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10 promotional SMS examples [+case studies]

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Many marketers believe that users see promotional messages as a nuisance. 

The truth is, that strategically crafted SMS messages hold potential. In fact, 66% of consumers prefer promotional SMS to emails. When precisely targeted, they become powerful tools for engagement. They can drive conversions effectively and are valuable touchpoints that bridge the gap between brands and consumers.

Promotional SMS provides recipients with content that aligns with their interests and preferences. That way, brands can establish a sense of authenticity and trust. This can transform what might have been an intrusion into a welcomed communication. 

You may be wondering: how do you create promotional messages that convert?

That’s what we’ll be focusing on in this article, providing examples of promotional SMS and suggesting ways in which you can use the messages to drive conversions. 

Let’s dive right in.

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What is a promotional message?

A promotional SMS is a concise text message designed for marketing purposes. It delivers time-sensitive offers and product updates with the aim of generating engagement. It can be used to offer exclusive deals directly to recipients’ mobile phones.

Businesses can create a sense of urgency by including compelling calls to action. Personalized content can be used to create a sense of exclusivity. These messages can drive recipients to make purchases and redeem offers, or participate in limited-time events. When coupled with precise audience targeting, promotional SMS becomes a potent tool, enhancing customer engagement and contributing to boosting conversion rates. 

Here’s an example of an image with a promotional SMS from an online store.

Promotional SMS vs transactional SMS

Promotional SMS is a marketing method, sending offers and deals to recipients. Transactional SMS focuses on providing essential information related to user actions. These actions include order confirmations, appointment reminders, or account alerts. Promotional SMS seeks to drive sales and brand awareness, whereas transactional SMS prioritizes delivering pertinent, time-sensitive details to enhance the user experience.

How to use promotional SMS

Incorporating promotional SMS into your marketing arsenal requires a strategic approach. This is to captivate your audience and drive meaningful interactions. 

Here are various ways you can use promotional messages to connect with customers: 

  • Welcome new subscribers
  • Introduce new products
  • Share sales events
  • Send personalized discounts
  • Update customers on their loyalty program status
  • Send reminders about the refer-a-friend program
  • Re-engage passive customers
  • Congratulate customers on their birthday
  • Send abandoned cart reminders

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Promotional SMS examples

We’ve compiled 10 promotional SMS examples. The examples are a guide for crafting compelling texts that yield results. 

These examples offer insights into effective communication strategies. The best part is, they can elevate your marketing efforts.

  • Welcome message
  • Product announcement
  • Collection launch announcement
  • Flash sale announcement
  • Free shipping promo [B-WEAR!]
  • BOGO promotions
  • Referral program reminder
  • Loyalty program status update
  • Abandoned cart reminder
  • Thank-you promo
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Welcome message

The welcome message sets the tone for your customer relationships. It’s a warm and engaging initial SMS that introduces your brand and may express gratitude to recipients for connecting

In addition, it offers a glimpse of the value your potential customers can expect. A well-crafted welcome message establishes a positive first impression and paves the way for meaningful interactions ahead.

Here’s an example of a good welcome message, offering a warm and sincere welcome and explaining what sort of messages they’ll receive in future:

Product announcement

A product announcement promotional SMS introduces a new product to your audience. 

As part of the announcement it can provide a sneak peek into the features as well as highlight the benefits. 

The goal is to spark recipients’ curiosity, fostering anticipation and showcasing product value to generate interest. These messages can also prompt recipients to explore further or make a purchase. This drives engagement and conversion.

Here’s an example of a product announcement SMS:

Collection launch announcement

The text message is a strategic way to introduce a curated set of products or services to your audience. 

This collective launch announcement effectively communicates the collection’s theme, style, and uniqueness, which captures recipients’ interest and invites them to explore the offerings. 

The message emphasizes the cohesive nature of the collection and in some cases it offers exclusive early access or limited-time discounts. 

The SMS sparks engagement, and your recipients will be the first to discover your latest creations.

Here’s an example of a collection launch announcement SMS:

collection launch announcement SMS

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Flash sale announcement

A flash sale is a compelling way to generate excitement and urgency among your audience.

This message delivers time-sensitive information about a short-lived sale or promotion. It encourages recipients to act swiftly to secure exclusive deals or discounts. 

The urgency in this message drives immediate engagement, and that can lead to increased conversions and heightened brand loyalty.

Here’s an image showcasing a flash sale announcement:

Free shipping promo

SMS is a powerful channel for meeting customers’ desire for added value. 

The free shipping promo message communicates the opportunity for recipients to enjoy shipping at no extra cost. This motivates them to make a purchase, driving conversions and reinforcing a positive shopping experience. 

This makes it an attractive strategy to boost sales and customer satisfaction simultaneously.

Here’s an example of free shipping promo SMS:

“We may have a ‘free shipping today only’ email that goes out. Some customers won’t get that email until the following day when the sale ends. We can use SMS as an alternative to reach those customers.”
Marketing director at B-Wear
Jason Slattery, marketing director, B-Wear  

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BOGO promotions

BOGO stands for Buy One, Get One. The SMS informs recipients about a free item offered.

The message generates immediate interest and encourages recipients to take advantage of the attractive offer.

BOGO promotions effectively boost sales. They also contribute to cultivating a sense of loyalty among your customer base.

Here’s an example of BOGO promotions SMS:

Referral program reminder

A referral program reminder is a strategic nudge to your customers. It encourages them to share their positive experiences with friends and family. 

This concise message gently reminds recipients about your referral program’s benefits. The benefits can include discounts, rewards, exclusive perks, or whatever else you want it to. 

The message taps into the power of word-of-mouth marketing to boost customer engagement. This expands your brand’s reach through trusted recommendations.

Here’s an example of a referral reminder message:

Loyalty program status updates

A loyalty update keeps your valued customers informed about their progress and rewards. 

The message helps recipients to know their current status within your loyalty program. Also, it highlights the benefits they’ve earned and the ones they’re close to unlocking, which incentivizes continued engagement. In turn, that fosters a sense of appreciation and exclusivity. 

Here’s an image that presents a status update SMS for the loyalty program:

Abandoned cart reminder

An abandoned cart reminder is a strategic nudge aimed at recovering potentially lost sales.

The message reminds recipients about the items they left behind in their online cart. Primarily, it emphasizes the value and benefits of the item. Sometimes it offers an additional incentive to complete the purchase. Doing so gently guides the customer back to the checkout process. 

Here’s an example of an abandoned cart reminder text message:

Thank-you promo

A thank-you promo is a thoughtful gesture that acknowledges and appreciates customers’ support. 

The message expresses gratitude for their recent purchase, interaction, or loyalty. It may include an exclusive discount or offer as a token of appreciation. 

A thank-you promo strengthens the customer-brand relationship. In addition, it fosters positive sentiment and encourages continued engagement.

Here’s an example of a thank you promo message:

Wrap up

Promotional messages are vital for driving business growth. They help engage and entice potential customers. This makes them pivotal in cultivating brand loyalty and boosting conversions. 

The above promotional message examples hopefully provide you with inspiration for creating impactful campaigns.

To ensure your messages reach the right audience at the right time, it’s important to use appropriate messaging tools, such as Omnisend.

Remember, promotional messages are more than just a communication channel. With the right approach and tools, they can help boost your marketing efforts and be a catalyst for sustainable business expansion.

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Richard White
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Richard White

Richard is a Content Marketing Manager at Omnisend. An avid writer, he's said to have been born holding a pencil. Fascinated by all things handmade, if he's not reading or writing he can often be found practicing leathercraft.

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