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What’s new: Omnisend’s January 2023 updates

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New year, new updates!

We hope you’re having a great start of the new year, and that it’s going to be filled with lots of love, happiness—and sales! 

Of course, Omnisend’s got you covered on the last one (but we do try to help with the first two as well). Our January 2023 product updates are coming in hot to help you build your brand, build stronger relationships with your customers, and generate more sales.

Let’s look at the recent releases to help you increase your sales in the video below, or read on for more details:

It’s about personalization. Always has been.

The highlight this month is something that will take your customer relationships (and sales) to the next level: personalization. 

To be more specific, we’re talking about how you can make more personalized offers and send better messages by using our new feature:

👉Conditional items for your emails

So, first thing’s first: what exactly is that?

Conditional items allow you to tailor-fit the messaging in your emails (like special offers, abandoned carts, welcome emails, etc.) for specific groups of people based on whatever conditions you set.

You can find it in the new Email Builder:

What does it mean for you?

Well, you’ll be able to spend less time creating multiple emails and showing relevant content to each recipient. 

Before, if you wanted to show separate content blocks for separate audiences, you’d essentially need to create two separate emails. Then, if you’re using the email in a workflow, you’d have to split your audience in your workflows. Alternatively, if you’re sending a promotional campaign, you’d have to send separate emails to separate audiences.

Now you don’t have to do that. Besides saving you time, our new conditional content block will lead to:

  • higher engagement
  • increased conversions 
  • better sales
  • improved customer experience

3 easy ways to use conditional items

Once you start playing with the conditional items in our new Email Builder, you’ll likely find a lot of ways to use it.

To help you get started, these are some of the quick ways you can use it today.

#1 Newsletter signup forms

If you’re currently asking your subscribers or customers what their preferences are in your newsletter signup form, you can tailor your automated messages to reflect those choices.

For example, if your subscribers/customers have pets, you can set up a Welcome workflow that’s tailor-made for their answers. You can have content for both audiences (have pets/don’t have pets) and set conditional items to show different content for those audiences.

#2 Abandoned cart workflow

(You can see that we love the conditional items for workflows.)

In your Abandoned cart workflow, you can use conditional items to provide different offers in the same email for different audiences.

For example, send a Free shipping discount to customers in particular countries (that won’t cost you an arm and a leg), and a separate offer for other audiences.

#3 Promotional emails

Say you’re sending a Valentine’s Day email (now’s the time to already plan your Valentine’s Day promotions, by the way). 

And you want to show your appreciation for customers who’ve been with you for at least a year. Instead of sending separate emails for those two audiences (customers less than one year vs customers that’ve been with you 12+ months), you can just send out one email and add an extra conditional block. The condition would simply be: show only for customers that have been with your brand for 12+ months.

You can define your loyal audience further—have been with my brand for 12+ months AND has bought at least 3 times in that time AND has engaged with my emails in the last 90 days.

However you define that loyal audience, you can send them—and only them—a special offer that is only available for that audience.

Want to find out more about conditional items? 👉 Check out our full guide here.

Employee pick: App recommendations

Žemyna Treiderė, our hero Senior Affiliate Manager has an app recommendation she’s sure will help make your email marketing even better:


As Žemyna says:

“Stuck for email marketing material? Send fresh content and build trust using customer testimonials, user-generated video content, and more to your advantage with Taggbox. Leave the rest to Omisend.”

👉Find out more about Taggbox here.

Super important reminders

We know—after the holiday break, it can be difficult to remember the important stuff. We’ve got your back. 

These are the most important things to remember:

  1. We’ve got 24/7/365 live chat and email support—for all. We always have. That means, no matter what plan you’re on (even free), we’ll be available to answer your questions on any day of the year, at any hour of the day. And we’ll do it in under 5 minutes on average.
  2. Customers using the classic Email Builder: We’re saying goodbye to the classic Email Builder on January 31, 2023. Get more info here.
  3. Customers using the classic Form Builder: We’re saying goodbye to the classic Form Builder on February 28, 2023. Get more info here.

Want to see all the updates we released in December? Get the full list of updates here.

Not an Omnisend customer yet?

If you still haven’t signed up to Omnisend’s email & SMS marketing yet (but you’ve made it this far):

It’s not too late.

In fact, it’s only mid-January, and you’ve still got time to get ready for the next big sales period.

That my be the Chinese/Lunar New Year.

Or Valentine’s Day.

(Or whatever works for your store.)

We’ve got loads of ready-made templates for emails, signup forms, automation workflows, even audience segmentation. And of course, all the amazing things we mentioned above.

And, just to reiterate: our customer support is amazing and they really do answer in under 5 minutes on average for all customers on any plan. (You should test it out for yourself.)

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Selina Arch

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