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How to optimize ecommerce conversions with live chat

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Digital marketers and online store owners read about the benefits of live chat all the time. Still, they don’t add it to their ecommerce toolbelt. In most cases, the effort it would take to program automation rules just seems like too much work. And, an email appears to be a simpler, more comfortable way to communicate.

However, if you aren’t using live chat to increase your conversions, you’re missing out on a world of opportunity. Live chat can actually increase your ecommerce conversions and your overall ROI. But, only if you use it strategically.

So, learn how to leverage this simple communication tool for maximum results.

What is Live Chat?

Originally, live chat was meant to provide a rudimentary way for website owners to communicate with their traffic in real-time. Live chat results in the ability for online shoppers to reach out to a brand at any time. Does live chat work for this? Yes! And, it is effective.

What some haven’t yet mastered are the strategies that optimize live chat for marketing, which is where the magic happens. The future of live chat is a world where most of your marketing communications are automated in a believable way that helps you build amazing customer relationships.
Start down the path to that future today.

How to Leverage Live Chat as a Conversion Rate Optimization Tool

There isn’t just one strategy, but a set of tactics that help you effectively boost your leads and conversions with a live chat app. Here are some of the most effective.

Integrate Your Live Chat Software With Other Communication Channels

Your customers aren’t just talking to you via your website chat. They’re reaching out via email and social media or by clicking on a call widget on your website as well. as well. And, someone needs to be monitoring this. Who better than your customer support team?

The best live chat software allows you to integrate your communication channels into one dashboard. This way, you can talk to customers who are on your website at the same time as those who reach out on social media. This way, your support staff never miss a shopper query.

live chat
Image source: Facebook

You can use Facebook Messenger along with Twitter, Instagram, and Live Chat to get more from your marketing campaigns, promotions, and contests when you sync communication channels.

Instead of Popups, Use Exit-Intent Bots

Most online stores have tried exit-intent popups to keep shoppers on their site longer. And, they are very effective. But, depending on your audience, and an exit-intent bot can be even more effective.

When a visitor is about to leave your online store, try implementing an exit-intent chat to strike up a conversation; this gives you an opportunity to get shoppers to take advantage of your offers. Exit-intent bots work well for offering discounts, getting shoppers to sign up for your mailing lists, and more.

Always Use Clear Calls to Action (CTAs)

A call to action (CTA) is a written “command” that challenges the reader to take immediate action. In online sales, it can mean going to another page to see an offer, signing up for a newsletter, or making a purchase.

As with all ecommerce copywriting, it’s crucial that you use clear CTAs in your live chat communications. Not only should your support staff solve problems — they also need to move your website visitors through your sales funnel. And, the only way a shopper will know what you want them to do next is to tell them.

live chat
Image source: Roolee

In the example above, Roolee helps a customer solve a problem, then guides them to, “Check out our weekly deals!” This is a perfect example of an effective CTA.

Sync Your Chatbot With Your Other eCommerce Apps

Online stores are generally hosted on an ecommerce platform and powered by several apps. Pre-developed plugins and add-ons contribute to the overall UX of the website.

A quality chatbot will sync up with your Shopify or Magento apps seamlessly. Customers’ live chat expectations include faith that your support agents know what has already happened across all channels: email, social media, offline, etc. With connected apps, you are able to access important customer data in the middle of a live chat with a shopper.

Collect Visitors’ Email Addresses at the Beginning of Every Conversation

Email is still one of the world’s leading communication platforms. Nearly everyone has an email. And, you need to use contact information to generate leads and pursue sales.

While you can’t add an email address to your subscription list just because you’ve collected it, contact information can still be very powerful. Analyze your goals before you decide what to do with emails, but be sure to collect them at the beginning of every live chat conversation.

Image source: Try the World

This tactic is the live chat support equivalent of a phone service agent asking for the caller’s phone number “in case you get disconnected.” We’ve all heard it. And it serves two purposes:

  1. You can reach back out to the shopper if they decide to move away from your online store before their question is answered.
  2. Once a customer support ticket is resolved, you can ask the shopper if they are interested in any of your offers (newsletter subscriptions, contests, discounts, etc.).

Keep lead generation at the top of your priority list.

Keep Customer Service Your Number One Priority

Every successful entrepreneur will tell you that the key to a thriving business is customer service. So, above all, treat every customer as the most important person in the world. With this strategy, you can’t go wrong.

While all of the technical tactics will help you create an ecommerce customer retention strategy that lasts, they are no substitute for satisfaction delivery. When your customers are happy with the service you provide, they will come back again and again. And, they will tell their friends about you!

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to increase live chat engagement, use the above advice to power your ecommerce marketing campaigns. Get started today and try adding one of these tactics to your live chat strategy. Then, come back and tell me how it goes!

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About the Author:

Ashley Kimler writes on behalf of Gorgias, a full suite of customer service tools for online sellers. She’s been working in and writing for the ecommerce industry for well over a decade. To read more tips, follow @ashleykimler and @gorgiasio on Twitter.

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