 Savor the Sweetness: Celebrate National Peach Month with Juicy Deals
  • 🎨 Unleash Your Creativity – Free Coloring Book Inside for Coloring Book Day!
  • Treat Your Pup on DOGust 1st: Special Deals for Shelter Dogs’ Universal Birthday 🐶
  • National S’mores Day: Get Sticky with Our Sweetest Sale Yet! 🔥
  • 🌍 Travel Smart: Exclusive August Deals Just for You!
  • Fresh Breath, Fresh Deals: Celebrate National Fresh Breath Day with Us!
  • Cheers to International Beer Day 🍺 – Grab a Brew and Enjoy Exclusive Discounts!
  • Black Business Month Spotlight – Shop and Support Local 🖤


August isn’t too far away and the earlier you start preparing for your email campaigns the better. The August newsletter ideas shared in this post will help you captivate your email subscribers and drive sales for your business. 

What’s next? We invite you to prepare for the fall and get the inspiration from September newsletter ideas or October newsletter ideas.

Omnisend makes it easy for you to create your newsletter with pre-built templates. You can also use the ready-to-use automation workflows to schedule your emails for specific times. 

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