Omnisend (previously Soundest) has recently analyzed more than 92,000 email campaigns from 9,500 brands to see what is the best time to send emails.

Knowing the best time and day to send your email campaigns could lead to measurable increases in your open and click rates and, ultimately, in your overall sales.

With roughly 791 million emails analyzed, we got to see a lot of interesting trends in what is the best time to send emails.

Check out our Omnisend Research 2017 infographic to get the most important email marketing statistics.

These times include the best day of the week to send emails, the best day of the month, as well as the best time of the day.

The best day to send emails

When we are talking about the best day to send emails, we’re first talking about the best weekday. This goes for many ecommerce businesses, as they often send weekly email campaigns.

However, as with many other businesses, there are often great ranges in open and click rates. So what most ecommerce stores normally do is to send emails at a specific time based on intuition.

That’s one problem. But it’s even worse when businesses send out emails whenever they remember to send them out. That means they’re not scheduled but rather a matter of luck. Therefore, they can sometimes have great open and click rates or horrible ones.

So which is the best day to send emails?

According to Omnisend’s 2017 ecommerce email marketing data (looking specifically at USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and India), we saw:

The best day for open rates is Wednesday.

The best time to send emails on a weekday for open rates

On this day, brands saw an average open rate of 19.61%.

Unfortunately, Wednesday wasn’t the best day for click rates (although it is the 3rd best day at 3.2%).

The best time to send emails on a weekday for click rates

The best day for good click rates is Sunday.

On this day, brands saw an average click rate of 4.4%. Unfortunately, Sunday’s open rate had only the 5th best of the weekdays.

However, rather conveniently, the second place in both open rates and click rates happened to fall on one day – Thursday.

The best time to send emails on a weekday for both open and click rates

With an average open rate of 19.19% and a click rate of 4.3%, Thursday seems to be a good day for overall improved metrics.

The best day of the month to send emails

Now, while many brands send weekly emails, not all of them do. Many brands send various emails; many are automated, some go out weekly and some even on a monthly basis.

For them, it’s important to know which the best day of the month is to send emails.

For open rates, the best day of the month is the 1st (19.87%), the 4th (19.68%) and then the 18th (19.66%).

The best time to send emails on the day of the month based on open rates

For click rates:

The best day of the month is the 4th (4.53%), the 21st (4.52%) and the 13th (4.51%).

The best time to send emails on the day of the month based on click rates

What is clear from the chart is that the first part of the month performs better, with the first day of the month having some great rates.

The last of the month performs worse, with some of the worst metrics.

The best time to send emails on the day of the month based on both open and click rates

For the day with the best combination of open and click rates:

The 4th of the month seems to do very good overall.

The best hour to send emails

When it comes to figuring out exactly which time of the day is the best time to send emails, it becomes a bit more vague.

In order to determine which time is the best overall, we narrowed our research down to Omnisend’s UK clients.

However, there is one important note to make – the average click rates and open rates will need to be taken with a grain of salt, as the average can only reflect reality when the sample size is significant.

For that reason, we’ll have to plot the amount of email campaigns sent at a certain hour in addition to the open or click rates to get a more realistic determination of the best hour to send emails.

Here we can see the best open rates based on the hour the campaign was sent

As you can see from the chart, the highest open rate was 21.32% at 2am. However, there were only 126 campaigns sent at the time, so the data may be a bit skewed. Also, it is not a practical time to send or read emails.

If we filter it to a minimum of 200 campaigns sent:

The best open rate is actually 20.17% at 11pm (based on 269 campaigns sent at the time).

The second best time is at 4pm (19.66%) and third is at 11am (18.69%).

For click rates, we get the following graph:

Here we can see the best click rates based on the hour the campaign was sent

Again, we seem to have some skewed data. The best click rate (4.98%) comes at 5am, but the number of campaigns sent is too small to be reliable (only 19).

Applying the same filter as above, we can see that:

The best time to send campaigns is at 4pm (with a 3.98% click rate), 2pm (with a 3.9% click rate) and 11pm (with a 3.79% click rate).

Putting both graphs together, we get this:

Here we see the best time to send emails by hour based on both open and click rates

As we can see from this combined chart:

4pm has the highest click rate and second highest open rate.

The competition at that time isn’t particularly high, so this is a great first choice.

Overall, the second best time would be 11pm, as it has the highest open rate and third highest click rate. 11pm also has much lower competition, so it is also a great time to send your emails.

The best time to send emails

Now that we’ve analyzed the best hour, weekday and day of month to send emails, we can come up with some quick points.

The best time to send emails will probably be 4pm or 11pm on a Thursday for weekly or regular campaigns.

If you’re sending monthly emails, or want to know what day of the month is best to send the most important emails, the 4th seems to be great.

Of course, as with all general statistics about timing and ecommerce email marketing, you have to take these email stats with a grain of salt.

If the 4th of the month is a weekend or holiday, it will affect your open and click rates.

Also, different industries may react differently. It is possible that if your crowd skews younger, then 11pm emails may be fine for them. However, if you sell to senior citizens, 4pm may be better.

The point here is: use these stats to your advantage, but use them as one factor in your decision. The other factors should include your knowledge and intuition of your audience, as well as knowledge of your industry.

Based on your experience, which times and days are best for your email marketing campaigns? Let us know in the comments below!