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CART INSIDERS E-Summit: Day 1 Recap
Key highlights from day one of the CART INSIDERS E-Summit, a two-day event focused on helping retailers acquire, engage, convert, and retain customers.
5 Tips on How to Create a Captivating Product Review Email [+Examples]
A standard product review email won’t bring you results. Hundreds of brands send that same email. Best practices for using email to full review advantage.
email marketing best practices
15 Email Marketing Best Practices: Guide for 2020
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Post-purchase emails are your best opportunity to retain your customers. Here's how to create a killer post-purchase series.
Transactional emails
4 Easy Yet Effective Ways to Create Transactional Emails
Transactional emails have exceptionally high open and click rates. Send them to generate up to 5 times more revenue. Find out useful tips and examples!
How to Create a Welcome Series That Fits Your Brand
Welcome messages are some of the most profitable lifecycle marketing messages. But are they as effective as they can be? Chances are they are not, and here’s why.
Find out the 6 best ways you can build an email list for your ecommerce store today
Email List Building: 9 Proven Methods from Scratch in 2020
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How to Transform Your Welcome Series into a Profit Powerhouse
Here are some ways you can easily turn your same-old-same-old welcome series into a remarkable, profit-earning powerhouse.
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Best Marketing Automation Sofware: 6 Tested Tools for 2020
Marketing automation platforms for ecommerce business. 6 tested marketing automation tools with pricing and features comparison.
Omnisend vs. Klaviyo: A Feature for Feature Comparison
Which email marketing tool is better between Omnisend vs. Klaviyo? Here's a full feature for feature comparison between these two great tools.
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5 Email Drip Campaigns Examples and Best Practices
How to create a successful email drip campaign? Examples for inspiration and best practices for high open rates. Software for drip campaigns.