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7 WooCommerce subscription plugins to increase sales

Reading Time: 7 minutes

It’s a common myth that subscription plugins are only suitable for limited kinds of businesses. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Subscription payment models can be adapted across different industries, products, and services. 

You can use WooCommerce subscriptions to provide flexible pricing for all product types. All you need is the right plugin with the right configuration.

In turn, you’ll get to enjoy recurring revenue with your WooCommerce store. That, together with one-time payments, will sustainably boost your income.

In this article, we’ll review 7 top plugins for WooCommerce subscriptions that offer advanced features and enhanced security.

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What is WooCommerce subscription?

It’s easy to install a WooCommerce plugin, add products, and begin selling. However, creating an ideal WooCommerce store that helps your business grow can be difficult. You’ll need a revenue generation model guaranteeing steady income.

This is where a WooCommerce subscription comes in.

WooCommerce does not support a recurring payment model by default. However, it does allow you to add subscription plugins to your site. This way, you can provide users with a subscription payment option with ease.

Though initially popular for media products and software, ecommerce stores have quickly adopted the subscription payment model for different product types.

For instance, people can order physical items such as beauty products, healthy supplements, snacks, etc to be delivered on a regular schedule, such as every week, every other month, twice a year, and so on.

This way, WooCommerce subscription plugins provide value to your customers while ensuring steady revenue on your end.

How to use a plugin for WooCommerce subscriptions?

Besides consistent income, subscription software allows you to bill customers automatically. This saves you time and reduces payment errors and delays.

Here’s how to set up a WooCommerce subscription.

1. Choose a subscription plugin

Today, advanced plugins for WooCommerce subscriptions are available for businesses of all sizes. You can choose the native WooCommerce plugins or the third-party applications available in your region. We’ll discuss the top options for your consideration in a bit.

2. Add a product and set the subscription type

The process is simple and the same as adding regular products on WooCommerce. Go to WooCommerce > Products > Add Product.

While selecting the type, you can opt for Simple Subscription if you want the basic model. You can choose Variable Subscription instead if you want to create a more diverse subscription plan.

3. Add product pricing and other information

You can then set up your subscription prices, billing cycles, signup fees, trial period, etc. 

With a simple subscription, you can easily set up:

  • A single billing cycle
  • Price
  • Expiration date
WooCommerce plugin
Image via Subscriptionforce

With variable subscription products, you can add:

  • Unique attributes
  • Signup fees
  • Subscription prices
  • Billing periods
  • Subscription durations
  • and more

This gives you the flexibility to promote individual products from your WooCommerce store.

Woo Subscriptions

WooCommerce subscription plugin
Image via WooCommerce

Created by the WooCommerce team, Woo Subscriptions is a top plugin that helps you manage WooCommerce subscriptions for both virtual and physical products.

The tool allows your customers to sign up, suspend, cancel, and change their subscription. It helps customers manage their accounts and take action, such as upgrading and downgrading their subscriptions, changing their shipping address, etc.

You can include several subscription types based on your product and customers’ needs. These include:

  • Weekly subscriptions
  • Annual billing packages
  • Free trials
  • Product of the month

The plugin boasts 80k installations so far and has a 3.4-star rating. Billed annually, the subscription includes constant product updates and improvements, as well as customer support. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Key features

  • Multiple payment schedules
  • Automatic rebilling on failed subscription payments
  • Manual renewal payments
  • Automatic invoices and receipts via emails
  • Detailed reports and analytics to help you track important subscription metrics
  • Automated renewal notifications

Pricing information

  • $239 billed annually

Subscriptions for WooCommerce

WooCommerce subscription plugin
Image via WordPress

Subscriptions for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin for WooCommerce subscriptions. It allows users to offer subscription-based products and services through their WooCommerce stores.

With this plugin, you can collect recurring revenue for all product types, including online courses, services, ecommerce products, and so on.

Subscription for WooCommerce integrates with PayPal and Stripe. This helps you provide reliable payment processing for your online store. You’ll also get updated order notes if there are any failed recurring payments.

It also allows you to specify subscription products. You can then set up subscription frequency and expiration dates for these products only.

This plugin also automatically generates subscription error logs. This helps you track and troubleshoot your subscription process.

Key features

  • Free trials
  • Email notifications for subscription renewals
  • Ability to cancel subscriptions at any time by both users and store admin
  • Integrated WPS PayPal payment gateway
  • Compatibility with the WooCommerce Products Bundles plugin to help you offer subscription bundles
  • Automatic retries for failed payments
  • Email notifications for every subscription-related action
  • Compatibility with other payment gateways like Braintree, WooCommerce Payments etc.

Pricing information

  • Free version
  • Subscription for WooCommerce Pro
    • 1 site plan: $109/year
    • 5 site plan: $269/year
    • 10 site plan: $529/year

YITH WooCommerce Subscription

YITH WooCommerce Subscription
Image via Yithemes

YITH WooCommerce Subscription is another one of the top WooCommerce subscription plugins. With this plugin, you get to choose the type of subscription payment schedule you want. You can also set the payment amounts as the store owner.

