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How to Create Relevant Product Recommendations that Increase Sales
Ecommerce relies on relevant product recommendations to generate a significant amount of their revenue. Here's how to use them onsite and in email.
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5 Best Bronto Alternatives for 2021
These five email marketing platforms are great alternatives for Bronto, along with some of the key features of each of these Bronto replacements.
How Gamification Marketing Can Increase Your Ecommerce Sales
Emails that include gamification marketing elements get 74% better engagement. Learn about how to add them to your campaign!
Hard Bounce vs. Soft Bounce: How to Avoid These Email Delivery Troublemakers
What is a hard bounce and soft bounce in email marketing? Find out what it is and the proven guidelines to fix it for better opens, clicks and sales.
5 Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps for Winning Back Your Sales
Sending abandoned cart emails can skyrocket your revenue. These 5 amazing abandoned cart Shopify apps (& best practices) will help you reclaim lost sales.
The 6 Best Email Marketing Apps for Shopify
No need to wade through 150 apps on Shopify. Find out which is the best email marketing for Shopify (with high conversions), plus examples and pricing.
Emojis for Email Subject Lines: Pros, Cons, and Tips
Emojis for email: Before starting to use emojis massively check this Guide! Best practices ow to use emoji icons and symbols in email subject lines
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5 Email Drip Campaign Examples and Best Practices
Successful email drip campaigns can lead to huge sales. Get these 5 high-converting email drip campaign examples & best practices for consistent growth.
7 Best Welcome Email Examples to Engage Your Customers
Everything you need to know about welcome emails to boost your conversions: when to send them, how many in a series, best examples and even subject lines.
34 Best Ecommerce and Email Marketing Resources in 2021
We share the list of 34 email marketing resources we have found on the web (with 1600+ tips!). Useful for both beginners and advanced users.
30 Exit-Intent Popup Examples & Ideas for Small Online Businesses
Exit intent popups are high-converting if used right. Get these 30 jaw-dropping exit intent popup examples (& tips) you can steal and adapt for your store.
Omnisend vs. Bronto–A Feature-by-Feature Comparison
Different ESPs focus on different businesses needs—and come with much different costs. These things are vital to consider when choosing your new ESP. Check out Omnisend vs Bronto!