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Order confirmation emails that convert: 15 best examples

Reading Time: 11 minutes

Order confirmation emails are the first communication a customer receives from a brand after placing an order. 

These emails are more than just a courtesy. They also allow you to make a positive impression, build customer trust, and even generate more revenue. 

Order confirmation emails are a powerful sales tool that can help generate high open and click-through rates. In fact, they bring in more orders than promotional emails. 

Order confirmation email data

In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about order confirmation emails, including what information should be included in each email to get repeat sales. 

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What is an order confirmation email?

An order confirmation email is an automated transactional email sent to a customer once they’ve completed a transaction in an online store. 

As the name suggests, this email contains a buyer’s order confirmation details, including what they bought, the purchase total, and the estimated delivery date

Since these emails are automated, ecommerce stores can create a series of order confirmation workflows to send to customers on autopilot. These emails can include:

  • Order confirmation
  • Shipping confirmation
  • Delivery information
  • Post-purchase surveys etc.

Like most transactional emails, order confirmation emails are essential for keeping your customers in the loop: every customer will expect to receive one after they make a purchase.

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Order confirmation examples

Amundsen success story

Amundsen’s order confirmation email template became their top revenue generator after switching to Omnisend, boasting a remarkable 9.5 times higher revenue-per-email (RPE) compared to promotional emails. They also saw a significant rise of 32% in their conversion rate. 

Read the full success story here.


order confirmation email for Smiles Davis from Ozzy’s Apizza
Image via ReallyGoodEmails

This order confirmation email for Smiles Davis from Ozzy’s Apizza works well due to several key elements:

  • Clear branding: The email prominently features the DoorDash logo, ensuring recipients know the sender immediately.
  • Personalization: Addressing the recipient by name (Smiles Davis) creates a personal touch.
  • Concise information: The email includes all necessary details such as order number, items ordered, delivery address, and estimated delivery time in a clear and organized manner.
  • Call to action: Clear buttons for tracking the order and contacting support enhance user experience.
  • Review request: Asking the customer to review the website is an excellent strategy to gather feedback and improve services. It also makes the customer feel that their opinion is valued.


order confirmation email from Crocs
Image via ReallyGoodEmails

This order confirmation email from Crocs works well due to several key elements:

  • Engaging subject line: “We got your order. (You have great taste!)” is engaging and makes the recipient feel good about their purchase.
  • Clear order details: It provides concise and organized information about the order, making it easy for customers to verify their purchase.
  • Easy returns: The email highlights that returns are simple, reducing customer anxiety about potential issues.
  • Navigation links: At the end of the email, there are links to shop categories, encouraging further browsing and purchases.


order confirmation email from Ipsy
Image via ReallyGoodEmails

This order confirmation email from Ipsy works well due to several key elements:

  • Warm welcome: The subject line and greeting (“Welcome to Refreshments, Freshie”) create a friendly and welcoming tone.
  • Clear order confirmation: The email provides all necessary order details in a clear and organized manner.
  • Invitation to follow: It encourages recipients to follow Ipsy on social media, fostering ongoing engagement.
  • User engagement: It ends with links to shop categories, encouraging further browsing and potential additional purchases.

Crate And Barrel

order confirmation email from Crate and Barrel
Image via ReallyGoodEmails

This order confirmation email from Crate and Barrel works well due to several key elements:

  • Clear order details: The email provides all necessary order details in a concise and organized manner, making it easy for customers to verify their purchase.
  • Upselling: It effectively uses the opportunity to recommend related products, encouraging additional purchases.
  • Brand promotion: The email invites customers to check out other brands, enhancing cross-selling opportunities.
  • Visual appeal: A clean and attractive design helps in maintaining customer engagement and interest.

The order confirmation email template

Here’s an example of an order confirmation email template and the specific details that customers are informed of:

Order confirmation emails visualisation

It’s got a simple layout and all the information is prominently displayed. It includes:

  1. Order confirmation message and a thank you note
  2. The date of the order
  3. Product details, including name, price, and quantity
  4. Total order amount
  5. Billing and shipping address
  6. Payment method
  7. Shipping method
  8. A ‘view order’ button that takes them back to the store
  9. Estimated delivery timeline
  10.  Return and exchange policy explaining the return window and any return requirements
  11.  Contact details for customer service inquiries

This template has the necessary information that a customer wants to see, and the ‘view order’ button is what helps the order confirmation email have such a high conversion rate, by taking active buyers back to the store to check the items they bought.