This affordable WooCommerce plugin includes one year of updates and customer support. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee in case the software isn’t everything you hoped for.

You can easily include a signup fee for your subscribers by checking a box to enable this feature. This tool allows you to offer a free trial period, and you can create discount coupons and promotional deals as well.

If you already use any plugins on the YITH suite, then you’ll be pleased to know it offers complete integration with these extensions.

Key features

  • Scheduled delivery of subscription products
  • Provides options on how to handle failed payments, e.g. retry a certain number of times and then suspend subscription for a given period
  • Ability to create a subscription manually e.g. to handle cash payments
  • A dashboard with subscription reports and analytics
  • Ability to export CSV files of subscription data
  • Compatibility with Stripe and other top payment gateways like Paypal and Amazon Pay
  • Integration with other products on the YITH catalog

Pricing information

  • Free
  • Premium: $199.99/year

Prepaid for WooCommerce Subscriptions

Prepaid for WooCommerce Subscriptions
Image via WooCommerce

Looking to add a prepaid feature to your WooCommerce subscriptions? This is the plugin for you.

Created by Meow Crew, Prepaid for WooCommerce Subscriptions allows you to offer prepaid options for your products. You can also include delivery options with it.

A prepaid subscription allows you to create variations to your subscription payment schedules. Instead of relying on one billing schedule, you can set varying ones. For instance, you can offer products per week, month, or year.

You can create as many plans for as many prepaid products as you can. For these, you’ll need to also schedule regular shipments. For instance, bill your customers yearly and ship their products to them monthly.

Offering prepaid plans alongside subscription plans helps boost your recurring revenue, and can make it even more predictable.

Key features

  • Add a prepaid plan to your existing subscription packages
  • Users get to upgrade from normal subscriptions to prepaid
  • A custom cancellation option
  • A friendly user interface
  • Integration with other WooCommerce subscription plugins

Pricing information

  • $6.59/month, billed annually at $79

SUMO Subscriptions

SUMO Subscription
Image via Code Canyon

SUMO Subscriptions is one of the top plugins for WooCommerce subscriptions. With this tool, you can create simple, variable, and grouped subscriptions. Store owners and users can both change their renewal frequency and installments.

SUMO Subscriptions also provides the option to offer pro-rated subscription amounts.

The platform provides both Stripe and PayPal integrations, enabling automatic subscription renewals for payments made via credit cards.

Key Features

  • Order subscriptions for non-subscription products
  • Synchronization for subscription payments
  • Automatic subscription renewal
  • Built-in Stripe patent gateway for automated payment renewal
  • PayPal integration
  • Subscriptions can be set to manual renewal modes if automatic renewal is canceled

Pricing Information

  • Regular License: $49
  • Extended License: $490

Subscriptions for WooCommerce by Webtoffee

Subscription for WooCommerce by Webtoffee
Image via Webtoffee

This WooCommerce plugin by Webtoffee helps you create simple and varying subscription packages. You can easily manage your subscription durations and renewals using this software.

Subscription for WooCommerce provides Stripe and PayPal integrations for smooth payment processing. These two common payment gateways make automated renewals easy.

The plugin also allows you to send alerts to your customers for payment actions, including cancellations, renewals, and failed payments.

Besides having recurring billings, you can also create recurring discounts. For instance, every time a customer renews or upgrades their subscription package.

This platform also provides the option of pro-rated charges.

Key features

  • Set up a free trial period and signup fees
  • Offer online subscription services for a fee
  • Integration with a payment gateway like PayPal and Stripe
  • No cap for subscriptions
  • Recurring discounts
  • Both customers and the store owner can manage subscriptions
  • 10 language translations on multilingual sites
  • Email notifications for subscription-related actions like expiry, cancellations, etc

Pricing information

  • Single site: $89/year
  • Up to 5 sites: $129/year
  • Up to 25 sites: $199/year

Subscriptio – WooCommerce Subscriptions

Subscriptio - WooCommerce Subscription
Image via Subscriptio

This third-party plugin by Subscriptio provides a feature-rich solution for recurring revenue management.

Subscriptio – WooCommerce Subscriptions supports both partial and complete automatic processing. This means that you can notify your customers to renew their subscriptions manually, or they can provide their payment details and have the subscription charged automatically.

This plugin also integrates with top payment gateway platforms like PayPal and Stripe. You can also create both simple and variable subscription plans for your customers.

Key features

  • Automated subscription payments
  • Integration with  PayPal and Stripe
  • Create both simple and varying subscription plans
  • Set billing cycle lengths and subscription expiration dates
  • Ability to cancel, pause, and resume subscriptions manually
  • Ability to purchase both subscription and non-subscription products on a single checkout
  • Set up a free trial for any period

Pricing information

  • Regular License: $99
  • Extended License: $499

Wrap up

WooCommerce subscription plugins enable online store owners to optimize their revenue. So if you’re looking to start earning recurring income, you can adopt this as one of your payment models.

WooCommerce subscriptions also provide flexibility for your customers by offering payment options to choose from. This adds value to your business and helps improve your customer loyalty.

The WooCommerce plugins listed above are easy to set up, and you can find one that’s within your budget and fits your business needs.

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