Email Marketing

18 newsletter templates and tips on performance
Best 18 newsletter templates and template galleries for email campaigns. Guidelines for templates usage. Try them today!
3 reasons why inventory levels matter to your email marketing
Find out why you need to pay attention to, and improve, your inventory management for a top notch email marketing strategy
Email list cleaning best practices to save money & increase engagement
Email marketers and data scientists share their email list cleaning tips, tools, and best practices to improve data quality and ecommerce campaigns.
BigCommerce transactional emails: 5 best practices + examples
Transactional emails are much more than a mere formality, and we’ll show you how to get the most out of your BigCommerce transactional emails.
7 best Bigcommerce strategies to boost sales in 2022
If you're getting started on BigCommerce, you'll need these Bigcommerce marketing strategies to make sure your ecommerce store succeeds.
5 best practices to nail your Shopify order confirmation email
A great order confirmation email can lead to more sales and revenue. Find out how to create them in this article.
How to increase your sales without increasing your ad costs
Find out the secrets to increasing your ecommerce sales *without* increasing your ad costs (and even better: it's all for free).
Magento vs Shopify
Magento vs Shopify: Which one is better for ecommerce in 2022?
Looking to set up a new online store, but can’t decide between Shopify and Magento? Get our in-depth analysis to help you decide.
Omnisend vs. Mailchimp: Which is the better platform?
Which is a better email marketing tool for your online store Omnisend or Mailchimp? Read this comprehensive comparison.
bigcommerce apps
12 must-have BigCommerce apps for conversions
Top 12 BigCommerce Apps to Optimize your E-Commerce Business. We listed apps to improve your store conversions and sales. Try them today!
WooCommerce vs BigCommerce
WooCommerce vs BigCommerce
Deciding between WooCommerce or BigCommerce? Check our detailed comparison between these two ecommerce platforms including pros and cons.
Magento vs WooCommerce: Which is the right choice for 2022?
Magento vs WooCommerce —what is the difference between these two top ecommerce platforms? What makes one platform better than the other?
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