Of course, you’re free to include other information, such as relevant products, a limited-time offer for their next purchase, or a request for a review.

Here’s an example of an order confirmation template that includes upsell offers:

an order confirmation template that includes upsell details
Image via ReallyGoodEmails

This example begins with the information that the customer needs to see: their order details and shipping address. It also includes a thank you note from the store owner, and the option to contact them in case anything comes up.

The order confirmation includes return and cancellation policies, which is an important part of any online sale. It also winds up by upselling additional items that you can buy from the store besides your current order.

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Free order confirmation email template

You can get started with the free order confirmation email template using Omnisend’s Order Confirmation workflow

With its pre-built workflows, you can send personalized emails to confirm orders, including details like order summary, product information, and billing information.

Omnisend order confirmation workflow

The order confirmation message automation is available for all Omnisend plans, including the free plan. 

You simply need to register an Omnisend account, and you’ll have immediate access to a wide range of professional-looking templates designed to improve customer experience.

10 Order confirmation email best practices

Although you can change the specifics to your own preferences, there are some best practices to consider that we’ll look at in this section along with some order confirmation email examples.

  1. Use a catchy subject line
  2. Choose the best time to send your email
  3. Provide important information or FAQs
  4. Feature your best-sellers
  5. Promote your rewards program
  6. Collect customer data for improved communication
  7. Offer easy order management
  8. Personalize the experience
  9. Showcase trust and transparency
  10. Highlight brand values

Use a catchy subject line

As with any email, the success of the order confirmation email relies heavily on the subject line. If it doesn’t compel people to open it, the details and offers inside can’t perform.

Despite this, people often overlook the subject line for order confirmations, largely because they know that buyers expect this email. Don’t let that stop you from getting creative, seeing as you can still use these emails for promotion and to build engagement.

Omnisend has a free AI subject line generator to help you craft compelling subject lines. All you have to do is provide a few keywords and an idea about what you want your email to be. 

If you’re stuck for ideas, take some inspiration from these five top-performing confirmation subject lines:

  1. Thank you for your order
  2. Your [Brand Name] order confirmation [#12345]
  3. Order received – [Brand Name] order #12345
  4. Great news! We’ve got your order #12345
  5. Your [Brand Name] order has been received [#12345]

The following email by Uber is one of the most effective order confirmation email examples with a direct subject line. The email body is concise and to the point, keeping the message clear.

Order confirmation example with a catchy subject line

Order confirmation example: Uber order confirmation email
Image via ReallyGoodEmails

Choose the best time to send your email

An order confirmation email should be sent immediately—especially if you want it to drive additional sales. 

Customers want the initial peace of mind that the order has been processed properly, and delays can cause concerns. You’re likely to receive messages from buyers asking for confirmation, adding to your customer service workload. 

There’s also the risk that the customer feels let down if they don’t get instant confirmation, making them unlikely to shop with you again in the future.

To make the process more efficient, the confirmation email should be automated. This way, the email will always be sent immediately for every purchase, even if you’re asleep at the time. 

Here’s how the order confirmation workflow looks in Omnisend:

order confirmation workflow in Omnisend
Image via Omnisend

Provide important information or FAQs

Sellers should also provide relevant and important information to the buyers in their order confirmation. This could include information such as:

  • Order confirmation details, i.e. product details, price, and quantity
  • Order date
  • Thank you note
  • Shipping and billing address
  • Return/cancellation policy information
  • Payment and shipment method

Order confirmation example with important information

providing important information in order confirmation email example
Image via ReallyGoodEmails

The above order confirmation example shares lots of important information, tries to upsell to recipients, and also includes some interesting facts about their products. 

For any queries, it includes a link to a page where you can get all your questions answered. This is one way to redirect your readers to the FAQ section of your website.

It’s also important to include your contact information to allow buyers to reach you in case any issues come up.

Feature your best-sellers

Order confirmation emails have an open rate of around 60%, making them an ideal place to showcase more of your products—especially ones that are related to what your customer has just purchased.

Many ecommerce stores choose to promote their recommended items and top sellers just before their customers’ purchase. This is by no means bad, but not all of the visitors are ready to commit at this stage. 

By adding them to the confirmation email, you’re ensuring that willing buyers see them too. Just be sure not to include too many, or you risk overwhelming the customer.

Dollar Shave Club’s order confirmation email is a good example of this. It not only shows related products, but it even has an icon for adding those products to the order before it ships. This makes the process simple and smooth for the customer:

Order confirmation example with upselling

featuring best-sellers in order confirmation email
The Dollar Shave Club has a great example of upselling/cross-selling in its order confirmation email

Promote your rewards program

By purchasing from your store, the customer has put a level of trust in you and now you have an opportunity to develop loyalty. 

An effective way to do this is with a rewards program. DoorDash implements this as a way to encourage repeat orders. For example, this email encourages customers to make another order on Starbucks worth $20 or more to avail a $4 discount.

Order confirmation example with an information about reward program

Oder confirmation email by DoorDash
Image via ReallyGoodEmail

Collect customer data for improved communication

Sometimes, businesses make purchases on online ecommerce stores without providing their personal details or going through the signup process.

In such cases, businesses can ask for their customers’ contact details via order confirmation emails. As already mentioned, order confirmations must be sent to the customer immediately after checkout.

For this reason, you must be able to reach your customer via multiple channels, including email and SMS. 

Asking for your customers’ details also allows for further engagement through promotional messages, thank you notes, and any other alerts.

Dr. Squatch shows how to collect customer data through order confirmation emails without being too pushy. The email not only notifies customers that their order is confirmed, but also hints to sign up to receive early updates.

Order confirmation example with a sign up

iherb order confirmation email
Image via ReallyGoodEmail

Offer easy order management

You can include a clear call to action (CTA) that allows customers to easily track their order, update information (within a reasonable order modification window), or even cancel their order. 

This helps your customers easily track their orders and stay in control of their purchases. As a result, this reduces the number of inquiries your customer service team receives regarding order deliveries.

The following email from Onyx Coffee Lab is an excellent illustration of this point. It informs the customer about their order shipment, providing them with a tracking number and a link to track their package.

Order confirmation example with an information how to track the order

track order button example
Image via ReallyGoodEmails

Personalize the experience

An effective way to personalize your order confirmation email is to use a customer’s past purchase history or browsing behavior to offer tailored recommendations. 

You can suggest complementary items that the customer may be interested in, or highlight upcoming sales on relevant products.

Methodical Coffee shows this strategy in action with their order confirmation email. The email begins by acknowledging a customer’s coffee order. Then, it goes on to suggest a complementary product that the customer may be interested in.

Order confirmation example with a personal suggestions

Order confirmation email recommendation
Image via ReallyGoodEmails

Showcase trust and transparency

Building customer trust is essential to maintaining long-term loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases. You can offer transparency to your customers by providing the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision. Include your company’s return or cancellation policy, contact information, and social media links. 

This can help build trust and make it easy for customers to get in touch if they have any questions.

This email from Superfrico Las Vegas is a great illustration of this. It includes a phone number for any questions and a cancellation policy if they need to cancel their reservation.

Order confirmation example with a cancelation policy

Order confirmation email transparency strategy
Image via ReallyGoodEmail

Highlight brand values

When crafting order confirmation emails, you can highlight your brand values to create a lasting impression on customers.   

One of the best practices is to infuse your brand’s essence into the email’s design, color scheme, and overall tone. 

Also, including informative content that showcases your company values and offerings can help solidify your brand’s image in the minds of customers. 

For example, hims’ order confirmation email includes a link to informative content on how to use the treatment the customer ordered. This adds value to the purchase and positions the company as an authority in the field.

Order confirmation example with a link to informative content

Image via ReallyGoodEmails

The order confirmation page

In addition to the email, you’ll want to ensure you have an order confirmation page on your website as well. Your customers would be automatically directed to this page after payment, giving you the assurance that up to 100% of buyers will see this message.

That percentage gives it an advantage over the order confirmation email’s open rate of 60%, so this is an ideal place to showcase your most popular products, loyalty programs, and the order timeline—exactly like the email examples above. 

It can also include additional details such as FAQs and your returns policy. 

The order confirmation page example

Image via Ingrid

Next steps

Once your order confirmation email and page are implemented, you should consider adding an automated thank you email and shipping confirmation email to your workflow.

These are both excellent at providing a positive experience for your customers, which in turn helps to build long-lasting relationships.

You can also send different messages depending on the buyer’s status. For example, first-time customers can receive emails with information relevant to them.

In addition, because most of your sales probably come from repeat buyers, it’s worth looking at ways to encourage customers back to your store with post-purchase emails that renew the customer journey.

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